Chat that has an in-game range changer.

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    I have used herochat, and nchat, bchat, royalchat, even pex chatmanger. However, they all fail to do the same thing. This is what I need.

    My "want":
    I want a chat system where players can change their chat range in game. Many plugins have a "fixed" chat range that all players must use, but I want the players to be able to control their own chat range range.

    Problem with other chat plugins:
    Herochat has channels where you can have a global and local. I have used this, and you can not always depend on a player to be smart and read the signs at spawn. Here is an example of a problem.

    A global chat player will be right next to a local chat player, yet they can not hear each other because they are on different channels. Many plugins have the "chat channel" concept. I guess I could say what I want is so when you speak in global chat...players near you in local chat can still hear you but not all global chatters.

    The Plan:
    So I was thinking, instead of having channels, why not just give the player the ability to change their chat range at will? I really do not want players who hate chat spam to turn chat off entirely. I am trying to make them happy and have them stay in chat, by allowing them to make their chat range very small. So that they won't hear endless chat spam, but they will get the occasional important announcement.

    Possible Commands:
    the chat-range will be in blocks

    /chatrange 100 (I want to talk to ppl near me)
    /cr 100 (Abbreviation)
    /cr g (global)
    /cr 5 (I don't really want to talk to anyone)
    /cr extras (toggle on/off join,leave,death messages)

    I want to encourage players that hate server chat to try and deal with it if I can promise them some peace and quiet. I just really want them to be able to hear something if it REALLY needs to be heard.
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    Essentials has something like this, but not sure if it has all of what you're looking for.
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    I am very familiar with almost all essentials commands and it extensive configuration file. I have seen no thing that specifically allows ANY player to modify their OWN chat range dynamically. However I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. :)
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    I really, REALLY need someone to help me with this. I am surprised that I see so little on this topic. Is it not simple to make a plugin where each player can change his or her individual chat range? Some one please help me!

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