[CHAT] StopFlood - Yet another simple anti-flood plugin + Permissions [953]

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    StopFlood - Yet another simple anti-flood plugin
    Version: 1.00.
    If player sends similar messages two times, this plugin disallows to send second message.
    For example, this is chat without this plugin:
    <Flooder> z
    <Flooder> z
    <Flooder> Z
    <Flooder> z
    And compare chat with StopFlood:
    <Flooder> z

    • Send "Quiet please!" message to flooder.
    • Block his next messages.
    • 5 minutes interval.
    • Uses Permissions, but doesn't require this plugin.
    v1.00 (last release) for Bukkit 928
    Permissions nodes
    • StopFlood.canFlood - recommended for ops; if player has this permission, he can flood.
    07.05.2011 - v1.00
    • Initial release of StopFlood.
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    Is there any chance I could get the source as I would like to keep it alive if possible.
    Pm me if this is possible.
    Thank you.
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    In my opinion, this plugin is too easy so you can create your own version without keeping it alive. :)
    Just create player chat event listener, and then add messages to array. If this message from that player already exists, and time left is less than X don't give him change to send flood. If no, add new message to array.

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