Inactive [CHAT/MECH] DimensionDoor v2.1.1 Multiworld management made easy [1.3.1-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by grandwazir, Jun 28, 2011.

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    I can not duplicate this issue. When I tried creating a world here it copied the settings from the main world exactly.

    The plugin can not not know the contents of What it currently does is takes the settings of the primary world and copies it. If you changed them using DimensionDoor then that would be why there is a mismatch.
    Yeah it is. Relogging fixes the issue.

    In other news I will be updating all my plugins to support inbuilt permissions this weekend.

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    Ok, testing again. ( Craftbukkit#1020 - DimensionDoor 1.4.1 ) :

    /dd info world
    spawnAnimals: true
    spawnMonsters: true

    Journeying a little... there's Animals and Monsters, all is ok.

    /dd modify world spawnAnimals false

    /butcher... Animals are still spawning. And Monsters aren't spawning anymore.

    /dd modify world spawnAnimals true... Monsters are spawning...
    /dd modify world spawnMonsters false

    /butcher... Animals aren't spawning anymore...
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    @grandwazir can you please tell me is there a way to stop people bring stuff from 1 world to another?

    @grandwazir I mean that I want to make a new world where people to start over but to be able to go back to their old world.
    So I don't want to let them desroy their old houses to rebuild with the material in the new world.
    I want the diferend world inventories to be separated.
    Is this possible?

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    @Gimlao Thank you for being persistent with reporting this to me. I have found the issue and fixed it. You can download the new version from the main post.

    @RG_PankO Yes but you will need another plugin to do that like MultiInv.
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    @grandwazir thank you, worked like a charm.

    But now I have some issues when I want to let normal users teleport trough worlds.

    I added dimensiondoor.teleport to my permissions, isn't that the right node?

    I use MySQL version of PermissionsEx btw.
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    @RG_PankO that is the right node yeah. What errors are your users getting?
  7. if this works fine, then it could be nice. I vetried 2 multiworld plugins earlier and both created world but lagged the game out :D

    OMG it works and NO LAG AT ALL
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    The red text you don't have permissions to use that command.
    Standart no permissions error.

    Tried dd.teleport too, for case if I downloaded older version or something, but the permissions isn't set up correctly again.

    Any ideas?
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    Check that BanHammer is hooking permissions properly in the first place. Check your log and see if there is a warning about it not being able to find Permissions. Otherwise it should work. I am unable to duplicate it here. Are you sure you have setup the permissions properly?

    I am glad it works well for you :)
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    This is what I get in the console @grandwazir

    21:52:25 [INFO] [DimensionDoor] DimensionDoor v1.4.1 is enabled!
    21:52:25 [INFO] [DimensionDoor] - Permissions found (Permissions v2.7.7)
    21:52:25 [INFO] [DimensionDoor] - Applying configuration for bulgariamc
    21:52:25 [INFO] [DimensionDoor] - Applying configuration for bulgariamc_nether
    21:52:26 [INFO] [DimensionDoor] - Applying configuration for mcbg
    21:52:26 [INFO] Preparing start region for level 3 (Seed: -258678694)
    21:52:26 [INFO] [DimensionDoor] - Applying configuration for minecraftbgcom
    21:52:26 [INFO] [DimensionDoor] 4 worlds configured!
    it looks ok.

    OMG it worked.

    The problem was in PermissionsEx database. I added the right permission but in "type" I add 1 while it ha to be 0(zero) :/ I have no idea what that type is about but now it works though!

    I am verry greatefull for your time making this plugin, wish you all the best! :)

  11. question:

    can this plugin someday make the spawnMonster to decide which monsters i could remove?
    for example in nether id like to remove GHASTS so could be /dd modify nether MonsterRemove ghast/zombiepig/zombie/creeper/spider/skeleton etc.?

    coz id like to get rid of ghasts or either take their block destroy off XD
    and the sign teleport would be awesome, like i could make hall with 3 signs, which would take to nether, pvp world and skylands if just klick the teleport
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    @RG_PankO It is an issue with how you have setup your permissions then. I can't help with that as I have not used PermissionsEx before. Try asking in that thread for help.

