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    MineMail - Full Featured Mail Plugin.
    Version: 1.3
    Author: alta189
    Static Jar: MineMail.jar

    MineMail is a full featured, standalone mail plugin for bukkit. It allows user to send messages to each other even when the player is offline! MineMail is easy to use. This was created using alta189's SQLite Library. Please leave any ideas/suggestions in the comments below! When posting errors, please post the full error from the console, your MineMail version, and the CraftBukkit version that you are running! Thanks and have fun!

    This review was done by jamescosten! Thanks. Please note that this is a review of version 1.2! It does not have all of the features of 1.3​

    • Send mail even when player is offline
    • Notification when you receive mail
    • Permissions is optional, Ops have access to all commands
    • iConomy Support - Configurable
    • Configurable Colors
    • Right click with paper in your hand to read messages (You have to enable with /mail paper)
    To Do:
    • Prevent SPAM
    • Config file to allow configuration of spam filters, colors, and prices for iconomy
    • /mail read - shows the user his unread messages
    • /mail write < recipient's name> <message> - sends the message to the recipient's
    • /mail reload - reloads the database and settings
    • /mail wipe - wipes the database after 1 minute
    • /mail paper - Toggles reading with paper
    • /mail help - shows help
    • /mail admin - shows help for wipe and reload
    • /mm - alias for /mail
    Permission Nodes:
    • minemail.reload - access to reload command
    • minemail.wipe - access to wipe command
    • minemail.admin - access to all commands
    • minemail.paper - Allows you to use the paper function
    Known Errors:
    • SQLite insert format needs to be added
    • Locked Database error
    • None Currently Reported :D
    Version 1.3
    • Recoded for better structure
    • Paper Function
    • iConomy
      • Disable/Enable
      • Send Cost
      • Receive Cost
      • OpsFree
      • Long Message Cost - Inactive. Long Messages will be added in 1.4
    • Config File
      • Configure Colors
      • iConomy Settings
    • Bug fixes
      • SQLite update
      • Message Formatting Check
    Version 1.2
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    DarkFusion I might be updating this, if more people want it.
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    oh okay thx for speedy answer :D
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    Hey everyone!

    Sorry for not responding for a long time! This is my official announcement that Bukkit support for this plugin had been dropped. However, I plan to release a new version for the Spout (the server not the plugin read this for more info)

    There are many reasons for my move to Spout, mainly because of my bias as Co-Lead of Spout.

    I enjoyed my time developing this plugin (even though I haven't touched it in many months)!

    Thanks for understanding!
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    Maybe if you can implement a command like /mail ignore <username> which would ignore all messages from that username. Or something like /mail tempignore <username> <Duration> to temp ignore a user :)
    Just a basic idea. but worth it :D [diamond]
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    Hey everyone again!

    Good news for some of you... I plan to release a MineMail 2.0! I was re-inspired when I saw that Kainzo 's server, Herocraft, still used MineMail, even though it had to be modified to work with the new Event System. I also needed a project to work on when I needed a break from Spout development :p

    Anyways, I have started development and have finished the foundation of MineMail. I think I will have some builds by the end of this week.

    What will be in 2.0?
    • Complete recode.
    • Options for persistence back-ends. As of now, the initial release will only have support for flatfile and MySQL.
    • API - If MineMail doesn't have a feature in it, you most likely can add it through another plugin that uses MineMail's API
    • The Chat interface will be much easier to use
    • Spoutcraft support for inbox and sending messages.
    • Broadcast mail to all users
    Those are the confirmedfeatures for the initial release. I plan to add more features and will add them as they are confirmed features for the initial release.

    The source is not yet available... I will be uploading it to GitHub either tonight or tomorrow.
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    Huzzah! I look forward to it...

    Here's what it really needs:
    • Lightweight!
    • all-mail
    • spoutcraft support
    Other than that, I like it a lot and think that keeping it lightweight as possible is for the best.
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    Keeping it light weight is one of the main reasons that I am writing an API, that way any extra/non-core features could go in a second plugin.
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    ok so lots of people go on lots of different servers. I want to be able to get my mail from server A on server B C or D. And I want to be able to go on a new server, type /ip [server ip that i used to go on] and get the mail from all the servers I used to go on.
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    how do i download this plugin i think it's really cool and i need it on my sever so please get back to me soon.
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    Do non ops still have access to some of the commands? [coalore]
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    I have a problem with this plugin ...
    If I download the jar and drop it in the Bukkit plugins folder and reload my server it don't load the plugin.
    I have no MineMail folder and if I tap "/plugins" I see all my plugins but not MineMail.
    I have the latest version of craftbukkit.

    Hope you can help me.


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