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    iChat v1.6
    irc:// - Donate ?

    Download 1.6 (602 - 612+)

    Styles the chat in a simple and intuitive manner. Allowing you to take full control over how it looks and feels using tags prefixed with + symbol.

    Permissions & GroupManager Configuration
    Setup your prefix / suffix with colors like so, in your Permissions / GroupManager Configuration:
                prefix: '&c'
    Users can specific prefix/suffixes:
        group: Admin
            prefix: '&4'
    For this to work, the users name must be exact casing. IE: It's case-sensitive. Google it.

    Message Format:
    To change how your message is displayed, open iChat/config.yml located under plugins/ and add this line:
    message-format: '[+prefix+group+suffix&f] +name: +message'
    You can use colors and the +tags are the variables shown in chat. They are not required so you can add / remove them as you see fit. Move them around, configure it however you wish.

    Complete Tag List (open)

    +world World Name
    +group Group Name
    +name Player Name
    +suffix Suffix (Comes after Group Name)
    +prefix Prefix (Comes Before Group Name)
    +message Message
    +healthbar Health Bar ([|||||||])

    iChat Censoring:
    In config.yml there is now a censor-list that holds bad words to be filtered, you can customize the look and feel of the censored word as well by changing the symbol used, as well as coloring it.

    • 1.6
      • Fixed & symbol issues.
      • Added multiple world support.
      • Brought back to life.
    • 1.5.1
      • Fixed censoring, added some new features. Check config.yml
    • 1.5
      • Censor list.
    • 1.4
      • Health Bar, User specific Prefix / Suffix & More.
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    You want to do this:

    I use:
    In the iChat config:
    message-format: '+prefix+name: +suffix+message'

    Prefix and Suffix in the permission config:
    prefix: '&1[&3Admin&1]&2'
    suffix: '&4'

    [Admin]Jobsti: My Chattexts
    In prefix, I can add Color for the prefix, the prefixtext and the nickname-color.
    In Suffix, I can edit the Chatcolor

    You have to add "message-format:...." to the iChat config by yourself, or you will get an error in the ServerConsole!

    If you have an error, that you get alltimes "no permission.... [see picture]", but command works?
    Check out all your plugins! (my waste producer was the mute plugin, first version.)

    You can reload the permissions with /pr to test your prefixex, BUT you have to restart the server, if you change the iChat config.
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  3. Nice examples, Jobsti. Here are my examples that I mentioned in the Permissions topic:

    Default config:
    message-format: '[+prefix+group+suffix&f] +name: +message'
    To mimic ChatColors:
    message-format: '<&+prefix+name&f> +message'
    My example setup (to mimic the venerable DalaChat functionality, requires both a prefix and a suffix):
    message-format: '[+prefix&f] <+suffix+name&f> +message'
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    So if we're making our own custom plugin that uses some of the old source code for ChatChannels - we wont have any problem keeping them separate?
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    Stop posting useless posts like this, post information as to why, what you are doing, and what is going wrong. Any errors in console and more.

    Saying it doesn't work helps nobody.
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    Would it be possible to have prefix & suffix on users as well in a future update? Both me and my users like having different colors so you can easier identify people when there are several chatting
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    I dunno where the responsibility for this is... but there is no death message of any kind...?
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    Hmm Nice can i request a reload command Please? would save me a whole lot of time Mind u i wont be restarting the live server ill just use my dev but still thats a lot of restarting over and over again...

    especialy when you fail as much as i do :p

    So i am going to assume i can put color codes where i see fit so like.

    message-format: '&a[+prefix+group&a]+name: +message' 
    some thing like that is what i want cause i hate them Bracket things in white it looks lame
    Hell i could even remove them if i wanted :p
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    Finally Got my iChat back.

    Heres what i use for my chat just to help others.

    message-format: '[+prefix+group&f] +suffix+name&f: +message'
    It looks like this in Game

    [ADMIN] USERNAME: TEXT (anything in black txt is white.)

    In Permission config file my prefix is


    My Suffix color is


    So when i have +prefix in font of what i want in game it will be that color. Same goes with suffix. Setting up both with different colors allows me to have what i like. Also the group name that u have in your permission config file will be used when using +group. So i like to have my prefix's caped i have in my file the groups Caped.
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    Hello, I don't really get how to use this plugin since its harder to use than hmod Ichat can you give me an example?

    Is This Right?

    '&1{&4CREATOR&4} Craze:'
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    In permissions, look at Prefix & Suffix. Those are what it uses. The formatting is mapped to those:
    +name = Craze, +group = Creator

    It's really simple.
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    Could you give me some advice as to why everything in-game still shows up as white, and why only the [Admin] before my name shows up in game?

    message-format: '[+prefix+group&f] +suffix+name&f: +message'

    default: false
    prefix: &4
    suffix: &c
    build: true
    - Moderator
    - '*'

    (Spacing is off when it's pasted)
  13. Because you didn't put your prefix and suffix in single quotes...

    prefix: '&4'
    suffix: '&c'
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    Oh right, thanks.
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    Request: Can you allow it so names can be colored for different groups

                prefix: '&1[Admin]'
                Colour:       -for example
                build: true
  16. Use suffix to color another part of your message.
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    It doesn't work recently craftBukkit.

    fix plz.
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    Plugins work beautifully if you follow the second post. I can even make rainbow colors for prefixes!

    You just have to understand the syntax.
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    Where's the problem? Look in the 2nd post!
    You can do what you want, different colors for the Prefix, for the names and for the Chat PER Group!
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    The only problem thus far - is it does not support (to my knowledge) the multi-channel set up. Am I wrong or just mis configuring this?
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    Just wondering if there is a possibiliy to incrase the pallate color chart to make use of more then what is currently available color wise, I would not mind some lighter , in between shades of some of the primary colors.
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    For me with longer text lines, the second line isn't getting the color settings


    Craftbukkit 135, ichat 1.2 and permissions 1.9

    message-format: '+prefix +name: +suffix +message'
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  24. Stormwolf: That's a known LOLNotch client bug. There are work-arounds like splitting longer lines in two and re-applying the color code but I think it's better to just rage at LOLNotch. :-P
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    So this? '[&3Creator&1]&2 Craze'
    --- merged: Jan 24, 2011 11:29 PM ---
    My Settings:


    default: false
    prefix: '&1[&3Admin&1]&2'
    suffix: '&4'
    build: true
    - Moderator
    - '*'


    message-format: '[+prefix+group+suffix&f] +name: +message'

    '&1[&3Admin&1]&2Craze: '
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    Conflicts with Essentials. I tried Jobsti's settings over and over, couldn't get it to display like his. Players names remained pink no matter what. Was really bugging me, thought maybe I typed something wrong... I literally spent 20+ min going through the config over and over to try and figure out where I went wrong. Finally I was just about to give up, then I thought maybe another plugin was causing the players names to be pink. So I disabled my plugins one by one, finally when I disabled Essentials, the names were formated as dictated in the permissions config.
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    Would be nice to have support for individual colors for users.
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    Talk to zenexer about this issue.

    Soon my friend, soon.
    No multiple channels.. yet, I don't know If I will.
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    Can Anyone Help 4 Post Up
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    How can i add Prefixes to diff groups right now i made 1 and it works for admin only but i do not see anything in the prefix telling it to use admins group?

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