Inactive [CHAT] bAntiCaps 1.2.0 - No Capslock! Kick, Warn, Convert to lowercase (configurable) [1000]

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    bAntiCaps - Block Capslock:
    Version: 1.2.0
    Download bAntiCaps

    You all know these guys :mad::
    You want to get rid of these messages?
    This plugin is for you :D.

    (Compatible to all other Chat Plugins, HeroChat, iChat)

    • Autmatic reaction on Capslock-Text

    • Choose/Combine conditions:
      • minimum text character count
      • minimum text word count
      • minimum percentage of characters in capslock
      • herochat channel-commands to filter
      • replace text random with your choosen messages
    • Choose/Combine reaction:
      • send a message to player
      • convert text to lowercase
      • kick
    Show Spoiler

    message: '&6Do not write capslock text!'​
    kick: false​
    enable: true​
    - I like cookies... num num num​
    - 'My newest research result: Green is not pink!'​
    - Uhhhh, look my sister gave me her new makeup *-)​
    - Where is my dolly?​
    - I like turtles​
    - The cake is a lie​
    tolowercase: true​
    charactercount: 6​
    percentage: 40​
    checkcommands: []​
    wordcount: 0​

    /bAntiCaps- reloads config file (use it after changes in your config)

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    Version 1.2.0
    • New Reaction: Replace Text with random message
    • /bAntiCaps - Reload Command
    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.1.0
    • New Condition: HeroChat channel commands
    • no filter for OPs
    • permissions (optional)
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial Release

    Request?, i wanna do it. Give me Feedback. I want to hear your opinion. Thanks a lot :).

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    does this work with mChat?
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    Yep :/
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    plugin works fine but /me SHKSDAFHSDKLFHSDF CAPS CAPS

    Does not work.. would be nice to have that involved with the script


  5. This one still appears to work as of Bukkit 1240, concerning the replacement of uppercases to lowercases. Thank you very much.
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    Works as of #1317. Only issue I have with it is that it does not ignore exclamation and question marks, meaning people can type in caps if they just use enough of either symbols.
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    Is it possible to turn sentences like this Hi my name IS TIMMY I LIKE NoTcH to
    Hi my name is timmy I like notch.

    ie Get rid of all caps in the sentence (except for I) and make the first letter a capital always?

    so that "my name is bob" becomes "My name is bob"
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    Ok, I downloaded it but where the heck is the jar file? I only see .classes.
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    hey dude im using this with essentials chat and it loads fine and all but does not do anything...doesnt change the text or anything at all and i edited the config to my liking aswell
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    People can still caps sometimes why is that plugin needs uppdate?
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    Nathan C

    Plugin works fine for me, it is your configuration that is the issue.
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    config is the default that comes with the plugin....
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    Nathan C

    Yeah, but not every plugin works out of the box with a default config. You have to actually configure it (aka change things in the config file)...
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    no shit...i did and still does nothing....
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    Nathan C

    Then you did it wrong. You probably have either a config file that you messed up, or an interfering plugin.

    My point is, don't come on here blaming the plugin and saying it's broken, when it is due to your own issues.
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    how do you know its due to my own issues?im pretty sure I can tell if the problem is from my side or the plugin. I am also pretty sure you aint the author of this plugin and have no idea if it works with my build of craftbukkit or not so you shouldnt be blaming it on being my issue either
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    Nathan C

    I know, because it works just great on both of my servers, each of which have varying plugins and CraftBukkit version. I was simply telling you that you didn't configure the plugin right and then you go off on me. You are a bit too defensive about your inability to configure a simple plugin.

    And no I am not the plugin author, but that is besides the point. I am simply trying to help him and you by showing that there is nothing wrong. Otherwise you are falsely saying that this plugin is broke when it is not. No point in the plugin developer going through all the work to find a "fake issue", just because someone hasn't setup the plugin or their server properly.

    Oh and the iConomy plugin that you think is broken is not, it works just great on the latest dev build. That plugin isn't working just because you failed to properly import your MySQL database.

    This is my last post arguing with you, as it is derailing the thread.
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    latest craftbukkit build + using config from another server that worked and no results using essentials chat
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    Hello, You may remove it from

    if(plugin.message != null || plugin.message != "") {
    If I set the message to null or '' that's why I don't want to send a message to player, so please remove it or at least put another boolean option to show or hide the message!

    It would be great if u add the 1.2.0 source too!

    Thank you very much!
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    If you are talking to beecup bee hasnt been on since Aug. 17 ;(
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    I cant put the commands (/ g / l), etc. ..
    where I place?
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    Still working great on CB 1614.
    Using HeroChat incase anyone is wondering.
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    Does it work with 1.0.1 ?
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    Anyone know if this still works with 1.1.R1? Or minecraft 1.1.0 in general? I'm getting really sick of all the caps lock players it's getting abit out of hand and my /kick and /ban hand is getting pretty tired.
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    Oh my god, fix your download links or I am going to castrate myself.
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    Im curious if this plugin is updated to the new events system as the old one was removed starting CB 1944.
    Just a headsup before the coming RB which will cause quite the mess :p
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    Hey, could you please update to R5? :)
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    THANKS!:D I know what you mean with "SOMEONE KILLED ME BAN HIM" thanks a lot dude :p
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    Maybe you could fix the downloadlink?
    or is it something ive missed? got 404 error.

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