Inactive [CHAT] ChannelChat v0.6 beta - Dynamic, LightWeight, Simple Chat Channels [1.1-R1]

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    ChannelChat v0.6 beta
    Dynamic, Light Weight, Simple Chat Channels​

    Look at the ProjectPage.

    Tag Examples (open)
    Base format: <name> message
    Channel will be "Global" to keep it simple

    no tag: [Global] <name> message

    tag '[g]': [g] <name> message

    tag 'g': g <name> message

    Using Colors:

    tag '`1g': g <name> message

    tag '`1[g]': [g] <name> message

    tag '[`1g`f]': [g] <name> message

    Using Factions:
    no tag: [faction Global] <name> message

    tag '[g][{FACTION}]': [g][faction tag here] <name> message

    "Secret" World Tag:
    tag: '{world}': [WorldNameHere] <name> message
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    Looking forward to the colours :)
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    Module Only,

    Show Spoiler

    2011-11-21 22:20:15 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-1131-g86b7fa8-b1337jnks (MC: 1.8.1)
    2011-11-21 22:20:15 [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins/TownyChannel.jar' in folder 'plugins':
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/feildmaster/channelchat/event/channel/ChannelListener
    at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
    at java.lang.Class.forName(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
    at Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    ... 11 more
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    Is there a list of command line arguments for when making new channels in game?
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    Very nice plugin.
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    Hello Everyone!

    I took a break the past week or two, to set up my new webhost, which is now almost 100% perfect. As such I will begin working on plugins and coming back here more. I had a really terrible past few weeks but I'm pulling through, and love spending my time on these plugins. ^^

    Another note: I took the residence plugin under my wing, and will be recoding that and Residence Signs as well. With that plugin I will probably not be making more large plugins and focusing on what I have until I can get developers to help me with my current plugins. :)


    There are no arguments. Only channel name. It always creates a private channel. Always looking for ways to improve the plugin though, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please tell.

    Thank you.
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    @feildmaster Choice to have private channels? Channels with colored messages? Oh, and for the private chat channel give perms like chanchat.join.<channel> Btw i would love to help. Pm me if you do want me too. ;)
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    Hey mate can you please contact me further about what we talked about the Residence plugin. Haven't heard back from you since.
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    Not to bring up that other chat plugin, but my users love the ability to specify everything to create the channel.

    /ch create ChannelName -p Prefix -c COLOR(i know its coming :)) -p Password
    they arnt to fond of the plugin thus far, but im getting em used to it. when i determined i had 46k player files from herochat, thats when i made the final decision to drop it.
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    I've never liked the code that was required to loop through flags in a command message, in fact, it's so unsupported of that it's silly. I have thought of that, but when laying out the plugin I found it easier/cleaner to give every option a sub command as: /chan command(assigned by modules) args <- This would be a command for active channel by the way

    The ability for that will come at a later date. If this seems like it's a bit too much though, please tell me so I can try and rethink the system.

    I've been a bit busy, but I do have a base layout already written for Resident Signs. In my rewrite for residence I plan to add Residence Signs built in, as it is something that many people feel should be in it anyway. :)

    I will start work on Residence Signs soon though. After that I will be rewriting residence. I'm thinking about taking it slowly though. I spend too much time on bukkit, with little to no gain out of it. The only reason I continue deving is because it makes me think. However, that doesn't fill my stomach. As a developer, I love working on my plugins. I will continue to work on them as long as possible, as well.

    Just with the last version of channel chat, I found that people are quite demanding. I also found myself working on it every second I could. It wasn't healthy. I took two weeks to settle down, which really helped me. Do not fear though, I will never "disappear" or suddenly abandon my projects. I love code too much to do that. ;) I do need to get people that can help me with my load, however, they need to fit my standard of coding. It's very hard to find people like that, though I do like to work with people and push them in the right direction, I can't expect to do that for everyone.

    I've been in a real talkative mood today, I'll be going out for a bit. Talk to you guys again soon.

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    Lex Talionis

    When you have some time, maybe you could lay out a sort of baseline for what that standard is? I think I'd like to help, if I can, but it'd be nice to know what you expect before I say, "I can do it!" and end up with my foot in my mouth. :3

    Anyway, like I said many, many posts back, don't burn yourself out. I'm sure you remember, with the ninjanomics and salty Q.Q tears of laggy server death? That one. There will always be improvements that could be made, requests that could be fulfilled and even demands by a few stray, 'the universe owes me everything,' types, but churning out improvement after improvement, version after version doesn't do anyone any good if you get fed up and chuck developing all together.
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    I have no problems with that. I have also spent way to much time working on the minecraft server for the same reason, it makes you think and I need to learn to do what your doing and take it slow.

