[CHAT/GEN] uCalc 0.5.1 - A (very) tiny calculator [818]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Sosser, Mar 24, 2011.

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    a (very) tiny calculator

    Version: v0.5.1 (Dropbox) (Source is included in the JAR)
    Yeah, feel free to share or modify this, but credit me

    As no one seems to have made something like this before me (oddly enough), i made this VERY simple calculator. It supports addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, powers and reminders. That's it.
    For additional help at this type /calc help in the chat.

    • Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, power and remainder support.
    • Decimals
    • It's (very) tiny
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    Thanks for this amazing plugin. I can't believe no one has made one before. But one small thing i'm not sure if this is something I can change.


    Is that my it messing up at my end or is it something you have to change?
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    My bad, that's a typo. I'll make sure to fix that aswell sometime :)
    As for now, just remember to use /calc instead of /c ;)
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    Typos fixed and built for Bukkit 803
    Sorry, forgot to update the article, 0.5 has been out for awhile
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    Update 0.5.1
    Built for Bukkit 818
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    Hmm... nice. Anyway you can have it so I don't have to put in a space? Like 3+3 instead of 3 + 3? Or am I asking for something from an inactive plugin? *cough*build 818*cough*
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    Right :p
    Well, removing the spaces would force me to split an array or something from the first argument, and could quickly remove the "extremely lightweight" label I'm trying to "brand" it with ;)

    And BTW *cough* still works *cough*
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    I would just like to ask if I could fork this and put it on the new bukkitdev site since this is still on CraftBukkit 818 then i'd like to update to 1060. I will say that you are the original author I only changed some minor things around.

    Thank you
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    *cough*EZCalc*cough* ;)

    But seriously, thanks @Sosser for the plugin that helped me get into plugin development.
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    Yes, I thought i mentioned EZcalc as a more advanced alternative?

    Well, maybe not. I'll have to do it now then:

    Check out EZcalc, a much more flexible, multiuse calculator. It suports various smart things like ingame variables and no need for spacing (OMFG) ;)
    In many ways it's very much more advanced than uCalc, so I strongly recomend it if you need more functions.

    Ok, with that out of the way, I think I'll have a look at uCalc tomorow. Patching things up a bit.
    Actually I think I'll rewrite the code completly to accept no spaced calculations. And some heavy optimization. And put it on git.

    But seriously guys, unntil then check out EZcalc, it's a great alternative :)
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    Thanks for the recommendation. :)

    If you need help with spacing (I think you already stated how it works) or anything else feel free to ask or check out the source code for EZCalc.
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    Yes, I know how it works ;)

    Or at least one possibility :)

    Comming along quite nicely, regarding the code.
    However there is a reason i didn't use git. It's a pain in the arse to set up...
    Having real trouble with it. A friend is trying to help me out, but he can't understand whats wrong either :s

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    Good news, got it working on my laptop :)
    Still having trouble with my primary :(
  16. Just to let you know, thx Sosser for giving me an idea on what to start doing:

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    Very well, there are so many better alternatives to uCalc by now, that i think I'll leave it for now folks.
    Helping out a friend with another plugin, so please, check out all the other awesome calculators available :)

    Over and out

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