Inactive [CHAT] ChannelChat v0.6 beta - Dynamic, LightWeight, Simple Chat Channels [1.1-R1]

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    ChannelChat v0.6 beta
    Dynamic, Light Weight, Simple Chat Channels​

    Look at the ProjectPage.

    Tag Examples (open)
    Base format: <name> message
    Channel will be "Global" to keep it simple

    no tag: [Global] <name> message

    tag '[g]': [g] <name> message

    tag 'g': g <name> message

    Using Colors:

    tag '`1g': g <name> message

    tag '`1[g]': [g] <name> message

    tag '[`1g`f]': [g] <name> message

    Using Factions:
    no tag: [faction Global] <name> message

    tag '[g][{FACTION}]': [g][faction tag here] <name> message

    "Secret" World Tag:
    tag: '{world}': [WorldNameHere] <name> message
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    I'm setting up a RPG server. The map and the plugins are ready...The last one is this.

    I haven't seen another one which can create channels editing the "voice range". It is needed in my server 'cause the IC (Inside Character) channel should be like a character voice, with no more than 20 blocks range.

    The problem? I installed it, and it works, but it doesn't work at the same time.

    When I log in as op, one of the first messages is "Your default channel is: null". I tried /cc and it doesn't say me that it's unknown, it simply doesn't do anything. I checked the Project Page and I saw a list of commands about /channel. Well, I typed /help in game and the ChannelChat help was displayed (That means the the plugin is working). So, I typed /help ChannelChat it seems something like /Channel-create, well, I type /Channel-create General, /Channel create general and over thousand posible comands, and nothing happens (But the server doesn't tell me that the command does not exist)

    I downloaded the last plugin version, and my Minecraft version is the latest (or the pre-version), 2.3.2

    If no one can help me with that, can you recomend me another channel creating and editing plugin? It does not matter what, I only need that the plugin you recomend me would be able to edit the channel range.

    Thanks you from now.
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    I get the excact same problem. When I type in any possible command, it just says Nothing. I really need a chat channel plugin other than Hero Chat because it uses permissions to much, so please fix it.
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    I am trying to type commands like /channel-join, but a few seconds pass, and nothing happens. Is there something wrong with my server or is it just the plugin?
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