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    What I want: I want someone to add some new sounds to the plugin for me (if that is possible) and I also want some tweaks done to it for example people can only hear the sounds if they are 10 blocks away, once again if that is possible.

    What you get: You will get many perks for doing this for me, I am also hiring plugin developers for my server so if you want to develop plugins for me (even if it's not this one) please let me know by PM.

    When do I want it: About a year ago.

    Please do not reply to this thread if it is pointless (e.g a rule broke or some crap -_-).
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    Why don't you open a ticket asking the developer to add that to the plugin?
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    I have contacted the developer but no reply and I doubt they have time to change the plugin to my specifics.
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    The developer said at the bottom of his post "Source code is available on my GitHub. Feel free to play with and redistribute it as long as you give credit where it's due and don't claim it as your own ._."

    So yeah it's definitely not illegal, he's given permission. Please PM me if you find a way to add sounds to this as I could have some work for you.
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    When you say add sounds, do you mean add custom sounds or add more minecraft sounds?
  6. I hope minecraft sounds, else it's impossible.
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    Exactly why i asked the question.
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  8. Okay, I have done a little bit more complicated config file.
    REMEMBER to clear the old config!
    This plugin will now work with all sounds in MC. Instructions how to config is included in the new config.yml that will be generated.
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Source

    If you're having any problems/questions, feel free to ask/complain.

    This is a modified version of ChatSounds, that was originally made by <font color="#aa00aa">TheReverend403.</font>
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    Wow thanks very much, I will give it a try in a minute! Thanks again :D

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