[CHAT] RegionChat v0.1 - Disable chatting in WorldGuard regions [1060]

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    RegionChat V0.1

    Did you ever want to disable chatting in WorldGuard regions?

    RegionChat does that for you!
    In every WorldGuard region where the player can't build, he can't chat.
    BukkitDev: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/regionchat/pages/main/

    • Disable chatting in all regions where the player can't build.
    • Permissions Bukkit and PermissionsEx Support(Old Permissions not tested)
    • /shout command: Useful for VIPs
    Future Features:
    /shout - regionchat.shout
    More coming soon!


    Changelog: Version 0.1(12.09.11)
    • Release
    This is my first plugin, so please don't be so hard.
    Sorry for my bad English, but I'm German.
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    I'm gonna wait for the Specified Region Chat.. and this will be the perfect chat.. also is this support in mChat?
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    It's gonna be very hard, 'cause in the Bukkit DEV IRC nobody was able to help me. And I'm this weekend away. Expect it next week!
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    When/where is that being implemented?
  5. I need the Region Specified! Please! :'(
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    Hi ich hab mal ne Frage: ich finde in der worldguard api keine Methode die zurück gibt ob sich jemand in einer Region befindet... (bzw. wer in welcher) wie hast du das gelöst ? Danke im vorraus ;-)

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