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    Socials! - Customizable Social Emotes!​
    Version: v0.3.3
    Socials! allows server operators to create custom social emotes that players can use to concisely communicate their feelings. Socials! also exposes a sophisticated macro-based messaging API for developers who would like to use Socials!-like messages in their own plug-ins.

    • Create social profiles and read others' profiles.
    • Create social emotes players can use to communicate their feelings.
    • All messages are word-wrapped and color-code sensitive.
    • Display available social emotes.
    • Sizable default social emote database.
    • Uses built-in Bukkit ORM (supports SQLite and MySQL.)
    • Plug-in: here
    • Sample SQLite database: here
    • Sample database in CSV format: here
    • Sources: here
    • JavaDoc Documentation: Inside the .jar file!
    Notice: Please make certain your EBeans.properties and Bukkit.yml files are correctly configured before reporting database connectivity problems! If you send me a private message I can help. Let's not clutter up the thread with messages unrelated to the plug-in!
    Commands (open)

    • /emote <message> - Emotes the specified message.
    • /social list - List available socials.
    • /social list <social> - Displays information about a social.
    • /profile [page]- Display your own social profile.
    • /profile <@player> [page] - Displays a player's social profile. Remember the @-sign before their name!
    • /profile [@player] birthdate [value] - Sets or clears a player's birth date.
    • /profile [@player] emailaddress [value] - Sets or clears a player's email address.
    • /profile [@player] gender [value] - Sets or clears a player's gender.
    • /profile [@player] realgender [value] - Sets or clears a player's actual gender.
    • /profile [@player] realname [value] - Sets or clears a player's actual name.
    • /profile [@player] showage [true/false] - Sets or clears whether a player's age is shown.
    • /profile [@player] showbirthday [true/false] - Sets or clears whether a player's birthday is shown.
    • /profile [@player] showbirthyear [true/false] - Sets or clears whether a player's birth year is shown.
    • /profile [@player] showemailaddress [true/false] - Sets or clears whether a player's email address is shown.
    • /profile [@player] showrealgender [true/false] - Sets or clears whether a player's real gender is shown.
    • /profile [@player] showrealname [true/false] - Sets or clears whether a player's real name is shown.
    • /profile help

    Known Issues (open)

    Known Issues
    • No permission support. Player.isOp() is checked instead.
    • Bukkit ORM implementation does not store or read the birthdate field correctly.
    • Birthdate-based properties (showage, showbirthday, showbirthyear) do not function yet. These will work once I have the ORM date problem resolved.

    In the Works (open)

    "In the Works"
    • Online creation, deletion, and editing of social emotes.
    • Larger default social emote database.
    • More built-in emote macros.
    • Groups and Permissions will be supported when Bukkit provides them.
    • Convert birthdate field to a "Long" to perhaps resolve an ORM problem.

    Screen Captures (open)

    Screen Captures:
    Here are some screen captures per @phaed 's request.
    Socials-List.png This is the result of the /social list command.
    Socials-List-Laugh.png This is the result of the /social list laugh command.
    Socials-Profile.png This is the result of the /profile @Mixcoatl77 command.

    Version 0.3.3
    • Word-wrapping now honors embedded line breaks.
    • Detects the beginning and end of each sentence and always capitalizes the first word of each sentence. Capitalization logic is aware that color codes may precede a word and searches for them before changing the case of a character.
    Version 0.3.2
    • Added /e and /me aliases for the /emote command.
    • Added /profile help sub-command for configurable profile options.
    • Modified /profile command to accept an optional page number.
    • Cleaned up profile output a little bit.
    • Updated for Craftbukkit #677.
    Version 0.3.1
    • Pre-release offering.

