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    mChat - Chat formatting plugin
    Version: v 1.8.7 - (Versioning = MC Version 1.8 Release 7) (Nov 10/11)

    If you like mChat please vote it up by clicking the image below finding MChat and Thumbing it up :D.

    I Has BETTER Jenkins: HERE

    Source Code

    Click Me ---> mChat BukkitDev Page!!!! <--- Click Me

    Plugins using API (open)

    To-Do: (open)

    • Get more API suggestions?

    Next Release Info (open)


    Other Stuff:
    [​IMG] Please donate to help support me :D

    mChannel Now has its own thread

    Version 1.7.12 (Sept 14/11)
    • Updated a lot of things.
    • Fixed a lot of things.
    • Added Censor.
    • Added Call Home function. (Ask SwearWord)
    • Added PEX Support.
    • Added Jenkins (dev.d3gn.net:8080)
    • ....Ill update tomorrow...
    Changelogs: (open)

    Version (Sept 02/11)
    • Added +reason, +r variable to the kick message. (Displays the reason for the kick).
    Version 1.7.11 (August 28/11)
    • PNode for colouring in chat (mchat.coloredchat <---made it color for all you damn lazy Americans (Canadian = colour).
    • Added "+Groupname,+Gname,+G", "+Worldname,+Wname,+W" for Group/World name aliases (Check info.yml)
    Version 1.7.10_5 (August 16/11)
    • Fixed Permissions loader Faulz.
    Version 1.7.10_4 (August 15/11)
    • Finnally filled in the API spoiler.
    • Minor API changes. (Deprecated some methods)
    • Minor Local changes.
    • Added 2 more Colour Code types.
    • Added Custom Variables.
    • More Misc updates thanks to @Nijikokun .
    • PM for more Info.
    Version 1.7.10_3 (August 12/11)
    • Minor API changes.
    • Minor Local changes.
    • Nothing much you dont really "Need" this update.
    Version 1.7.10_2 (August 11/11)
    • Fixed bPermissions causing errors. (Damn you codename_B)
    Version 1.7.10_1 (August 09/11)
    • Fixed NPE on startup.
    Version 1.7.10 (August 09/11)
    • Merged mInfo, mChat once again.
    • Added an API switch.
    • Changed reload command to inlude both config/info.
    Version 1.7.9_3 (August 05/11)
    • Added full support for all major Permissions plugins.....again.
    Version 1.7.9_2
    • Uhm...
    Version 1.7.9_1
    • Uhm...
    Version 1.7.9 (August 03/11)
    • Made separate mchat plugin.
    • Added +location,+loc to formatting.
    • Dropped Permissions 2.x/3.x support.
    • Code cleanup.
    • Updated to Spout....More features to come...
    Version 1.7.8 (July 29/11)
    • Removed PM features.
    • Fixed API (Tie to mChat.API.parseChat(player, msg) = message-format or mChat.API.parseChat(player) = name-format).
    • Added join message formatting.
    • Other code cleanups.
    • Added a sample plugin that ties into the API.
    • Fixed inheritance issues.
    Version 1.7.7_2 (July 27/11)
    • Added configurable *Typing* message
    • Made Achievement Window more redundant.
    Version 1.7.7_1 (July 27/11)
    • Added configurable PM to Achievement Window
    • More code cleanup.
    Version 1.7.7 (July 27/11)
    • Added (/mchat pm {playername} message = mchat.pm)
    • Changed they way Health notifications work.
    • Made things easier for future dev work.
    Version 1.7.6_3 (July 27/11)
    • Very finite changes. (Code cleaning)
    Version 1.7.6_2 (July 27/11)
    • Why because I felt like it!
    Version 1.7.6_1 (July 27/11)

    • Fixed (/mchatme, /me) permissions.
    Version 1.7.6 (July 27/11)
    • Added (/mchatme, /me)
    • Added Health notification messages
    • Made Bukkit contrib features optional.
    • Not sure what else........
    Version 1.7.5 (July 26/11)
    • Removed /mchannel for use in another plugin.
    • Added an API like that of iChat.
    • Made source....DONT LAUGH AT ME..available.
    • Added custom join/leave/kick messages.
    Version 1.7.4_7 (July 24/11)
    • More NPE fixes.....Itll never end.
    Version 1.7.4_6 (July 23/11)
    • More NPE fixes.
    Version 1.7.4_5 (July 23/11)
    • Hopeful NPE fixes.
    Version 1.7.4_4 (July 21/11
    • PLAYER_CHAT error fixes.
    Version 1.7.4_3 (July 20/11)
    • Players who aren't in the public channel aren't outputted to other plugins.
    • When a player talks while not in the public channel their name is prefixed with their channel.
    • More BukkitContrib Fixes.
    Version 1.7.4_2 (July 20/11)
    • Hopeful DynMap fix.
    Version 1.7.4_1 (July 19/11)
    • Bumped versioning in case people dont look.
    • Lots of bug fixes but no new features.
    • Fixed Console not getting messages.
    • Fixed null message.
    • Fixed....Dont remember...It was late.
    Version 1.7.4 (July 19/11)
    • NPE fixes.
    • Commands being used by console fixes.
    • Config format changes.
    • BukkitContrib feature fixes.
    Version 1.7.3 (July 18/11)
    • Added reload config command.
    • Added channels.
    Version 1.7.2 (July 14/11)
    • Added Last message sent name thingy.
    Version 1.7.1 (July 14/11)
    • Officially Changed to mChat.
    Version 1.6.1
    • Initial Release.
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    I will post momentarilly.

