Inactive [CHAT/FUN] Creative Colours v1.3 - Simple colours for your chat / signs [1.1-R7-1.2.3-R0.2]

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    I will only support users using permissions bukkit


    This simple plugin brings colours to your chat via simple commands that all users can use at the moment

    This Plugin uses PermissionBukkit for Permissions


    * Simple to use commands
    * light weight plugin
    * brings colour to the chat
    * Brings colour to your signs


    Usage - /(colour) message
    example - /red hello!
    * colours
    * colors
    * red
    * dark gray
    * dark green
    * white
    * green
    * pink
    * yellow
    * blue
    * cyan
    * gold
    * purple
    * teal
    * crimson
    * black
    * gray
    * Navy

    For signs

    for signs you have to use &o - 9 and &a - f
    Usage - for white- &f hello and welcome

    Permission nodes

    to use coloured chat you need the permission node

    to use coloured signs you need the permission node


    leave me a comment on any bugs you have and i will try and address them


    * Permissions
    * Possibly more colours
    * Coloured signs


    CreativeColours - v1.3
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Change Log


    * added the colour codes for the signs to /colours
    * Added permissions for signs finally!

    * added permissions for chat


    * added coloured signs

    * added new colours
    * Alias for /colour for american use
    * Changed some of the colours names


    * Inital plugin release

    Like my plugin? why not donate!
    Thanks to

    @TheTrixsta - helped me code this showing me a split
    @<font color="#aa00aa">BeerHuntor </font> - for the video
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    hey can you get me the colour codes? like as in &3 is what and &c is what. kinda thing cuz i wanna use it with auto message if it works
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    Jordan R

    Please update this!! I LOVE THIS PLUGIN!! It doesn't work on 1.2.3 :'(
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    Jordan R

    Crappppp!! sorry I didnt know you replied until now, I'l look at it.

    Everything works expect the sign colors, waiting on that :). Please make permission for coloring signs too

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    ok ive a new one that i hope makes the signs work and they should have the permission creativecolours.sign or work if you are op if you dont have those two it should just remove the tag for colour here is the new download and thanks for testing this for me
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    Jordan R

    It works!! Thank you!!

    I'd really like this updated ONE more time though for this feature added:

    When you type /colors or /colours and the list of colors are shown, can you please add the color code next to the colored names so it can help for sign editing too with color codes? Thanks! Example can be:

    "Green - &2"

    Basically, just a color code added next to each color on the list.
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    ok if you look at the main post it is done as per your request! also, what is your server IP ill pop in im bored like hell and wana play on a server lol.
  9. Great plugin Scranner, simple yet effective :)

    If I may make a feature request;

    My server used to use a plugin called bColoredChat, which allowed users permissions to use colours in chat (Which this one does already, proves very handy to highlight commands in chat while explaining things) but also allowed another permission (which I gave to VIP players) which used a simple flatfile to save a users permanent chat colour, so everything they typed would default to the colour of their choice. I can't for the life of me find a plugin that still does this, without being hideously bloated, and bColoredChat is now inactive.

    How easy would a feature like this be to add in?


    Just noticed that it doesn't actually support using the &X codes in chat, only the /<colour> commands. That's a shame.

    And it messes formatting for me when using SimplePrefix -

    (My default name colour is aqua, that's not a formatting spill-over)
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    Jordan R

    To be honest, it's perfect how the plugin is now. It's light-weight, and very user friendly, especially for the ultra-noobs who join the server who always ask CAN I B ADMIN PLZ. They wouldn't know the color codes really, etc.

    Also I don't really approve that he should add permanent chat colors, it's silly, but I don't mind prefixes and colors for the prefixes only. I like prefixes disabled anyways so the community in my server is more close together and they don't know who's an admin, etc.

    Go to and you'll be directed to my server's official thread for all its info.
    It's preparing for 1.2 at the moment, as some of the plugins I need still are updating for 1.2
    It should be online for a bit today though, come on in! :)

    (Server IP is in the thread!)

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    Hey, When i do '&4<text> , The Text isnt in the middle, or, with any colour. can you make like 2 spaces ore something so that when i insert the colour codes, the word i just coloured is in the middle?
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    Cool plugin :p
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    I used this in my server, as it also gave me a advantage of coolness over my friends :D
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    chris phillips

    prefixes and suffixes?
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    Permissions work with Essentials GroupManager :D
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    really we need plugins :(

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