[CHAT] Colors v2.0.2 (2.0.3b4) - Adds color to your chat [1.6.4-R2.0] [Permissions/bPermissions/PEX]

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    Latest version:
    Dev Build:
    All Downloads:​

    Beta 2.0.3b4 needs more extensive testing. It works fine on bPermissions/bPermissions nano
    Description: (open)

    Allows users to color their chat by using a configurable character (By default, the ampersand "&" and the carat "^") followed by a hexadecimal number (0-F). I recieved a request to post this plugin after someone used it on my server.

    Rainbow mode is toggled by a configurable command (by default "/colors" and "/colours"). This can be disabled in the settings.

    Admin can use the admin command (by default "/ca") to set and reset players' and groups' prefixes/suffixes. If you don't have permissions installed, the admin command will default to Op, and the two groups that will exist are: "Op" and "Default"

    Users can change their own prefixes and suffixes using configurable commands (by default "/prefix" and "/suffix").

    A small note about version numbers: x.y.z
    • X.Y represents the Minecraft version number that was out when the update was released.
    • The Z represents the release number.
    So the version 1.7.2 would indicate that it is the second release of the plugin, on minecraft 1.7

    Starting with version 2.0.0,
    The version number is unrelated to the minecraft version. It goes by major.minor.release
    Any questions, comments, suggestions, or plugin breaks (I'm not always on the latest version of CB), please post here.
    Example: (open)

    Hello &9there.
    results in:
    Hello there.

    /colors Hello there.
    results in:
    (If the image isn't loading, click here.)
    List of Color Codes (open)

    The Admin Command: (open)

    /<colorsadmin> [set/get/remove/reset] [prefix/suffix] [p:/g:] <name> (<prefix/suffix>)

    Command breakdown:
    • [Set/get/remove/reset]
      • Required
      • Remove and reset are alises
      • Remove and reset removes the prefix/suffix
      • Set sets a prefix/suffix
      • Get tells the admin what the current prefix/suffix is
    • [prefix/suffix]
      • Required
      • Self explanatory
    • [p:/g:]
      • Required
      • p: tells the plugin you are setting the player's prefix/suffix
      • g: tells the plugin you are setting the group's prefix/suffix
    • <name>
      • Required
      • Fill it in with either the group, or player name, depending on what you put for [p:/g:]
    • (<prefix/suffix>)
      • Required in certain contexts
      • Only use if you are setting a username [set]
      • Just type in the prefix/suffix you want to set here.
    To color a name, just set a prefix with the last 2 characters be the hex code for the color (using the character set in the properties file).

    /ca set prefix p: tyzoid &cAdmin &a
    When tyzoid (me) talks, it will look like this:
    <Admin Tyzoid> Hello.
    Permissions nodes: (open)

    Permissions nodes:
    • colors.hex
      • This is the node that allows people to use (or not use) the "&" or "^" character (or a different one, depending on your configuration) followed by a hexadecimal code.
    • colors.rainbow
      • This is the node that allows people to use (or not use) rainbow mode. (Use with care - can create an eyesore)
    • colors.admin
      • This is the node that allows people to use the admin commands. (Setting/resetting prefixes and suffixes) Use with care.
    • colors.prefix
      • This node allows users to change their own prefix.
    • colors.suffix
      • This node allows users to change their own suffix.
    • colors.reload
      • This node allows people to reload the settings in-game.
    Changelog: (open)

    Version 1.7.4
    • Added support for superperms
    • Added ability to reload configuration files in-game (Default command: /creload and /cr)
    • New permissions node
      • colors.reload
    • Added crash protection (If the server crashes, prefix/suffix data will not be lost.
    Version 1.7.3
    • Fixed bug #5
    Version 1.7.2
    • Added ability for players to color their own names.
    • added two new permissions nodes
      • colors.prefix
      • colors.suffix
    • The suffix no longer needs to be colored white.
    Version 1.7.1
    • Minor bugfixs
    • Player names are no longer case sensitive. (Group names still are)
    Version 1.6.2
    • Fixed bug #2
    • Fixed bug #3
    • Fixed bug #4
    Version 1.6.1
    • Build with a newer version of permissions
    • Fixed bug #1
    Version 1.5.5
    • Added admin commands.
    • Added a permissions node:
      • colors.admin
    • Added a few more configuration options.
    • Added Prefixes and suffixes.
    Version 1.5.4
    • Added permissions support.
    • Added two permissions nodes:
      • colors.hex
      • colors.rainbow
    Version 1.5.3
    • Added a configuration file.
    Version 1.5.2
    • Releasing my plugin by request.
    Bugs and Todo: (open)

    1. Prefixes and suffixes clear if the server crashes.(Fixed in 1.6.1)
    2. Incompatibility with defaultCommands.(Fixed in 1.6.2)
    3. Individual suffix not setting.(Fixed in 1.6.2)
    4. Permissions nodes not working.(Fixed in 1.6.2)
    5. Bug with superperms not having groups.(Fixed in 1.7.3)
    6. Double chat with some chat plugins.(Fixed in 1.7.5)
    7. Player's name as "null"(Fixed in 2.0.0)
    8. Fix regex error.(Fixed in 2.0.1)
    9. Fix another permissions glitch.(Fixed in 2.0.1)
    10. Fix NPE when the person is offline.(Fixed in 2.0.1)
    • Add a configuration file.(Added in 1.5.3)
    • Add Permissions Support(Added in 1.5.4)
    • Add an admin command (by default "/ca") to allow prefixing names.(Added in 1.5.5)
    • Add ability of players (with permissions) to be able to color their own names.(Added in 1.7.2)
    • Support bukkit's new internal permissions manager.(Added in 1.7.4)
    • Add chat formatting. (Toggle-able)(Added in 2.0.0)
    • Add rainbow prefixes.(Added in 2.0.0)
    • Add color lock for messages.(Added in 2.0.0)
    • Implement support for PEX and bPermissions for groups.

