[CHAT] TextWrap v1.0.0 - Automatic chat text wrapping to next line [1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CraftFire, Apr 6, 2011.

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use www.spout.org for support with our projects going forward.
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    Kevin Forte

    No worries, I was This close to doing the exacting same thing you just did not too long ago xD I missed the 'to-do' as well xP
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    Testing :D
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    Is the source available?

    Can somebody please just make this work with iChat...I've been waiting for this for like a week and it says 0% has been done....
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    Source is at https://github.com/CraftFire/TextWrap, however, it's licsenced under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.
    And the percentage is just one task, making it work with other chat plugins.
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    TextWrap isn't our main plugin. We've been focusing on AuthDB. Contex has been working on TextWrap, but the progress bar only moves when tasks are completed. It doesn't mean work is not being done.

    Being as all this is done in our unpaid, free time. Things will be done as we have time. Both of us have other priorities too. Please have patience as things will get done. There will be a lot of updates and new features for all our plugins this next week as Contex will have plenty of free time to focus on development.

    The source is available to see how things work and what is in our plugins, but cannot be copied unless otherwise given permission by us.
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    Eli P

    When I used this plugin, it seemed to have caused a problem forcing all messages to be shown twice (with herochat). Without HeroChat, only one message was shown, but it would be unaffected by other plugins such as ColorMe, Rename, etc
    Just want to let you know :)
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    same issue here
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    I'd like to report that this plugin negates iChat's Suffix, Prefix, and Color options.
    Just thought you should look into that, assuming you still support this plugin.
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    It's been reported quite a few times already. ;)
    We still support it, Contex just hasn't been able to do much lately.
    We do have some plans for it coming up. :)
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    considered inactive
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    Why, may I ask? #740 in title.
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    That's what you get for replying after 10 days :) Wash 670 or something.
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    It would be neat if this plugin also worked with the ScheduledAnnouncer plugin, as that still doesn't wrap text.

    Anticipating the iChat support!
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    Download link is broken. :(
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    Fixed. Sorry!
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    Mike Geitz

    Plugin disables web chat in dynmap, otherwise great plugin
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    Thanks, we need to get a lot of this fixed soon. :)
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    I love this plugin (Well... the idea) I haven't used it yet and hope it works with HeroChat :p
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    @ wulfspider @CraftFire this looks nice need to get it working with Ichat tho asap :) I will use this along side AuthDB.
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    Contex is working on it I believe. ;)
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    I think this is a great addon. Thanks for all the hard work. Any idea when the option to toggle indenting will be added?
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    Hopefully soon!
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    This plugin breaks iChat custom chat layout.. will disable this plugin for now, but will be happy to use it when this is fixed :D
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    Fails with essentials chat prefix's colours ranks worldname etc

    Just shows white text and a playername.

    Same as above once fixed and working with this stuff it will be used by us.
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    that this plugin isn't made thousand times!!!
    you are right, this should be standaard in bukkit/minecraft!
    you are a genius!

    the only reason why I do not use this for now is because it breaks iChat.
    please let it be compactible with it, or let it merge or something because I WANNA USE THIS PLUGIN AND FAST!
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    It doesn't work with any other chat plugins right now. We are trying to figure out how to make it work with them. Any suggestions are appreciated. ;)
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    in the source, what does the variable "counter" mean in the playerlistener?
    is it the max length of one line?
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    Yes, but however it only counts the message, I'm working on a way to count the format + message instead.
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    Can this and babelcraft become compatible with mchat?
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    We're working on making them compatible with other chat plugins.

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