    /mchat afk (marks you as AFK, you dont receive any damage but also cant move) = mchat.afk
    /mchatwho *PLAYER* (VERY basic whois information on players. Currently shows formatted name, world, location in that world.) = mchat.who

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    Work fine for me ! Thank's !
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    What will the plugin do if a user hast more than one group.
    at the moment i do in my config this

                mchat.group.default: true
                mchat.group.default: false
                mchat.group.user: true
                - default
    is it required?
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    hmmm i searched now a while here and i checked each plugin i think it could make problems with chatnames. but nothing.

    my prefixes worked well, until i installed some new plugins. (annotate, commandsigns, vouchers, bigbrother, bukkitspeak, brokenfinger, mcmmo, iconomychestshop)
    mcmmo doesnt modify names, all other commands are passive or more iconomy related. i checked towny configuration and disabled name modification (but it worked next to towny so i dunno)

    the console gives me this "Could not pass event PLAYER_CHAT to mChat"
    error. But i dont get java error throws. i installed those plugins and it just stopped working and spammed me this message.

    i tryed to disable mchat > start server > stop server > enable mchat
    but now i dont have prefixes and it doesnt spams the could not pass message.

    im using mcmyadmin with latest craftbukkit and bukkitpermissions

    and this is the config file of mchat:
    mchat-date-format: HH:mm:ss
    mchat-name-format: +prefix+dname+suffix&e
    mchat-message-format: <+prefix+dname+suffix&f> +message
            Everyone: '&f[Rookie] '
            Regulars: '&a[Panadoid] '
            Moderators: '&1[Moderator] '
            Administrators: '&4[Owner] '
            Everyone: Everyone
            Regulars: Regulars
            Moderators: Moderators
            Administrators: Administrators
            Everyone: ''
            Regulars: ''
            Moderators: ''
            Administrators: ''
    auto-Changed: 1
    mchat-playerEvent-format: +p+dn+s&e
    mchat-join-message: has joined the game.
    mchat-leave-message: has left the game.
    mchat-kick-message: has been kicked from the game.
    mchat-colouring: dark_red
    mchat-contrib-enabled: true
    mchat-notifyHealth-enabled: false
    mchat-typingMessage: '*Typing*'

    and this is the config of my permissionsbukkit config.yml
                commandbook.teleport: true
                commandbook.spawn: true
                simplechestlock.lock: true
                iConomy.access : true
                iConomy.access: true
                iConomy.payment: true
                iConomy.list: true
                commandbook.who: true
                commandbook.rules : true
                commandbook.rules: true
                commandbook.call: true
                commandbook.msg: true
                mh.sethome: true
                mh.home: true
                deathpenalty.losemoney: true
                DailyBonus.get: true
                 iConomyChestShop.shop.create: true
                iConomyChestShop.shop.create: true
                iConomyChestShop.shop.buy: true
                iConomyChestShop.shop.sell: true
                monsterhunt.usercmd.hunt: true
                monsterhunt.usercmd.huntscore: true
                monsterhunt.usercmd.huntstatus: true
                monsterhunt.rewardeverytime: true
                mchat.prefix.Everyone: true
                mchat.suffix.Everyone: true
                permissions.build: true
              - 'default'
                mchat.prefix.Regulars: true
                mchat.suffix.Regulars: true
                mchat.prefix.Everyone: false
                mchat.suffix.Everyone: false
              - 'Everyone'
                mchat.prefix.Moderators: true
                mchat.suffix.Moderators: true
                mchat.prefix.Regulars: false
                mchat.suffix.Regulars: false
              - 'Regulars'
                permissions.*: true
                superpermbridge.*: true
                mchat.prefix.Administrators: true
                mchat.suffix.Administrators: true
                mchat.prefix.Moderators: false
                mchat.suffix.Moderators: false
              - 'Moderators'

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    how should i format my config to show this in-game: [Admin] RTRD ?

    using permissions 3

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    put it in the prefix Admin

    then on the config of the mChat

    put it

    mchat-name-format: '[+prefix] +dname&e'
    mchat-message-format: '[+prefix] +dname&e'
    mchat-playerEvent-format: '[+prefix] +dname&e'

    don't forget the apostrophe(')
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    what about custom colors for each group? ;)
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    You can use the colour codes from HERE

    example usage:
    '&0[&6+prefix&0] &a+dname&0' would equal '[Admin] RTRD: Hello World'

