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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by shamonj03, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Remove the prefix then? I don't see how it's a bug. It's in your permissions.yml
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    Fixed by deleting prefixes( i found where).Need add configs.

    Other bug,that message when people join/leave now are white :) was yellow :)
    And colorme broken :(
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    i love you man for this plugin!! ( as i couldnt setup 4 other prefix/name color changing plugins)
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    Thanks :) I added some more features.

    Added a configurable join/leave/kick message.
    Added hiding of prefix's and suffix's.

    Hope that helps you :)

    To those 2 people who downloaded please redownload >_<
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    please add a Pardon message so it can say '%playername% has repented their sins'
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    I don't think I can add that with out adding a ban system to this :L
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    a ban message would be good too!
  9. Is there anyway to give other people colored names without it changing yours? I keep trying to change as it won't let me
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    Hi shamonj03!
    I am German but ich try to explain you my question...
    You have create a very nice plugin! But i miss 1 thing...
    it will be very nice if i can make titels with colors before my name for example:
    (Admin)drucker100: hello!
    I hope you understand my question ;)
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    Can someone please help, I've installed many different chat color plug-ins, but none of them work. Whenever I type in something like "&eHello" instead of appearing as "Hello", It appears as "&eHello".
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    I'm having this problem. Every time I type, my prefix is added by one. Here's what I wrote for my prefix. 7[Owner] I'm not sure if this mod is able to have prefixes words, rather than color, but it should be able to. That would be a nice feature. Here's my config:

    joinmessage: '%playername%&a has joined the game.'
    leavemessage: '%playername%&7 has left the game.'
    kickmessage: '%playername%&8 has been kicked from the game.'
    chatColor: f
    prefixColor: 7[Owner]
    hideSuffix: false
    hidePrefix: true
    nameColor: '2'

    Can anyone please help or fix this problem for me? javaw 2011-09-27 21-58-52-57.jpg
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    update,awesome plugin,why nobody use it?
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    Workin on an update, tryin to fix glitches and find simpler ways.
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    Bag report:
    All people can use colors ( permissions didnt work correctly )
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    Would anyone care to test this and find any bugs? So far i've tested with vinilla, essentials, and mchat and the only bugs i've found is using % signs get rid of colors in chat and not sure if permissions are working cus im using bukkit permissions now.

    Edit: Forgot to add in hiding of prefixes and suffixes.

    another bug: only works with ops grrrr

    Edit 2:
    There that shoulda fixed alot of glitches
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    hi, im running a server with your plugin and anytime i use one of your commands, even after putting in my group manager config file. i get the bukkit would leak tears message, please help.
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    I changed to bukkit permissions.
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    i dunno what happened i installed your plugin and my server went crazy with errors?
    does your plugin require a permissions plugin
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    Hi, im running a minecraft server and dont know much at all about permissions, i dragged this plug-in to my plug-ins folder and when i try to use /setcolor [bluue] jubjublkm it sais "Bukkit sad Bukkit want to let u use command but bukkit cant let you. Bukkit will leak tears" can anyone tell me how to fix this? I think it might be a permissions thing, if so tell me what file to write in and what to write in that file. Thanks so much! :D
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    Can you fix permissions? I love your plugin,please update!
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    this deosnt work for me i have vault can iaccess commands but they dont work
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    you should make a non permissions version as well.

    thats because you need permissions.
    i think.

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  24. Could you please update your version of the plugin, if not difficult.
    Thanks for the earlier :)

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