Inactive [CHAT] bAntiCaps 1.2.0 - No Capslock! Kick, Warn, Convert to lowercase (configurable) [1000]

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    bAntiCaps - Block Capslock:
    Version: 1.2.0
    Download bAntiCaps

    You all know these guys :mad::
    You want to get rid of these messages?
    This plugin is for you :D.

    (Compatible to all other Chat Plugins, HeroChat, iChat)

    • Autmatic reaction on Capslock-Text

    • Choose/Combine conditions:
      • minimum text character count
      • minimum text word count
      • minimum percentage of characters in capslock
      • herochat channel-commands to filter
      • replace text random with your choosen messages
    • Choose/Combine reaction:
      • send a message to player
      • convert text to lowercase
      • kick
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    message: '&6Do not write capslock text!'​
    kick: false​
    enable: true​
    - I like cookies... num num num​
    - 'My newest research result: Green is not pink!'​
    - Uhhhh, look my sister gave me her new makeup *-)​
    - Where is my dolly?​
    - I like turtles​
    - The cake is a lie​
    tolowercase: true​
    charactercount: 6​
    percentage: 40​
    checkcommands: []​
    wordcount: 0​

    /bAntiCaps- reloads config file (use it after changes in your config)

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    Version 1.2.0
    • New Reaction: Replace Text with random message
    • /bAntiCaps - Reload Command
    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.1.0
    • New Condition: HeroChat channel commands
    • no filter for OPs
    • permissions (optional)
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial Release

    Request?, i wanna do it. Give me Feedback. I want to hear your opinion. Thanks a lot :).

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    The PC Tech Guy

    Reading this thread, I found out it lowercases everything when a certain amount of capital letters have been detected. However, maybe you could have it check instead to make sure that only the first letter of a word is capitalized, for instance? Just a suggestion.
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    Oh thank you for the new update it is so funny.
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    Possible, going to add this as an option :)
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    Could you also have it log what was sent to the server so I know what it's catching and what it's not. I'd like to see what they are spamming so if it's a verbal attack on the server I can ban them for it and not let them get away with being hostile just because I can't see what was typed. Thanks.
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    going to do this
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    Feature Suggestion:
    keep a count how often someone was warned and turn kick option into kickOnWarningCount.
    kickOnWarningCount:0 never kicks
    kickOnWarningCount:3 kicks on the 3. warning
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    I don't think it works on Macs. Because when i use the caps lock and put it HELLO. it still says HELLO.

    Good Idea. i Like it

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    There is no difference between Mac, Linux or Windows.
    Please show me your config :)
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    Nevermind it works now. I didn't restart the server.
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    doesn't seem to work for me, typing in all caps results in all caps, using the default generated config file
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    I had the same problem, I just used 7zip and it worked fine :D

    Nice plugin btw, useful!
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    What if you have permissions and you dont apply the node?
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    (Calber) i am sad
    (Calber) Why does capslock blocker not like me capitalizing "I"?
    (Calber) I
    (Calber) wtf

    how do I fix this?
    my config:
    charactercount: 3
    percentage: 10
    checkcommands: []
    wordcount: 0
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    I hope this works with 818?
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    Hmmm it seems that users who are OP don't get affected by this plugin...

    Yes I'm runnin 818 and it works like a charm!

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    not working 818 and iChat
    plugin loaded fine but anyone can CAPS
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    I really hope you are working on updating this plugin. I really loved this plugin, and I would appreciate it if you updated it so that it would be available for beta 1.6.6 (build 818) :) Keep up the great work!
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    It would be sweet if you could compile it after the latest RB860. Its a fun plugin to use, just it wont work after we all updated to 818+. A status report would be cool :)
  20. i can reload but it wont convert caps
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    How would i be able to disable caps full stop?

    Like what character count and percentage would i put?
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    Up to 953
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    Request: Treat grammar as caps. Because people are using them to get around the caps block. As in "THIS IS CAPS LOCK TEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Even though i've set the percent to 75, it still gets around it somehow.
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    hello :> i was wondering wat is the coding u use to make this :)
  25. If you press the "Fork on github" button at the top it will take you to the source code :)
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    thankyou very much!
    my girlfriend hates use of capslock on my server
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    for the checkcommands variable is it checkcommonads: [/m, /tell, /etc] or just [m,tell,etc] ?
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    no i mean like the coding to make the java .jar file
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    can you add a way to turn off percentage of caps so i can just limit the amount of caps?
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    Requesting update.
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    I believe this works on #1185, I tested it and it worked fine.

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