    Maybe it is an idea for the future. I want to keep this plugin as lightweight as possible however and resist adding too many features. The reason it works so well is because it is quite simple at the moment.

    There are no plans to introduce any additional teleportation abilities to the plugin. I would recommend you look into a sign teleportation plugin instead. There are loads about.

    I am glad you got it working :)

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    My world has a space in it.
    So when I type
    it says
    How can I teleport to a world if it has a space in it?
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    Currently the teleport command does not support worlds that have spaces in their names and neither do any of the others.

    The easiest thing to do for now would be to rename the world to something without a space in it; changing the spaces to underscores would work. You can do this by renaming the world folder.
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    K. Thanks.
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    Is there a way to make it so non ops can teleport to other worlds?
    Thanks, ydido
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    Not unless you use Permissions. DimensionDoor will support built in permissions in the release that will be available tomorrow evening.
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    Hi i need some help, I have many worlds but i can only have one spawn for all the worlds. Is there a way to make multiple spawns for multiple worlds
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    I do not understand quite what you are asking. The basic setup of DimensionDoor though is that when you die in a world, you respawn in the same world (not the main world as is the default)
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    Updated :)
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    One more problem, now I cant use any commands, I cant use /dd create or /dd list or any others.
    I am an op and i don't know why it says "you do not have perrmissions for that command" when i type /dd create or /dd list.
    Please help I really want to use this plugin on my server.

    Thanks, Ydido
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    You need to setup your permissions.yml. Have a look at the main post and follow the link to configuring permissions. If you want DD to behave like it did before copy the third example into your permissions.yml and it should work.
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    "[GRAVE] not found"

    The error disapear by creating an empty "" file... but what's the use of this file ? <(o'.'o)> ...
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    How would I use this with PhoenixTerrainMod? The bukkit install for that has you put an ini file in the world's folder.

    Would I create the folder and the INI and then create the world normally with a type of NORMAL in dd?
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    You can safely ignore, just creating an empty file makes the error go away. It is to do with the persistence system.

    Look at the bottom of this page for how to install it with bukkit. Once it is setup you can just create normal worlds with DD.
  27. Hiya! I love this plugin, it's not complicated, it just does the job. However, I was looking to start playing with the Dreamland plugin. Essentially, when you go to bed you can go to either Dreamland (a Skyland world) or a small chance of sending you to a Nightmare (Nether) world where you're on fire and die pretty quick. When you die you're supposed to wake up back at your bed in the real world. However, DD will just respawn you back in your Nightmare the whole night, until dawn, when you'll finally wake up back in bed. Is it possible to add a property to be modified by the /dd modify command that decides whether you respawn in that world or back to the default world, or possibly even the last world you were in?
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    I still don't know want to do, I don't have permissions and i want ops to be able to create world and normal players would be able to teleport to those worlds.
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    Best thing would be to ask the author of Dreamland to up the priority of his PlayerSpawn event so he can catch it after world managers set it. That way it will work with other world managers as well.

    You do have permissions, it is built in from #1000. You need to copy what is in the third section into your permissions.yml in your server directory.
  30. I posted the recommendation in his thread, thanks. :)

    Actually, now that I think on it, is it at all possible to set something up that lets you get kicked back to a different world anyway? I'm fairly new to MC, and I've had DD installed as soon as I brought my server up. Only later did I find out that normally dying in the nether kicks you back out to your normal world. (This explains the crazy long run a friend and I had to make the first time we met a Ghast in the Nether. It was a long hike back to our portal.) I'm trying to keep my server fairly vanilla in some respects.

    On a completely unrelated note to all of that, will you ever support something like BananaImageToMap? It's something I would only really play with for a while, and according to his GitHub it can be invoked in game via MultiVerse 2. I'm not trying to drive you nuts with features you don't care about, I'm more just curious if I'd ever see compatibility with custom generators here. I understand this is supposed to be a simple one-job addon focused around the management of worlds, I do not know the complications of adding either of these, and will take no offense if they're not something on your radar at all.

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