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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ninjaturtlez12341234, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. Whenever i assign a prefix fro a certain group (using permissionsex) it place <> around the whole name.
    prefix with chat manager - <[Builder] name>
    what i want it to be - [Builder] name:

    not sure how to fix it im open to any ideas though (except changing from permissionsex)
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    I got this sample from

    *notice the ' used to open and close format '
    message-format: '<%prefix%player%suffix> %message'
    global-message-format: '<%prefix%player%suffix> &e%message'
    So I added the ' to beginning and end of both format lines and erased the < and >. It worked wonderfully!
    An example for non global format would be:
    '%prefix%player%suffix: &f%message'

    in the config.yml and
    prefix: '&b[&fBuilder&b] '

    would be in the permissions.yml in your PermissionsEx file.
    If you need more clarification, please send a private message.
    The key is adding ' to your format at both ends.
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    yesh your suggestion did not work for me either.
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    Does anyone know how to change the playername color?
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    Add the desired color to the end of the "Prefix".

    (For a RED name)
            prefix: '[Owner]&4'
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    oh thats pretty simple :) thanks for the help
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    I downloaded the latest permissionsEx for 1.2.3 and im running bukkit 1.2.4 and permissionsEx works fine i place the ChatManager Jar file in the bukkit plugins folder and start the server wait wait till it says DONE and i stop the server and go into the plugs folder and there is no ChatManger folder can anyone HELP!! please
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