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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by RcExtract, May 20, 2017.

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    I think bukkit should add a method that allows us to remove a chat message. Then the server send packets to the client telling the message has been removed, and the client follows. But I heard that it is the client side and impossible. Will my suggestion make this possible?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @RcExtract There are ways to do this already.
    Not flawless ways though but there are ways.
    Packets can be intercepted and send by a plugin, removing a chat messagewould be one of the options.
    Adding this to the server would be a waste of time in my opinion as it barely gets used.
    Would also require a bunch of ram for each player as you need to catch all messages send to the player, including plugin ones.
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