    Well to lay off the pressure I am paying a dev to bug fix and update Residence and Residence signs. My server has very specific and urgent needs from these two plugins that can't wait. If it helps I could give you the fixed versions to use towards your release. Where is the best place to stay posted on your progress?

    That is good advice we could all take on board :)

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    @AndrewsPanda : My progress is usually posted on my blog. Though I have thought about starting a google doc's with progress on all my projects! That would be interesting!

    @Lex Talionis : I can post a layout, but it's pretty much the basic standard! :p

    A tab (4 spaces for java) for each section.. EG:
        first section
        more in first section
            second section
        even more in first section
    Brackets must start on the same line as the statement EG:
    if(something_here) {
        // do something
    If the statement only needs one thing, put it all in the same line, without brackets... EG:
    if(something) continue;
    Proper indention, line breaks, spacing. Those are all my pet peeves. I'm also trying to get into the habit of properly documenting my code.
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    @feildmaster the permissions leave a lot to be desired I was hoping for some thing like.


    And more refined control over what commands users can and can't use. How you have it now makes for a fast install, And that is good but adding more control to that as well would be nice. such as

    ect so use . to create sub groups and in the plugin.yml define groups of nodes like

    chanchat.basic.* = every permission that under the basic group. the plugin.yml has a system for setting grouped nodes :D making use of that leaves me with the control i want and still keeps it simple. good examples of this are MyHome and MyWarp
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    @RustyDagger : May, or may not be added. I, personally, don't seen the benefit or use out of it. If enough people ask for it, I may try to work it in somehow.
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    Lex Talionis

    @AndrewsPanda - Hehe. I'm glad you think so. I spent way too long in over demanding jobs that had me working 60 hours a week. I eventually discovered that it doesn't matter how much you get paid or how good it feels to know you're the best at what you do... Eventually someone's going to expect even more from you and then you just snap under the stress of it all. Very not fun.

    @feildmaster - I follow all of those guidelines except the, 'If the statement only needs one thing, put it all in the same line, without brackets,' one. I could easily change that, I just like having the brackets already there for adding in more code later.

    I don't document very well at all though... >.> I hate having comments floating all around my code, it just looks messy. That too is something I could change, at least when I know I'll be working on code with someone else who may need to know what I did without wasting time reading every single block to figure it out.

    Anyway, if that's all you require and you're willing to answer questions every now and then when I just get stumped on something (I am by no means a Java or Bukkit expert), I do believe I might be able to make myself useful.

    Edit: I forgot, I also use real tabs when coding, then convert them to spaces before I bundle it up for someone else's use. Deleting and adding single tabs when you need to change indentation is so much easier than picking out four spaces to knock off of each line.
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    @Lex Talionis : You can make your tab button insert/remove spaces instead of tabs. Just as easy. ;)

    EDIT: The if without brackets isn't absolutely necessary. I just find it looks better if it doesn't have brackets.

    I'll think about your offer, it would be much appreciated. Working with people may be a while to organize and think of how I wish to include people in. I might just go one by one and see how best to do this. ;)
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    Lex Talionis

    With Eclipse it will make it so tab creates four spaces, but backspacing or deleting still only deletes on space at a time, which is the tedious part. Unless I'm doing it wrong?
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    The problem I have is that its very confusing as to what each node give's because theirs only 3 its very confusing and for me as a server owner i have things i do and don't want limiting me to what you think is Right for every server is annoying. example with the confusion.

    the /add, /invite commands what permission gives access to them if its on a user level i don't want it there. is there any easy way i could change that if i wanted umm no not with out effecting other commands. your current permissions system is as useful as the op's system that came with minecraft.... useless because servers have far more complex ranking systems than that example might be i want to give my VIP some benefit over normal users that is not just limited to creating a channel. at the same time I can hardly go giving them admin to get that benefit.

    Flexibility to suit every servers needs is ideal
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    To answer your question: The permissions do what they say.
    - ChanChat.create allows creation of channel.
    - ChanChat.delete allows deletion of any channel
    - ChanChat.reload allows reload of configuration

    There are no other permissions. Do you want an expansion? What would you like to have?

