Inactive [CHAT/ADMN] StopTalkingAutoBan [Reloaded!] Alpha1 - Intelligent Anti-Spam System [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    StopTalkingAutoBan(S.T.A.B) - Spam monitoring, as it should be!


    Original v2.1.1
    Reloaded: Alpha1

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    This plugin was developed specifically to stop spam on your server as fast and effecient as possible.

    STAB is fully configurable. Ranging to from the messages that are sent to the user upon kick or ban, to tweaking the sensitivity of STAB.

    Currently by default, all builders get 1 offence for spamming. If that offence is used up, they will be banned from the server on their next offence. (Warnings may be turned off in the plugins config file)

    STAB also features it's own RemoteConsole system. Allowing admin to watch their servers from home without having to deal with pesky SSH or Command Line! Just simply type the ServerIP and stabRcon port number and hit connect! You will now be able to send commands, see whos currently logged in, chat in game, and kick/ban players, without ever logging into minecraft!

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    Documentation and Instructions:
    • Permissions and Configuration Options

    • Logs the IPs and Usernames of every player that joins.
    • Logs the chatlog with DisplayName and AccountName.
    • Watches each player individually for both Chat and Command Spamming
    • Lag Calibration/Anti-Lag
    • Intelligent system for detecting players that spam in game.
    • Fully Multi-threaded
    • Lots of configuration options to make the experience perfect for your server.
    • Easy to use both in-game, and in console.
    • Permissions support, but not required.
    • MCBans Support
    • PlayerLogging
    • RemoteConsole
    • On-The-Fly Editing of Configuration Options
    Download The Plugin

    If you enjoy this plugin, feel free to click the button below.
    Doing this will allow me to continue development and support each build.
    Any amount is GREATLY appriciated, even if its $1...
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    Can you send me a link to your last version? This version for some reason I am having problems with.

    Same here except I have bPermissions

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    Just use 1.2.6r till he fixes the command spam addition in 1.2.7r. Its not worth getting all your members kicked banned every time they use /home lol.
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    Went ahead and pushed up to 1.2.8. But all the command issues SHOULD be fixed.
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    Thanks will try it out tonight.
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    HAve you looked into login logout spam yet? :D
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    Working on it right now

    By the looks of it, the logout spam is all handled before it ever reaches the plugins..... I'm trying to see if there is any way I can create a 'proxy' type solution that scans the port of the server and looks for Player1Online packets and refuses connections after X amounts or something similar. I'll keep you guys posted.

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    Sorry for sounding like a noob, but how do you install this? It’s downloading as a zip for me and when I decompress it, it becomes a folder. I tried putting in the zip and the folder and it still hasn’t worked.
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    im having the same problem as chuck. please help somone
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    Download the zip, open it using WinRAR or WinZip, inside the zip contains the STAB.jar(If you have windows default folder settings, the extensions are hidden so all you will see is "STAB", not "STAB.jar"), right click and extract to yourmcserverdirectory/plugins/. Run the server, plugins will(should) generate their directories automatically.

    Next time please use the search function on the forum. There are plenty of posts explaining this.
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    1. I have a Mac, which uses Archive Utility (though I know it shouldn’t matter)
    2. Even after I unzip it, it doesn’t contain a .jar. It has a folder called “me,” another one called “META-INF,” and another .yml file called plugin.yml. I assume that this is the .jar but it’s uncompressed. Anyway, even after I tried to compress it and call it a .jar it didn’t work.
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    I stay away from Macs. I refuse to use Apple products. So unfortunately, I cant help you there. Hopefully someone else can chime in.
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    Whatever, I don’t really need the plugin now since 1.1.0 will have antispam...
  14. Where is the information for this? Im just curious
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    Have a nice day! [cake]

    As far as i know, Bukkit is working on a better solution for flooding(packet spamming, etc). But as far as chat/command spamming, I've yet to read anything of the sort.
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    Actually, 11w50a (this week’s weekly pre-release) includes anti-spamming.
    From the wiki:
    • Sheep now eat Tall Grass in addition to grass.
    • Added a few multiplayer spam protections
    • Added a few new splash texts
    • The changemode debug feature from 11w49a has been removed
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    Congrats to the Mojang team. I'll still be continuing this plugin.
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    It’s not Bukkit, it’s vanilla Minecraft
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    Noticed after doing my bukkit RC build and essentails RC build that when players log out of the game it stopped showing in chat that they left. I have been messing with everything i could for the past 2 days now and finally found that its STAB causing this. After removing STAB 1.2.8 my members and i both see when people leave the game.

    There was never a problem seeing people join, it was just the leave notice in chat that never came out and it drove me insane. Please look into this?
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    STAB still produces a constant amount of false-positives for me (even with numOfMessages set to 6). I think that when people experience short time-outs, all the messages they type in that time are all spammed to the server once they regain connection, causing STAB to be triggered.

