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    Eroller - Adding the roll:
    Version: v1.1

    The plugin adds the basic feature we know from many mmo's /roll
    it have no practical meaning, but is fun when deciding things like who
    goes first or who gets that specifik drop.

    • /roll
    • /roll <number>

    • /er
    • /eroll
    By using /roll alone it will random generate a number between 1 and 6
    by using /roll <number> it will generate a number between 1 and the number you enter.

    Video shows exsample of it in use.

    Via dropbox: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19761809/bukkit/ERoll.zip

    1. Put the file "Eviroll.jar" into your bukkit/plugins/ folder
    2. after either reboot or /reload all is fine then you can edit the
      bukkit/plugins/Eviroll/config.yml with custom messages.

    Version 1.1 (24/7) + bugfix
    • Added config.yml whith the text messages used, for costum language/messages
    • filename change instead of <name>x.x it is now just <name>
    Version 1.0 (23/7)
    • Release

    • Display what numbers a player rolled with Added in current version 1.1
    • Limit broadcast message to <area>
    • Cooldown timer (time set in config)
    • Default roll value to bed added to config.
    Bug's Reported:

    • Message misconfiguration : fixed
    • Consolespam : fixed
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    Adfly links are not allowed and must be removed.
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    REQ: Custom Messages for Multi-Language support :)
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    Haha sure when i figure out how, this is basicly my first thing, instead of a hello world i did this.
    but once i figure out wth ur talking about ill look into it. ;)

    Well added, so that you can change the messages in the config file it creates.

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    You misconfigured the lines. It broadcasts "niugnip You rolled and got 3" and prints to me "rolled 3"

    Also it spamms my console as soon as anyone is writing something.
    "Can't pass playerchat to eviroll"

    It would be nice if the plugin would only broadcast in a set area (20 blocks of example).
    Also, it should show what the maximum-number was. (" <name> rolled 1-10 and got a 3")
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    Fixed, and updated the file..

    Looking into why that is, i personally cant replicate both not on a live server and on my own.
    so gotta check out what might cause it..

    Good idea about the roll limit to display what numbers you used.
    Broadcast area limit, i might need to have it to work together with another chat addon to work..
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    Okay. I think herochat -> localchat implemention would be awesome. Just changed the broadcast manually :D Now got to change them back ;D
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    Hey man... can u post or send me the source code for this?
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    Hey there.

    Great mod, but I have a few feature requests for you.
    1) use config to set default roll number (so i can set /roll to act the same as /roll 100)
    2) set a cooldown?
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    I like your ideas. and will surely add them. :D
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  11. Is there anyways to make the numbers more random ? I have several Games I made up and it seems the the player always wins. Maybe its just me XD but it seems like it has a pattern.
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    Would you be able to add permission nodes to this? Or link me to a permission node enable plugin which is similar.

    Thanks, Brazzled.
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    Would you be able to add permission nodes to this? (Perms 2.0/2.x) Or link me to a permission node enable plugin which is similar.

    Thanks, Brazzled.
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    good plugin

    but could the message be edited so that the actual number rolled would be colored. :D
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    omg dude you have no idea how much i need this type of plugin xD your my saviour ive been trying for 3 hours to make my own and couldnt figure it out :/ but yeah i got what i need and thanks again man
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    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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