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    Would it be possible to add an option for each channel to either send the text to irc via the CraftIRC plugin or not? I love the plugin, works pretty well but on our server we don't want the Local channel or the private ones to bleed over to IRC.
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    That's in the TODO list for ChannelChat. CraftIRC Patch (Module). ;)
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    I administer the back end of Techno Buffalo server. We have about 100 people on weekends and without this plugin, it gets too busy in the one defaulted channel.
    Something that would perfectly suit our needs are two items:
    1) Ability to add coloured Channel Codes and Text such that:
    [G] [RANK][NAME]: Chat in General Chat
    I can choose a colour for [G]
    I can choose a colour for "Chat in General Chat"
    This would be great, becuase when we set up our admin channel, I'd have the text red so we can actually see it.
    In addition:
    Ability for group auto join:
    So, if rank [Regulars] joins, they auto join [Regular] chat and [General], but rank everyone/default only would join the [General]
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    @feildmaster what i am looking to do is really quite simple.

    I have 5 maps for are for players the 5th is an event map all i want to do is keep the event chat separate to the other maps i don't want no commands for normal users at all All i want is for them to join like normal and chat same for the event map once you are in you cant talk to the other maps or read what the other maps are saying the event map is going to have recording done on it and the chat just makes it look untidy not to mention the occasional attention seeker...

    from the looks of the plugin it seems as though I have no way of stopping users getting commands. the setup looks rigid.
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    @rskelhorn : You can chose a color for [G]...

    "Color for 'Chat in General Chat'" is coming soon, as a module.

    @RustyDagger : I will make a note to rework permissions then. Once again though, I'm asking what permissions you'd like for what. Permissions could be placed on everything, or added to a few things. I simply need to know what all you want.
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    hi can i request small features?

    so player join the server for first time they are switch to staff channel and can talk and see only Staff questions/answer after that moderetor can force leave by command live /chat leave player channel the new player and they will be switch to default channel setting up in the config.

    it possible to do something like that? so staff can talk with newest player withoout annoying some other players!

    when same player log-in second time thay are automatically switch do default channel .

    i dindt see any force join and force leave command for staff can u add it?
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    Could you... Try rewording that and make them into proper sentences with punctuation? I have no idea what you are asking of me, you seem to be jumping around...?
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    lol u are right my english is very bad forgive me!

    so i explain it in better way:

    When player join for the first time into the server they will froce-join in a particular channel, like Staff Channel, Where server moderator can answer to newest player questions without flooding other chat or channel and without manually invite newest player.

    When player log-in second time they will be force to join another default channel different from previus first join channel.

    And last 2 things possibilty for staff to move player thru any channel, by force leave and force join players, could be also added simple topic channel or description of channel? like command /topic, it should retrive description/topic of current channel that player is in.

    Hope now my english should be understandable​
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    @RustyDagger : I will make a note to rework permissions then. Once again though, I'm asking what permissions you'd like for what. Permissions could be placed on everything, or added to a few things. I simply need to know what all you want.[/quote]''

    Idealy every command should have a permission node that being said if a keyword from /cc or /chat dose that same as /create that should share a permission node ofc. the thing to keep in mind when adding permission nodes for every thing is to not be a retard about it like essentials. by this i mean nesting look at nesting like puting files where they belong in folders each folder is a group of commands so its fine grained as well as bulk eg i can pick the whole folder or just some files from it.

    i would recomend you subdevide the commands into a few groups such as.


    any thing that effects other players should be in the admin group such as forcing a player to join.

    the thing to remember is to make full use of the permission nodes. you need to only specify the single fine grained nodes in the code but then define the folders in the plugin.yml the folder would be like

    looks some thing like this in plugin.yml.
            chatchan.user.command: true
            chatchan.user.command: true
            chatchan.user.command: true
            chatchan.user.command: true
    And so on...
    That would really allow for any thing to be done with the commands and for fast easy setup using the folder like nodes but also fine grained control by removing or adding each command 1 by 1.
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    I would also like to request the restricting of users in certain chat channels through permissions.

    What permissions are concerned it doesn't even matter if it's user or groupbased. Our server is setup in a way that we give our users access to their own channels, so they can talk in their own language and whatnot. However, there is abuse from some users where it's important to take away certain permissions from these users. Also, our admins are using the in-game chat to discuss various topics that aren't the concern of normal users. So we like to limit the ability of random people joining the admin chat. We would like to switch to this plugin, but we'd really miss the ability to limit channel access to certain users and/or group, or the ability to give them access to channel creation, join/invite & deletion.
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    I completely agree with this post and this user.

    My server is setup in the way that there would be basic channels, for everyone to talk in, a broadcast channel where only Donators can talk in (Requires permissions), a staff channel where only staff can join (Once again, requires permissions), and channels where certain factions, made using WorldGuard, can talk to other members in that faction. (Requires permissions).

    The main thing I would need added would be the ability to allow/disallow a player from joining or talking in a certain channel. This would help GREATLY, and I might donate.
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