    In MC it would default to white, so the next example will result in the black font being white.
    '[&6+prefix&f] &a+dname&f' would equal '[Admin] RTRD: Hello World'

    All you would need todo to make it so each group had a different colour is replace the &6 in the above examples with a colour of your choice :D

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks! :)
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    Okay thanks, ill try it, the healthbar thing worked :3

    Hmm, this is what my config file looks like and it still doesn't work right. The names get all mixed up and weird when I use factions even though im not using tags, im just simply coloring peoples names:

    mchat-date-format: HH:mm:ss
    mchat-join-message: has joined the game.
    mchat-typingMessage: '*Typing*'
    auto-Changed: 1
    mchat-colouring: dark_red
    mchat-name-format: +p+dn+s&e
    mchat-playerEvent-format: +p+dn+s&e
    mchat-kick-message: has been kicked from the game.
    mchat-message-format: '+p+dn+s&f: +message'
    Admin: '&4'
    Mod: '&b'
    Member: '&f'
    Donator: '&2'
    admin: ''
    jadmin: ''
    member: ''
    sadmin: ''
    admin: ''
    jadmin: ''
    member: ''
    sadmin: ''
    mchat-contrib-enabled: true
    mchat-leave-message: has left the game.
    mchat-notifyHealth-enabled: false

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  12. *cough* How can you inherince group default if the is NO default. You should create one even if it is not used, IIRC PermissionsBukkit does need it.
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    im using mcmyadmin so im wondering that i need to do this. because it says no inheritance. can i just leave the inheritance part blank on the default group?

    in the (i think it was permissionsbukkit thread) the developer said that the default group in the config.yml doesnt takes any effect for working. and mchat also worked without the default group for some reason.

    i will try it but would be cool if my questions got checked

    EDIT: tested default group with blank inherit -> nope
    tested with default group with inherit default group -> nope

    :-\ there are no realy good documentations about this permissionsbukkit :-( is someone has a link it would be awesome

    EDIT2: i found a better tutorial on a random website wich made something clear.

    i completely reset everything and tryed it out.
    then it worked good, and i added a group default in the mcmyadmin interface.
    it got broken. i removed this group, it worked again.

    so default group is not needed, it will more likely break your configs. and never edit a .yml config while using mcmyadmin XD (alt least in permissions config cases :-P)

    also mchat works now again, lets see for how long and how good.
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    @MiracleM4n any chance you could make AFK work from "/afk" rather than "/mchat afk" or maybe setup as an alias.

    /afk is probably a more commonly known afk command, had to explain to a few people on my server that its /mchat afk now lawl. :)
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    i use aliases.. try bShortcut..
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    When i edit the config, and restart my server. It doesn't save the changed. And always reverts itself to the default. Please help. Shall I re-install or am I editing wrong?
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    short update its broken again but i think its more the permissionsbukkit stuff than mchat
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    The best chatting plugin I've used hands down.
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    Ok....Back from work now....18 hour day today. Has everyone resolved the issues? If not either PM me or reply to this messsage.
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    -hmm i don't know if it's gonna work but.. can u also add the UP function? like when u type a message and enter and u wanna type it again.. u just press UP Key?

    -one more suggestion.. can u also add just like the AFK that u see over your head, instead, we can configure it.. let say.. we want to stay our msg on top of our head but we can't move/can move.. let say "buying 25 apples for 1$ each" and it stays on top of our head until we remove it and temporary remove it when we're typing?

    and also PMChat doesn't work, when i tried PMing someone with space.. e.g. Hello there.. it will just show up hello..

    but if i try hellothere w/o space.. it will show hellothere

    EDIT: oh wait.. why did u removed the PM Feature?
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    morizuki: I am not yet able to do the UP function. When Spout (New BukkitContrib) comes out I will work on this. I am not quite getting what you mean by your second request. Try the most recent dev links and tell me if it works or not. I removed PM feature from mChat because it was making it extremely difficult to read and update the code. I instead made a seperate pluign for this that relies on mChat.
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    ok then.

    the 2nd one is like staying the message on top of our head, just like when ur AFK, the AFK will show up above ur head until u remove.. but instead of AFK, we can customized it like "selling 1 apple" or "

    i tried the PM plugin but, when we type two words like "hello there" it will only show up the "hello"..
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    Have you tried the dev builds? (http://plugins.d3gn.net/dev/)

    perms = Permissions 2.x/3.x
    noPerms = Built-in Permissions

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    Odd... What command are you using? and do you have the permission node?
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    yeah I'm the admin and also tried in a normal player..

    /pmchat <playername> <msg>
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    Which version are you using? (perms or noPerms)
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    Hmm very odd. Ill look at this and respond with results.
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    ok then.. are there any command for PMing? like /pm or something?
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    Oook. A few things I'd like to ask/point out.

    You gotta remove the /mchat pm from the /mchat dialogue. Has the AFK been implemented yet? It's not defined in plugin.yml. I know I'm a pain, but is there any possibility of a custom /me format? Healthbars in chat are fine, but not in /me messages. Colored names are great, but healthbars no. lol

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