[CHAT] PVPColorTheft 0.3 - A chat color theft plugin [766]

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    PVPColorTheft- A chat color theft plugin
    Version: v0.3

    Based on this request, this chat plugin does EXACTLY what it says. Allows users to steal chat colors from users.
    So far as i can tell, there is no way to modify the prefixes and suffiexes of permissions from the outside so i cant integrate with them currently. I am working on it though and also making it more iChat like in it's formatting.

    • This Plugin allows for chat name color theft

    Planned Features:
    • Permissions/GroupManager ChatColor intergration(Might not be possible)
    • Permissions for who can kill who
    • More iChat like capabilities with formatting
    • Any other suggestions that are requested

    Download PVPColorTheft
    Source Code

    Changelog: Version 0.3
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    interesting concept, ill give it a shot :3
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    Torrey Leonard

    So basically iChat but players kill others thus getting their name color?
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    It's awesome !!
    It's remind me afrosamurai concept :

    The one who wields the Number 1 headband is the fiercest fighter in the world and shall possess godlike powers. The only way to obtain the Number 1 headband is to challenge and defeat him in combat. However, only the Number 2 can challenge the Number 1, while anyone can challenge the Number 2, which causes a constant struggle for the Number 2 headband. (same for numer 3,4,5,6 ........ 20)
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    Someone should totally make that a bukkit plugin, but instead of headbands you battle for block hats. IE, Number 1's head would be a diamond block, 2's head would be a Gold block , etc.
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    lee smith

    very cleaver does it go in a certain order so you know how badass they are ;)?
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    whatabout just putting an (nr1) behind the name instead of changing the color or putting a block on the head xD
    i use the color on my server for citizenship/modstatus etc
    so we just need an additional variable for iChat in the Permissions-file that can be acessed by this plugin
    and also a list for listing all ppl with numbers and an override cmd for admins (setting numbers)
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    Totally agree !
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    that could work, i could add an option to use either a variable name or the color system it uses now, then you could just read that var from permmisions using ichat.
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    How to I set the colors?
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    Are you still developping you plugin DCSiira ?

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