[CHAT] IRCraft v2.0 - Connecting MineCraft/Bukkit with IRC [1185]

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    IRCraft - Connect Your Server with IRC

    Latest Update -26/09/11 GMT+8
    Version - 2.1 Beta 2

    Description - IRCraft connects your Bukkit server to an IRC server so that all MineCraft messages can be seen in IRC and vice versa.

    To install IRCraft, just download the IRCraft.jar (See Downloads Below) and place it into your CraftBukkit plugins folder.

    Using IRCraft is very easy, after installing, run Bukkit once and IRCraft will generate a config.yml which can be found in
    from your main CraftBukkit directory.
    Assuming you know how to use YAML, replace

    Version 2.0
    For server admins, make sure you have included

    into your permissions file.


    Direct (DropBox)
    Direct (From Bukkit)

    If you liked this, or any other of my plugins, please donate to aid me in continuing my development.

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    I will gladly test once it is released, for the time being, I will look into creating my own irc server and testing there.
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    1. Works really good :D
    2. Is there any way you could add a filter to the plugin, so that it keeps out color codes. Or even better that it sends them and converts them to irc colors. Right now in my irc i see messages like this:
    "<§f[§4Owner§f]§4thernztrom§f§f> hokey ill go and grab something to eat too"
    I dont want all the "§*" codes in there. :/ Is there any way to filter this out, or integrate with Minecraft color codes -> irc color codes? :)
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    would you be able to make it that other plugins can hook into it? eg, maybe one that gets an event when it sends a message to the server
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    Can you host this on github? I'de really like to tackle some of these issues... Mostly the chat flooding one.
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    Great Plugin!
    But how can i disable the bedmessages?
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    Do you mean the one where it floods the server logs with pings?

    You should add an auto-reconnect in case the plugin DCs from IRC.
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    No i mean if I'm using spamhammer to block chat flooding, it works fine for the in-game chat but the IRC still gets flooded. I'm guessing IRCraft just isn't respecting /mute'ed players
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    Now THAT is what I call AWESOME.
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    It's on Google Code. http://code.google.com/p/ircraft/
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    Very nice plugin, love it :)
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    Thks for this plugin! but i just have a problem... i tried the commands but "bukkit is sad"... any ideas?

    Sorry for my bad english, but I come from Switzerland ...

    Thks for your help!

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    Thanks, but I do not understand. Can you please give me any error message?

    Kan du ge mig ett felmeddelande?
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    i'm from the french part of switzerland, so i don't understand "Kan du ge mig ett felmeddelande?" --> this is swedish!^^
    When i attempted to do a command like /irclist <channel>, i have an ingame message: " Bukkit sad. Bukkit want you to access this command, but bukkit connot let you. Bukkit will leak tears ;( "
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    English people always mix up Swizz and Swede's <.<
    The "bukkit is sad" message is something i think got introduced in the latest RB? Its when you dont have permission to use the command i think.
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    oh hey just so you know this is working with the latest stable release of bukkit (1185)
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    yes i know and i'm the admin of the server so I can't have no acces to the commands...
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    Sorry for the mistake with Swede's and the Swiss. I heard the official languages are German, French and Italian am I right?

    Okay, I'm still looking into this "Bukkit is sad" problem, but I think it must have something to do with permissions. Make sure admins have


    in your permissions.
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    Actually there is 4 officials languages!^^ you juste forget the romanche ( a mix of italien german and latin)

    I'm gonna try the permission node, to see if it's working

    thank you!

    otherwise, is there any others permission node for this plugin?

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    There's only one. IRCraft.admin. I've made my plugin as simple as possible.
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    ok thank you! ;)
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    Same problem here... IRCraft doesn't allow me to execute any commands ("Bukkit will leak tears..."), nor connect to it's IRC server since the 1.8 update.

    Also, granting IRCraft.* to all users in PermissionsBukkit didn't help.

    Edit: ah, found it. For some strange reason, adding the permissions in the config file didn't work, but adding them manually within the game fixed it.

    Thanks for the awesome plugin!
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    There's another solution on this thread

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    Hi naresh, i have some weird text formatting on irc. When i type something in Game it appears to look like this in IRC: [11:44] <MMComServer> <§cTimbo_KZ§f> 123123

    I know it's not because of your plugin, but can you help me to get rid off those $c and &f?
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    Hi, it is a problem I am working on as quite a number of people have reported. It happens when you format your name with colors or something. So, I will try to get back to you ASAP.

    I have already posted the latest version 2.1 Beta with a fix. Please post any further problem that occur.

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    I tried a new beta, it looks the same now.
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    Yup, still some problems. That's why it's still Beta.

    Beta 2 Released. Please test and tell me if problem is solved ( I can't test myself for personal reasons).

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    there is always this problem with bukkit sad... :( i'm sad too!

    ah and IG messages don't appear on IRC... last version was ok

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    All of the command cause bukkit to become sad and leak tears...... plus its 1 way transmissions, IRC>minecraft but not Minecraft>IRC
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    I'm going to roll-back to V2.0 again while I fix this... Probably will take a while...
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    ok, let me know when you've fix the problem with bukkit sad plz ;)
    otherwise thks for this plugin!

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