[CHAT] PerWorldChat - v. 1.0 - Individual World Chatting! [1337]

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    Individual World Chatting!

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Bukkit Dev Page!
    - Separate chats for individual worlds!
    - Global messaging for ops and players with the correct permissions!
    How To Use Our Global Message System:
    - Type in chat "shout YOURMESSAGE"! (Keep in mind that there is no "/" before "shout"!)
    - Your message will come out as "[SHOUT] USERNAME: YOURMESSAGE
    - perworldchat.shout (This allows a player to use the "shout" action.
    To Do:
    - Add group prefix tags to the shout command.
    - A word filter.
    - A global chat room.
    - A spam stopper.
    - The FlyingCreeperCoding dev team!
    - HotelManager
    - M0nk3yC0d3r
    - Typhoon5
    - xdflames
    Change Log:
    - Beta v. 1.0 - Plugin released! Supports RB # 1337!

    Hope you guys like it!


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    there is no need to bump. If people like this plugin then they will hopefully post and keep it ranked up. But as far as i can tell your plugin isnt needed. There are quite a few other plugins that do the same thing. Your gonna have to get used to being ignored. Hardly anyone uses my plugins.
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    is doesnt work wiht Permissions Plus


    [Admin]Name: Message


    [World]Name: Message

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    No need for the big letters.

    Prefixes was not added to this plugin yet...we are going to replace the world with prefixes when we can get it to work. give us time to develop, we have other things to work on also so it wont be updated right away.
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    TopGear dont worry if your plugin isn't the most popular one out there. I use it on my server and love it to death. Thank you so much for making it. I dont know what I would do without it.
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    Nice mate.
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    when i type the /shout cmd it says its an unknown cmd
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    do not put a / before it just type "shout <message>"

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