Inactive [CHAT] nChat 0.8 - Barebones chat [1.2.4-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by niccholaspage, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Display name being the changed name from Mod Disguise? That'd be wonderful :)
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    It does.
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    He means nChat grabbing information from the display name instead of the actual username.
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    I see now. :p
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    Any chance you could get this to work with PermissionsEx? Since Permissions 3 is dying and all...=/
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    Can u make this for 1.8.1 bukkit?? Please I NEED IT BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would love to see a +health variable in there. Like, the +health number would be in half-hearts, so full health would be 20. Really nice feature I liked in iChat.

    Just a suggestion.
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    I'll work on it. I've been working on geting 0.7 out.
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    add permissionsEX support? :D
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    Has anyone found a way that people with certain permission nodes can change their name's color, possibly through changing their suffix? I'd appreciate it so my donators could change their names color.
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    heey i have a question
    how to give your name a colour?

    (sorry can't good speak english) (dutch)

    please, write back
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    One Epic QuaiI

    Not to be a newb but is there a way to just color what I say? Like enter in a preffix to color it, then the message?
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    i want permissionsEX support too!

    EDIT: sorry for the spam, i just really need permissionsex support.

    it is for 1.8.1 bukkit, just not permissionsbukkit (maybe it is) or PEX

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    i've found a plugin that supports PEX! Chatter is great and works perfectly(just mess around a bit to get the hang of it) using this because nchat and ichat doesnt support pex ^^
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    Hello. How should I register ChatFormatEvent?

    For example, this doesn't work:
            pm.registerEvent(Event.Type.CUSTOM_EVENT, clistener, Event.Priority.Normal, this);
    UPD: This doesn't work too:

            pm.registerEvent(Event.Type.valueOf("ChatFormatEvent"), clistener,
                    Event.Priority.Normal, this);
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    dude i dont get this can you change ppls name color if you can how?=Z
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    can you add possibility of adding varibles(options) defined in PEX, and possibility display prefix in player list(TAB)?
    sorry for my bad English.
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    Please add the custom death messages feature :)
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    This works with permissionsbukkit right?
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    I had this on my server for a while it was working fine, installed lockette this interfered with the chat, is this a permissions problem? Or a lockette problem? Please help.

    - InSaneRev
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    i love this plugin, my favourite one, but doesn't support PermissionsBukkit, i've had to start using PB on my server now as most pluging im now using dont support permission x3 or earlier, but as you might know PB doesnt have prefixes and suffixes, would i need to add the info nodes for prefixes and suffixes in the PB config manually or will this plugin be updated so that its supported by PB, coz i keep getting severe warnings
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    Ronny Hålmås

    I got the biggest problem ever! I can't download it -.- My linux version won't download any .jar files, so my question is: Can you make a .zip friendly download?
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    Does this support PermissionsEX?
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    Cool, thanks bro. i'll give it a shot.
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    I love you man :D
    I just wanted to add those f**** prefixes an no plugin worked untill I found nChat.
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    I only stopped using iChat because it didn't work with global groups in permissions. it was either find an alternative or promote players on every single world but this works perfectly [diamond] keep it up :D

    EDIT: just saw you have support for &K for prefixes. I love ya man (no homo) xD i love trolling with that
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    hm +prefix and +suffix dont work for me, +group works... i use PEX

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