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    iEmotions - Emotions in your chat!
    Version: v1.1

    This is my first ever bukkit plugin and it is not as good as other plugins. Basicly what this plugin does is it lets you add emotions in your chat. So lets say your happy because that person helped you, you would do the command /hug and it would hug the player and grant him half a heart.

    List of emotions: Punch, Kick, Kiss, Hug

    • Allows Emotions in the chat
    • Emotions grant half a heart or make you lose half a heart depending on what emotion you used
    • Emotions show in the chat
    • Permission!
    Planned Features:
    • Cooldown on the commands
    • Emotions ( so far theres only actions, not emotions, emotions will come on bukkit dev on the 9,10 or 11 Nov )
    • More actions
    • Configurable rewards instead of only giving hearts as a reward
    • Suggestions?
    • cp.kiss
    • cp.hug
    • cp.punch
    • cp.kick
    Source Code - COMING SOON
    Dev Bukkit

    Version 1.1
    • Renaming the plugin
    • Bug fix
    Version 1.0
    • Releasing my plugin

    • 6 Nov 12: Picture added! (1)

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    R0.3 even out yet? edit: any screenshots :s
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    Sure is:
    Oh and im taking screenies now. Tho theres a small bu where the hug and kiss dont give hearts and trying to fix it :p
    Edit: added screenshot
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    Any other feedbacks?
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    He still copied the idea + I plan to revive it
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    According to him he was not aware of an older project like his existing, and even if he was, so what?
    There's nothing wrong with copying.
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    Nothing wrong with copying? It's taking another's intellectual property and using it for yourself. You're clearly not very educated.
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    You have the audacity to call this plugin copyright infringement? Are you also saying that any product that tries to compete with another product in the same market is copyright infringement? Even on your computer you are quite likely to have two (internet)browsers installed, should all browsers except for the original one(netscape?) be outlawed?

    As long as the author of this plugin is not STEALING any code then there is nothing at all wrong with making his own version of a plugin that already exists.

    Also, when trying to prove a point, please avoid ad hominem, makes it all the more pleasant for all parties.
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    xravenz Did you specifically find this thread that has been dead since November in order to complain that linkrock4 stole your plugin, which has been dead since July? Oh, my. What a proper moron you are.

    Oh, and you left a message on your plugin's page about your intentions to revive your plugin 10 minutes after you left an accusation here. It's just an excuse, is it?

    No code from your plugin was used in this one, I can almost guarantee it, plus, linkrock4 did not even know that your plugin existed. In addition to that, you do not own the idea. Think that this guy is stealing your stuff? I found at least one more plugin that has the same basic idea: Emotions. Go fight with them as well, we'll enjoy watching you throw poo at people.

    In all seriousness, just stop being ridiculous. This plugin can be written in like 5 minutes, and it's as simple as it could possibly get. You will not achieve anything here.
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    Thanks for your support :)
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    Tog linkrock4

    It doesn't matter if code was used, you're still using intellectual property. Now, if you would grow up and be mature, maybe this would get somewhere. I don't mind that he copied it to be perfectly honest. It's just dumb.
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    Firstly, I am only interested in having an intellectual debate; if and flaming or insults are thrown, I will report you, because that is unacceptable.

    Intellectual property is only generally valid on something you may make a profit on. Also, you can't claim rights on something that is just an idea, especially not a plugin as it's essentially using Bukkit and Mojang's code.

    Yes, it is the same idea but that does not mean he can't code a similar plugin, especially if:
    1. He was unaware of the previous plugin
    2. It was his first plugin; maybe he was making it for educational purposes
    I am also aware of many other plugins that can do this, some of which were most likely made before yours.
    Lastly, if your arguement resolves around "grow up" and a misguided definition of intellectual property, that is all.
    Do not let this developer influence you in this case, I wish you the best of luck and hope you go far :D
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    MrBluebear3 bitWolfy Tog

    I had no intentions of flaming or insults, we are all mature here, are we not? I would hope you would the same.

    Maybe I wasn't entirely clear. I'm not saying he can't use it, but it is still taking someone else idea. I cannot find any others before mine, and even at the time I made sure it was an original idea. I don't mean to be a stickler, but I dislike copying. Meanwhile, bitWolfy over here had to come and throw gasoline into a fire.

    With that said, I will no longer be watching this thread because I have more important things to tend to than your arguments.


    Sorry if I came out as a stickler against you. Continue the good work and make some more. If I may recommend, search up any ideas you have before you create them so you won't run into issues of being called a copier. (It's nothing personal against you, it's a personal vendetta I have.) I also probably wouldn't have been such a hard ass if these fellows didn't come by.

    Peace out ya'll.

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