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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Trust518, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Could somone make a plugin were you go to the properties and make rank like

    Rank 1 = [Trusted]
    Rank 2 = [Griefer]
    Rank 3 = [Guest]

    ( Should be able to create as many ranks as he wants )

    And so then you go ingame somone joins

    Player: Hi
    You: hi
    Uses command to rank him

    /ryp ( rank your player ) /unryp ( un rank your player ''removes rank'' )
    /ryp <player> <rank>
    /unryp <player>
    /ryp commands ( puts up a command list )
    /rypc <player> <rank> <new rank> or /rypc <player> <new rank>

    More commands can be added i just dont want to write more :) Almost forgot. You should be able to set a standard rank so when a players joins he gets [Guest]

    Thx from Trust518. I hope somone does it
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    Use permissions, or groupmanager (It is dead, but still works with all bukkits, kinda zombie plugin)
    Use iChat.

    1. Create groups for each rank, and set Guest as the default.
    2. For each group add the variable 'title' and set it to '[Guest]' for example

    In iChat go to the config file, and edit the messageformat:
    message-format: '+{title} +name: +message'
    Now move your players to the groups you want.
    In groupmanager you can use '/manpromote name group'
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    I tryed permissions and i cant use it for some reason i suck at that plugin. I just need a SIMPLE PLUGIN like this 1 i say :) unless you can make a tutorial on permissions then im gonna stay here :p
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    Ok, i'll give you a tutorial Groupmanager (it's easier than permissions)
    Download and extract both the files in /plugins
    Next, start the server and do these commands:
    manselect world
    Where world is the name of your world (duh)

    Then give yourself ALL permissions
    manuaddp Trust518 *
    The group 'Default' is created by groupmanager.
    To give a certain group a certain variable do this. (here I set "title" to "[Guest]"

    mangaddv Default title "[Guest]"
    Now I will make a custom group, lets call it 'member'

    mangadd Member
    And give the it the trusted title

    mangaddv Member title "[Trusted]"
    Next, we install iChat, and open the config file, change message-format into:
    message-format: '+{title} +name: +message'
    Now test if you see this when you say hello:
    [Guest] Trust518: Hello
    Here is the command to change groups. Only you can do this in-game because you got the * (=all) permission.

    /manpromote Trust518 Member
    Say hello again, and your title has changed to [Trusted]

    Ok that's it, I have not tested it so there could be some mistakes in it. Please post them if you find one.
    Good Luck
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    Oh god this looks hard. But ill give it a try
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    Haha hosting a server isn't easy :p
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    I know but all the other 20 plugins i have or so is easy to remember. Permissions is too hard to use in my opinion. I dont know how that thing you sent worked followed everything.
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    I think there should be a better alternative.
    I don't like the idea putting users in groups.
    Giving a user some groups sounds better.

    So you define packets with permissions like:
    pack Teleporting:
       - minecraft.tp
       - warp.use
    Then you give a user some packs:

    User Packs
    SomePlayer Building, Teleporting
    AnotherPlayer Building, MonsterSummoning,
    Someoneelse Building, FreeRedstone, Modding, GivePack
    NewPlayer -
    You All

    Okay.... I am going offtopic now :D
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    Well i still hold on too that i would like a simple plugin like the one i request :)
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