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    tee jay

    SimpleCensor - A simple, powerful chat censoring system:
    Version: v0.2.3
    Tested Builds: B544,B560,B588,B612,B677,B684,B714,B740,B766,B798,B803,B818,B860,B1060

    SimpleCensor is a stand-alone censor aiming to fix common problems with existing censors. Many censors are very easily fooled by inserting spaces, continuing a word, or using caps. SimpleCensor is not.


    • SimpleCensor censors words you put in config, replacing them with whatever char you tell it to
    • Censors with spaces/other chars separating: If "word" should be censored, "wo rd" or "wo.rd" will not sneak past! Results in "** **" and "**.**" respectively.
    • Censored words don't need to be a separate, verbatim word: If "word" should be censored, "wording" will be censored. Results in "****ing"
    • Not fooled by caps: "word" and "WORD" will be censored the same!
    Download SimpleCensor:

    Newest: Latest
    Previous: v0.2.1, v0.2.2

    Like SimpleCensor?
    Help me out!


    Version 0.2.3
    • Changed how plugin handles special chars at the end of messages to hopefully fix out of range exception
    Version 0.2.2

    • Changed priority to hopefully work with other chat plugins(HeroChat)
    Version 0.2.1

    • Added some words to the default censor list generation
    Version 0.2

    • Fixed SimpleCensor causing messages being censored to become entirely lower case
    Version 0.1

    • Initial release
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    tee jay

    It gets generated on first run Stephen.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    I like the basic ways it attempts to find those who try to get around it. Maybe you can add an optional check for number-letter similarities? Also, is it possible you can release the source code, so that ddj, developer of ChatCensor, can implement this basic way into his censor? I used to use his, but without the way yours attempts to stop those who try to get around the censor...
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    tee jay

    I will be releasing the source for this and my other plugins very soon.
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    Any chance you could add a way to kick certain players for using particularly bad words?

    Or as rockxz2135 said, after a certain amount of times used?
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    i feel naughty configuring this. lol
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    Works well, however there is one issue. If someone types fuuck (or something similar) it is not caught by the plugin. Also, will there ever be a permissions node that makes the player/group not censored?
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    I'm really looking forward to the whole replace-word-with-word thing...
    Chat: Wow, you're such a faggot.
    Censored: Wow, you're such a Lol, i'm such an insecure idiot who doesn't even know what this word means.
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    one thing... can we make exceptions in speech?
    quite a lot of people say on my server:
    'can u spawn me 64 blah de blah de blah'
    ..^^^^.. it says anus, and blanks it.

    by the way it works perfectly on my server using cb#1000 i have used it for weeks now
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    For some reason, it doesnt sensor words using /msg
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    Works with RB1000
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    Is there anyway you can add a group feature so that anyone in a certain group sees censored words? I have some younger aged people on my server who I want to have things censored for them, but I also don't want to take it out for everyone else. Thanks.
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    This is just what I was looking for! Thanks. :)
  14. Tested on craftbukkit 1185. Works ^^
  15. If your parents are near you DON'T LOOK IN THE CONFIG FILE OF THIS PLUGIN ^^
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    Plugin works awesome so far.

    For updates in the future I advise to also censore pm's. 'Cause people can still flame at eachother.
    And censore the livemap if possible.
    I'm using Dynmap for that atm and the plugin doesn't affect that log.

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    Nice plugin.
    Can you also support letters such as ä, ö and ü? These letters are often used to swear in German ^^

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    I had discontinued using this plugin for a while (trying out pre-release versions of MC). Just recently went back to 1.8.1 and CB 1337. So far no issues with simplecensor!
    BTW: this plugin is a player favorite on my server. Nobody likes are raging player with a potty mouth. :)
    We laugh every time some says something innocent (like password), but get's censored.
    And from an admin point of view. Great plugin. Simple set up and it just works. Thanks!
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    It's great! But could there( if there is then I obviously didn't read ) Be a config? Like instead of players in my server say the SH word they could say shoot or something?

    Edit : I know theres a config to replace it with what letters just I want to do words Instead of
    XXXX to Frack or something?
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    tee jay

    Decent idea, will implement something for that soon.
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    tee jay could you add something that looks at each word and verifys its a dictionary word? Or something like an override allowed words list. Seen it in other plugins, and I think it would be a nice addition to this one too :)

    tee jay and everyone else I found something useful if you have countless trolls, and little kids on your server, or just want that chat to be very clean for the wide range of ages that play on Minecraft.

    This plugin looks for the words that are included in other words. It will check these going right to left. So if you have the list like this, it should censor ALL of the words, because the ones that are commonly included in other words are placed last.

    But if they manage to make something up like censorixt, it still will be censored because it found censor on the end.
    words: crapcensoring,censoring,censored,censoritttttttttt,censorit,censor
    (I think those are all in the right order, tell me if I'm wrong lol) ^

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    Can you please update for compatibility with the Beta Build. (1.2.3-R0.1)
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    u got 1.2 out yet? im getting desprate:'(
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    I love this Plugin. I Can has R6? *puppy face*
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    tee jay

    I was convinced there was no demand for this plugin so I stopped updating it, but I'll get it up to date within a couple of days!
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    It seems this was a simple plugin to use. Would be great if you could update it, so I can check it out. =)
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    QWTFBBQ I LUV THIS PLUGIN FIX IT! the ohter anti cuss plugin was complete shit
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    updte this
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    Could you maybe add a feature that blocks advertisement of IP-adresses from other servers?
    Just to prevent advertise :)

    And of course please UPDATE!!! :D
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    I use it in conjunction with HeroChat censoring. And it's broken with CB 2125. :'(
  31. How's the update coming :)

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