Inactive [CHAT] LocalAreaChat v0.07.1 - See messages only from nearby players [935]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by neko259, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Version: v0.07.1

    Tired of many messages from 20+ players of your server? With this plugin you can see only messages that were sent by the players in certain radius from you, and only in your world. If you want to send a message globally to every player - use /shout command.

    • Local area chat
    • Configurable chatting radius (uses all three coordinates)
    • Configurable shout message format
    • Broadcast messages with /shout or /sh command
    • Send message only to the current world with /shoutw or /shw
    Download zip
    Browse the source code (you can find old versions at the downloads page).
    For information refer to the wiki.

    Version 0.07.1:
    • Fixed error on '/lac' command.
    Version 0.07:
    • Switching chat mode in-game for every player. Use /lac mode <mode>
    • Listen to all chat (for admins). Use /lac listen on/off. Supports permissions.
    Version 0.06:
    • Three modes: public, private and world
    • Shout message config (prefix, color and CAPS)
    • /shoutw or /shw command to shout to the current world
    • /sh alias for /shout
    Version 0.05:
    • Initial release
    Future features:
    In 0.08:
    • Different chat commands with different radius
    • Regions for private chatting
    • Permissions support for modes switching
    Possible future features:
    • iConomy support for shouting
    • Configurable shout command
    • Shouting with prefix instead of command (ex. '!')
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    You still have not included the features from "localchat" from halvors, he even offered you the source code :(

    I am still waiting for an update where it is possible to have different PUBLIC chat radius modes.. to switch between.


    whisper: 3
    speak: 15
    shout: 35

    maybe I am just blind and you already have that included? :S

    please respond
    - thanks in advance
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    I haven't done that for now, sorry. If you want, you can help me :3
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    sorry Neko259, I have basic understanding of java, but I think that is not enough because the most of plugin coding is knowing the craftbukkit classes/handler whatever.

    I also have knowledge about OOP of course, however, I think it is not enough to help you.
    All I can give you is the source code of the earlier "localchat" from halvors ->
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    I'll look throw it when I have time. Thanks.
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    Great plugin, thanks !
    I'm going to replace with Essentials(chat) plugin feature.

    One thing - please implement prefix ! (like for global - !hey guys ..! - in chat like [G] nickname: hey guys ..! )
    I hate commands like /shout or using / for chatting .. ;)

    Thank you and keep it good work!
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    Bradley Hilton

    Doesn't appear as if anyone has had this issue, but whenever I have this plugin enabled and issue a /reload command this plugin stops working and says "Cannot find player" or something to that affect. Happens every time we do a /reload command.
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    Thats the feature i miss in iChat or mChat.
    But I dont want to get rid of group prefixes etc.
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    is it works on CB1000?

    and doesnt conflict with anyother chat plugins?
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    When do we get the next release for bukkit #1000 and the different chat command ?
    The chat command will work like this ? :
    !blabla to shout
    (blabla to speak on non-RP channel
    :blabla to speak normally
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    Thank you! I've been looking for a plugin like this for a while!
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    Any chance for 1060?
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    No chance for now. I'm not playing or administrating minecraft any more, so plugin development is suspended. I can still accept pull requests to the repository, if somebody wants to develop it.
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    John McCarthy

    I really want this plugin updated! :(
    This is exactly what I am looking for...
    Someone pick it up!
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    Can somebody test my new build? I don't have a server to do this. If anyone can, please PM me.
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    can you make channels for this like all and stuff
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    I really want to updated this Plugin.. In 1.7 it was awesome.. I want it for 1.8 but this build have to many bugs :/
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    Update pretty please <3
    If you need someone to test it, I can help you, running a 10 man server and a 64 man server.
    ([email protected]) or craft_dennis --> skype
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    What is the Permissoin Node for shouting?
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    Would it be possible to use this for faction chats as well for factional servers? It'd make it a lot more fun for hardcore RP servers to use.
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    Please may you update this amazing plugin? Thankyou.
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    Could you plz update? Thanks!

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