[CHAT] MuteGroup v0.2 - Mute those pesky guests. [1060]

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    MuteGroup - Mute those pesky guests.:
    Version: v0.2

    This plugin was a request from @Mikeambrose3

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Prevent groups in permissions from using chat. When a player attempts to chat without the chat.allow permissions node they will receive the message "You do not have permission to chat." This can be used to prevent guests on your server from spamming the chat and annoying other users. If you have a password to leave the spawn area to force your players to read the rules, this will prevent players from asking the password.

    Permissions Nodes:
    * chat.* - implies chat.allow.
    * chat.allow - allows players to use the chat.

    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">Features:</font>
    * Mute Entire permissions groups.
    * Support Permissions 2/3, PEX, and Bukkit Permissions.

    <font color="rgb(20, 20, 20)">To Do list:</font>
    * None

    Version 0.2:
    * Added Herochat support

    Version 0.1:
    * Initial Release
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    Wow, that was fast :D

    Version 0.2 released!
    Added herochat support!

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    Great plugin ! Simple but great !
    Thank's !
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    Thank you! Glad to see somebody likes it!
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    You're welcome !
    I said what I think ! :D
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    Could I go on your server to see what types of servers use it?
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    Huuu !
    Like you can see in my signature : I'm french . And my server is an RP server but if you want ... Give me ( Mp ? ) you're pseudo and it's all right !

    ip : communitycraft-fr.tk
    oh, and we are not realy popular ! ( 15 slots ! :rolleyes: )
    We use you're plugin for the pepole how are jail !

    Hum I think at one amelioration :
    A custom message send to the plyer how try to speak, but he can't .
    like :

    the plyer try and :
    "Sorry, but you're actually private of the right to spek in the chat ! Info in the web-site !"

    Just a suggestion ...

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    So ? What do you want ?:confused:
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    I got: "allez sur le site puis suivez les instructions !!"
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    Yes, the serveur use a whitelist ! Give me your nickname of Minecraft ! ;) ( Pm me if you want !)
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    its dbizzzle :p
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    Done :p !
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    Tested against 1060, please report any bugs you find!
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    @dbizzzle dude my guest users can use /me lalaal and it pops up in the chat so the plugin actually don't work for me :/
    Using iChat
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    @RG_PankO Is /me a default mc server command? I thought it was only available from plugins so you could just use permissions to prevent it, I guess I can add that though...
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    I have no idea.
    I have no idea. Still can you please fix this :/
    I use iChat btw.
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    @RG_PankO I believe I have fixed it, testing now though...
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    Did you test it? Did /me work on your server too?
    Basicly with this /me command that isnt stoped the fucking Guest spammers continue to spam :/

    @dbizzzle sry for spam, just to let you know that I am awaiting your feature of disabling /me in your pugin :p

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    Yeah, I am looking for a solution, more complicated than I had initially anticipated.

    EDIT: Well the only reason its not working is because of the system I am using to hook into permissions, I could have it done within a few minutes but that would remove pex/superperms support
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    I use PEX :/

    I wait for upadte :/

    Already had a guest that spamme my server with his sever :/
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    I will get back to working on this more soon, I am rather tied up at the moment
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    Something I'd really appreciate is if you could somehow firstly check if they have the permission to chat, if they do that's all well and good and then ignore them, but if they don't, make it possible for them to type a configurable command such as /mg [You can Configure this part in the settings] which then allows them to chat.

    Thanks in advance.
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    That removes the purpose does it not? they can still chat...
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    This can be done with bukkit's default permissions.
    there is no need for a plugin to re-do this.

    @dbizzzle: think we could get another feature?
    chat.viewmuted (for mods/admins, defaults to ops): view muted text.
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    @godsyn Yeah I guess I could throw that in there, can you confirm working with 1240?
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    chat doesn't seem to be something that would change too much between versions, so should this still work with 1597?
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    @aviator14 I have no clue, give it a try, I don't see why not...

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