[CHAT] pmChat v1.7.3_5 - Simple Messaging using mChat [1337]

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    pmChat - Simple messaging for use with mChat
    Version: v1.7.3_5 (Versioning = MC Version 1.7 Release 3 Fix 5) (August 16/11)

    Provides a personal message command (/pmchat pm {playername} message = pmchat.pm)
    Provides replying to said messages using a command (/pmchat reply message = pmchat.reply)
    Provides starting a private Convo with said player using a command (/pmchat invite *Player* = pmchat.invite)
    Provides accepting a private Convo using a command (/pmchat accept)
    Provides denying a private Convo using a command (/pmchat deny)
    Provides leaving a private Convo using a command (/pmchat leave)

    • Supports superperms/Permissions 2/3/GroupManager.
    • Config is auto-created and auto-updated.
    • Can use Spout
    • Spout Features:
      • All PM's sent using Achievement window *Configurable*
    Download pmChat

    Config Explanation (open)

    mchat-spout-PMBox: 'false'
    • mchat-spout-PMBox is used for:
      • Enabling(true) or Disabling(false) PM's to be sent using only the Achievement window if player has SpoutCraft_SP installed.

    Other Stuff:
    [​IMG] Please donate to help support me :D
    Version 1.7.3_5 (August 16/11)
    • Fixed PM failz.
    Changelog: (open)

    Version 1.7.3_4 (August 15/11)
    • Updated to new mChat API.
    • Added Convo style PM's.
    • Command restructuring.
    Version 1.7.3_3 (August 11/11)
    • Updated to new mChat API.
    Version 1.7.3_2 (August 05/11)
    • Added full support for all major permissions plugins.
    Version 1.7.3_1 (August 03/11)
    • To show no work has been done....
    Version 1.7.3 (August 02/11)
    • Initial Release
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    This download is in fact not working. Can someone get a fix of this out?

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