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    Nothing should be breaking in the upcoming updates of minecraft, so the next update is whenever I get some features coded.

    As for following, I think it is a total joke. You have to go through hoops just to find it...

    Your best bet is to install craftbukkitUpToDate. It should automatically download the latest release of colors (not dev versions).
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    This plugin is great! Only thing thats bad is that I cant run /ca from the console
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    Hey with the new update of craftbukkit to the recommended build, colors doesn't seem to be working. I am not getting error messages, but color lock and and the /colors (rainbow) doesn't seem to be working. If this is something with another plug in such as Essentials or idk then please let me know. Thank you
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    There is currently a bug with the /colors command in 2.0.3a.

    Could you test colorlock with different color codes?
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    it seems to work occasionally like i did it yesterday at around 5 pm and it came back in a few hours it was really odd
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    Im using PermissionsEX (pex) and everyone is able to use colors. There seems to be a bug with permissions.
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    Did you set it to not allow colors?

    If you don't tell it what to do, it defaults to "allow everyone".

    I'm working on a fix.

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    kk thanks for the support
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    Hey great plugin just one thing i have a factions and the faction group name isnt showing up is their a way i can fix that if their is can u please tell me adn thanks in advance and again great plugin
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    We don't yet support faction tags. I will be looking into it, however.
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    thank you very much
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    Hi tyzoid, First off, I love this plugin, I used Ichat before but that got removed somehow :S but yours looks way better. Just one question, how do I get a person in a group prefix and suffix? do I give them a groups.*group* node or something in the permissions? For instance: groups.default: true would make them in group default and colour their name gray or is there an other way?
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    Hi Tyzoid, I downloaded the new dev build and so far it works great. I was just wondering how i set a specific colored chat for a group in group manager? It is not a prefix or suffix but the text itself. Thanks for the support and I love the plugin
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    I have a suggestion for your code. I would have forked it on github to try handling it myself but it seems you're in the middle of something there since there are some errors in the code on there right now. Sorry, I didn't know where else to post.

    There seems to be a problem with this plugin when it's being used along with other plugins that deal with player chat. To be more specific, I found an issue where the chat event is cancelled when there's no reason to cancel it.

    colorsPListener.java, line 468, 469:
    plugin.getServer().broadcastMessage(plugin.convertToColor(finalMessage, rainbowEnabled));
    Since you're just changing the way the message is displayed, including the name, it doesn't have to be cancelled. Instead, you could look into using PlayerChatEvent's setFormat() method to change how the name is displayed and to just use setMessage() to add the rest of the (now colorful) message for other plugins to be able to see.
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    Sorry for the wait, I stopped receiving my alerts...

    You do this in-game.
    /ca set prefix g: <group> <prefix>
    This is currently not possible.

    I might be able to do something like this later on though...

    Could you give an example of how setFormat would be used?

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    hey tyzoid, sorry to bug you but i was just wondering if in the next update of essentials you will have color lock support for group manager? Thanks for the dedication to keeping them plugin alive
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    I'll take a stab at it.

    I can't guarantee anything, because my local version has some pretty bad bugs...
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    i am not able to get the colors pluggin works well.
    i was able to set my prefix but i dont know why there is some problem with those color code
    Whatever color code i use, it is not working
    i type this

    but it still the same even i set the preffix color

    /prefix &dAdmin

    The mod i have is OptiFine
    the pluggin i use was permissionEx,ModifyWorld and eTeleport
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    Can you post a screenshot of this occurring?
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    is there anyway to have people not have access to a certain color?
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    Nope, sorry.

    I might implement this in the future, but for now, I still have bugs to fix.
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    My Bad. The optiFine make my minecraft smoother but lots of things are disable such as the custom color.After i remove that mod i was able to see the color again XD
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    Not to be annoying, but I am just wondering when the next dev build of Colors will be released and what will be in this update?
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    Not being annoying at all.

    I have just been pulled in seven directions lately, and haven't really had much time for anything.

    I'll try to get something off this weekend.
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    the dev build link sends me to some stupid advertisement thing...

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    To anyone having the problem where everyone has permission to use color locks and prefixes there is an easy fix. Just do your permission nodes for lets say guest: - -colors.hex
    - -colors.rainbow
    - -colors.admin
    - -colors.prefix
    - -colors.suffix
    This should hold you over until the next dev build? Question for Tyzoid - What will be included in the next dev build besides bug fixes or is it just bug fixes?
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    Well, I'm trying to improve chat formatting. i.e. rainbow carries through underlines, bolded text, etc...
    It's not quite working on my local dev build, and it seems to be triggering on random characters...

    Apart from that, bugfixes, and a customizable rainbow color sequence.

    Edit: oh, and maybe a chat radius feature where it only broadcasts to people with a radius of you. (might be helpful for larger servers)

    I'm working on it.

    My domain has randomly disappeared, so I am trying to get it back.

    I still have the files, so I might upload to a new place.

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    [quote uid=51216 name="tyzoid" post=1088016]I'm working on it.

    My domain has randomly disappeared, so I am trying to get it back.

    I still have the files, so I might upload to a new place.[/quote]

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    is PermissionsBukkit gonna be supported any time soon?
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    When I get a chance.

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