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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TwinedBroom, Nov 3, 2015.

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    Can someone make a chat delay plugin?

    Time: 2,5 seconds.

    Warn message: (changeable)
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    I don't need that huge plugin. Many thing i have fixed already, but just the chat spam
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    Yea.. Sure I'll do this.
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  6. @TwinedBroom
    Download | Source
    Compiled in 1.7.10. By default, every player can chat every 2.5 seconds. This, and the warn message are configurable:
    chatDelay: 2500
    warnMessage: '&4You must wait {time} more seconds to chat again.'
    The delay is in milliseconds.

    Edit: Don't download yet, I gotta change something.
    Edit 2: Should be done now.
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    Do not steal requests.
  8. @mcdorli
    I didn't steal anything, @DoggyCode™ is free to create the plugin if he so desires. I don't think the rules say anything about fulfilling a plugin request that someone else may be working on already.
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    No but you made his work useless. There is no rule for this maybe, but it isn't a nice thing to do. I'm not offensive currently.
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  10. @mcdorli
    That's like saying Microsoft created a computer and made Apple's work useless. Everyone has their own version, his may be better. @TwinedBroom can choose which plugin he wants to use. He may make my work useless, I don't care. I code for fun.
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    @Assist If you are going to fill a plugin request, it would be nice if you would reply to the thread in which the plugin was requested, that way people know that it is being worked on.
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  12. @henderry2019
    I didn't think it would be necessary since it took me 3 minutes to make the plugin :p
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    It is still a nice thing to do, I do not care how long it takes you, it shows common courtesy
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  14. I really don't see any reason to do it if I'll be finishing in matter of minutes. No one will most likely even see the original post. I'd understand it if I saw this thread last evening and decided I'd create it, but didn't have time for it and would instead do it the next day. But nope, I finished the plugin in around 3 minutes after seeing this thread.

    I think you're trying to make a too big of a deal out of this.

    Edit: If you wish to continue this discussion, please start a conversation with me so we don't fill this thread with useless nonsense.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2015
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    Can i use this plugin or not? Calm down guys :)
  16. Yes you can, people just didn't seem to like the fact that I finished a plugin that someone else may have been working on already. The download link is here and in my original post.
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    Just.. wow -.- I just got home from the gym and was going to start working on the plugin. @Assist
  18. No one's stopping you :)
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    Well. The project is kind of completed now. And the request is filled. Isn't it?
  20. I'll refer to a previous post of mine:
    No one is stopping you from creating your version. It may be better than mine, in which case OP should use yours instead. I'm also not uploading mine to BukkitDev, so here's a good plugin idea for you to make. There's also plenty of other plugin requests for you to fulfill, I just happened to find this a fun and easy task so I decided to so it.

    No one here owns plugin requests other than the OP. Perhaps I need to be more careful in the future since some people seem to be sensitive about something that's not theirs.
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    That's not the point. The request is filled. No matter if I make a new version, the request is still filled.
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