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    O my god that is awesome
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    Wow, this sounds pretty amazing. My only suggestion would be to change the /emote command to /me, as that's typically the emote command in most online RPGs.
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    Thanks. :D
    Actually, I've played dozens of online games since the early '90s, and Minecraft was the first place I ever saw a /me command. It doesn't mean it wasn't present in other games, it was just never obvious to me. Emote has always been there and always seemed, to me at least, the default choice (unless there was a punctuation hotkey for it, typically *).
    I can add a /me alias to /emote if it's giving you heartburn, though. :D
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    Just a suggestion. It's the default in WoW and I'm sure other games like Everquest, etc. Plus it's shorter to type. :3
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    Haha! I've been playing WoW since the beta... uh... six (?) years ago. And I never used that command! :confused: I've already got /em as an alias for /emote so I'll just go ahead and add /me, too.
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    Sweet! I'll install the plugin tomorrow and let you know how it goes. We're a pretty close knit community, so having a "database" like this will be pretty neat for the players.
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    Wonderful. And I agree. I've included a .CSV file containing the social messages so its easier to import them into MySQL, other SQLite databases, and trade them to other people.
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    I was being absent-minded; I began editing the downloads section and forgot where I was going with it. Please take a look at it now.
    I actually had that page up while I was writing it. Besides the downloads, which are now fixed, I don't see anything else that looks like it's in violation of the submission guidelines. Please advise.
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    I wish, it would be motion emotion :) I'd use that kind of plugin...
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    Not sure what you're asking for. Do you mean animations? As nice as that might be, it would require a client mod to pull off. Maybe when official modding support is added to Minecraft.
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    Exactly. Too bad. Shall be waiting for this day)
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    ./me is already used for Essentials.
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    Thank you for this! I've been bugging my friend to make this kind of plugin for the last week, cos I thought this is a must have!
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    I've always thought of it as a must-have too! Let me know how it works for you!
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    The profile page could be used to also make a plugin I've been interested in that will let players categorize themselves

    there would be 5-10 categories from which players could choose to describe themselves in. For example, one category would be:
    "Experience level", and players can choose "Noob, Veteran, or Pro", etc.
    Another one could be "Career", players could choose "Builder, Collector, Hunter, Raider" etc.

    Other players would be able to type /profile [playername] and see a quick description of the player. Towns could do this to find out if the player would be a right fit for their Town, etc.
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    Choosing categories would be the complicated part. Categories would need to be selected such that they would not encourage players to give false information for the purpose of misleading players or operators.
    As long as the players are honest. ;-) If the community can agree on a selection of categorical options they would like to see added to the social profile, I would be glad to add support for it in code.
    I'll post a couple screen captures tomorrow evening after I get home from work, since it's going on 3am here now. They'll just be images of my chat window, but maybe that's sufficient.
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    Screen captures are added. I'll add some more if there are specific things you would like to see.
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    I'm in the process of updating Socials! again, but I've seen very little additional discussion on this thread to guide my direction. Here are a couple questions I have for server operators, players, and plug-in developers who have had the opportunity to use Socials! for a while:
    • Are server operators finding this plug-in useful?
    • How are players finding the experience?
    • Are there any features or options that are glaringly missing?
    • Are there any social macros that are missing?
    • Are other plug-in developers actually using the messaging API embedded in Socials?
    • Are there any socials you've created that you feel are generally useful enough to be added to the baseline distribution?
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    Lol kinda late but /me is in Skype XD
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    Hey , awesome plug-in. We'd love to use it on our RP server. Big question, though:

    Is it local? (range-based) or global?

    We're using HeroChat for our chat system (love it immensely) and would love to keep emotes echoing in the local channel only (not global).

    Any support here?
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    It's strictly global at the moment. The messaging engine supports filtering, by distance for example, but no such message filters are provided by default. If there is sufficient demand I could add a few basic ones.
    Well, see, that's not quite the same as the localized chat I would provide if I were to add it. This plug-in is completely agnostic of any notion of channels or specific chat implementations. I'm not certain what support HeroChat has for third-party integration.
    I suppose I could get with the HeroChat developers and see what they can provide.

    I added /me and /e as aliases for /emote quite a while ago. ;)

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    Hence the Kinda late.
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    That would be really fantastic.

    See, I think you're going out of your way to re-create what many of us consider to be the BASIC online chat experience in MMOs. You're doing that for emotes and socials; HeroChat is currently the best at doing that for channels, and regional vs global chat.

    I'd love to see you tie your efforts together for the true full-package experience.
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    That is the intention, yes. Minecraft's basic social experience is pretty lacking.
    I've been looking at the HeroChat source to understand its public interface. It would have really been nice if they commented their code over there. :eek:
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    Can we have a better demo of this? I have no idea what it does. Where does it put the emote? etc.
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    I'm not sure what a better demo would look like. If you make a suggestion, I'll try to accommodate you.
    I suppose you've never played a MUD, MOO, MUX, MMORPG, or used AOL chat rooms or IRC?

    It allows server operators to define "socials". A social is a command that has no effect on the game, but displays certain predefined messages to players based upon how the command was performed. How socials work is fairly well defined if you're accustomed to playing online games. That's the only reason I haven't gone into depth describing what a social is or does.
    The emote message is distributed to everyone's chat window. The message that's displayed is based upon whether the actor (the player entering the command) species a target, whether the target is the actor, and whether the specific social they're attempting supports that usage. Some socials can't be done to yourself, or can't be done to other players, for example.
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    actully why would in need this ?

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