    More configuration options would be nice too: only-kick mode so it doesn't ban people for example.
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    I got it to work (the .zip was packaged wrongly)
    Apparently, the .zip was a compressed version of the folder and not the files themselves, so when I compressed just the files into a .zip and changed the extension to .jar, it worked. I’m not sure if other people were having that problem, but you should fix it anyway.
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    I know exactly what's going on with this. Thank you for the report!

    Ill be releasing 2.0 in the next couple days. STAB2.0 communicates between client and server and checks to make sure the time is in sync, and if not it will adjust accordingly.(There is a small implementation of this in 1.2.8, but it's not quite finished.) I'll have this fixed and more config options added ASAP. Plus I need to finish the config maker.

    I'm not trying to be rude or blow you off, but all I can tell you is that i compress the JAR using WinRAR. You are the first person on confront me about this... It may have something to do with how your archive manager handles the zip files from windows or linux(I program on both). I will start including a RAR,ZIP,and Tarball to help eliminate this issue.

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I appreciate it!
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    This is not spam, it's flood.
    I need a plugin that stop the advertisement message in the server.
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    Found it to be very sensitive and got banned quick for too many commands. I wish the number of kicks before bans could be changed, but so far this is very helpful once relaxed a bit.

    It seems like STAB performs "Stopping their chatthread" several seconds before someone logs off. The player will continue to perform commands and play after the STAB reports it's stopping their thread.

    == Version ==
    git-Bukkit-1.0.1-R1-b1597jnks (MC: 1.0.1)
    Essentials : Pre2.7.2.1
    EssentialsChat : Pre2.7.2.1
    EssentialsGeoIP : Pre2.7.2.1
    GroupManager : 1.7 (Phoenix)
    EssentialsSpawn : Pre2.7.2.1
    iConomy : 6.0.8b
    Lockette : 1.4.4
    Minequery : 1.5
    MobDisguise : 1.65
    Spout : 644
    StopTalkingAutoBan: 1.2.8
    Vault : 1.1.9-b115
    Votifier : 1.4
    WorldEdit : 4.7
    WorldGuard : 5.3
    xLevel : 1.5.1
    Permissions : 3.1.6
    LoginPerks : 0.1b
    MoneyDrop : 1.6
    ChestShop : 3.31

    == CONFIG ==
    #STAB is created by Blackburn29
    bannedText: You have been BANNED for SPAMMING!
    numOfMessages: 10
    kickedText: You have been KICKED for SPAMMING!
    monitorCommands: false
    logIPs: true
    detailedConsole: true
    useWarnings: true
    numOfCommands: 20
    updateDialog: true
    logChat: false
    spamWarningText: Do NOT spam commands! You WILL be banned!

    Attached Files:

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    Just a sneak peak at the new STAB2.0 Multi-Function tool, with built in Config Editor, and Remote Server Monitoring System!

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    Wow that looks awesome. Do you think there is a reason that STAB stop before players have quit?
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    Could have to do with a plugin. The server stops tracking a player once the player shows up as "Offline" (player.isOffline = false). So my only option would be something along the lines of a plugin interereing with that... I'll look into it as a finish up some STAB 2.0 stuff.

    In the meantime, everyone please get your feature requests in, as I will most likely be releasing 2.0 tomorrow. Things are looking great!
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    Logout messages don't show up on my server either when using the latest version (1.2.8).

    And I too have also noticed that it bans people who are totally legit, even after setting the message threshold to 15.

    Lovely plugin btw. I love it when a chatspammer logs on and gets banned automatically within seconds. Keep up the good work!

    Also, a feature request: can you make this ban leavespammers too?
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    I have a problem with his plugin. It works perfectly and all but it does not display when a player leaves the server (disconnect.Quitting), it only logs then when they join my server.

    Bukkit: R1 [1587]

    Chat Modifying plugins: iChat

    No Errors in server log.

    (I would really want this plugin running on my server because i get alot of spammers, but i need to know who leaves the server, i would glad to give you more info upon request but now i have it disabled for the time being)
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    Logout messages have been fixed. I added a feature in 1.2.8 that detect login/logouts and keep it from flooding the chat, but it did not work as planned lol.

    As for the feature request, I've been attempting to find some way to go about this, and have yet to find a way to handle it. The problem is that the modded client spams a server packet called Player1Login which is handled by the minecraft server BEFORE it ever reaches Bukkit, or it's plugins. The only sure fire way that I would be able to fix the issue would be to release a modified Bukkit build, containing code to handle the packet/error.

    I plan to release STAB2.0 tonight. I just hope you guys are ready :)

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