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    Version: v1.3.1

    With this little plugin ops or granted people by permissions are able to chat privately with eachother. The text will only be broadcasted to ops or granted people and the console itself, with a little prefix in front of the message.

    Features (open)

    Private chatting for ops or granted people by permission
    Setting the color of the Adminchat
    Changing the channel name of Adminchat

    Codes (open)
    /a on - toggles Adminchat chat mode on
    /a off - toggles Adminchat chat mode off
    /a <message> - normal Adminchat message
    /a setcolor <color> - sets color of adminchat to specified color
    /a setchannelname <new name> - sets new channel name for adminchat

    Additional usable plugins (open)

    Usage (open)

    Adminchat chat mode:

    By turning Adminchat chat mode on, you'll send all messages to adminchat instead of normal chat, you can turn this off by typing /a off. Note you can also just use /a <your message here> which can be useful for if you would only like to tell 1 sentence.

    Changing colors:

    You can simply change the color of the adminchat by typing /a changecolor <supported color> - you can find all supported colors in the spoiler below.

    Supported colors (open)

    Permission nodes (open)
    AdminChat.write - allows specified player to only write Adminchat messages.
    AdminChat.receive - allows specified player to only receive Adminchat messages.
    AdminChat.use - allows specified player to receive and write in adminchat.
    AdminChat.modify - allows specified player to modify the color of adminchat.
    AdminChat.everything - allows specified player to do everything in Adminchat.

    Screenshot (open)

    Changelog (open)
    Version 1.3.1
    ** Added compatibility with other chat plugins
    ** Changed plugin settings directory
    ** Fixed several bugs
    Version 1.3
    ** Changed some no-access messages
    ** Added channel name functionality
    Version 1.2
    ** Added functionality to switch chat mode to adminchat chat mode
    ** Merged command with general command itself
    Version 1.1
    ** Added permissions support
    ** Added ability to select other colors
    Version 1.0
    ** Release of AdminChat

    Download AdminChat | Download Source

    I would appreciate feedback!
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    Works great with ichat and cb670. Thanks a lot :)
    But is there a way, the chat still got the color of the channelname?
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    I could make a special edit for you if you want.
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    That would be great :) With the different chat color, my admins and mods notice the adminchat faster.
    Thanks a lot :)
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    suggest: on dynmap i can see the adminchat messages. could you please make it like privat chatting /msg invisble on dynmap? or do i have to talk with dynmap dev?
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    I have no idea how that would be possible, I think it'd be better for you to talk to the developer of dynmap indeed. Don't expect too very much of it, because developers can be quite lazy (<--) .
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    probably you could shout the messages over same channel like /msg ? convert all chattext into "/msg player text" and send it to all onlineplayers with adminchat permission. this feature probably toggable in config.
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    issue: when i make "/a ON" my chatmessages aren't compatible to EssentialsChat formatting. But "/a" is working with EssentialsChat. watch here:
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    I have no idea how this would be, because that is probably into Dynmap itself, sorry.

    I think this is because EssentialsChat has also chosen the pirority Highest with chat message registering, while I have no idea why it should be that way.. This way it would indeed be incompatible with EssentialsChat. I'll contact the developer of EssentialsChat soon about this..
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    Btw, when you download the source its .class not .java
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    I would love to be able to have the chat colored changed as well
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    Does this work with the latest 1.5 build?
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    It appears to be working on 733, or at least it does for me.
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    Thanks for telling me! Will tomorow work further on my plugins!
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    I know you haven't updates the version number that it works with, so this might not mean much to you since it says 740, but it failed on 798 and is still failing on 803. Thought you should know.

    For the sake of clarity, I'm running 1.3.1 and it loads with no errors and there are no errors when you do "/a on" or "/a off" or just "/a" it just does nothing. It's like it takes /a away from the server all together. I'd love to see this updated and the chat to be hidden from dynmap. Those two things would be stellar. :D
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    Please, can you make this but for vip ? Like /v message send only to players who have permission node.
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    dont works with 1.6.6 and bukkit 818
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    Thanks for sticking with it!
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    I am sorry people, but I think I am going to quit minecraft modding.. I have been here for only a short time, but it was sure fun to have that much people liking this! Maybe I will return someday when my clan dies again. I will release my source publicly here, so anyone can modify it further and I approve if they want to release it, as long as you keep me in the credits for making the original version with an URL to the page of the original plugin.

    Source: Public Source/

    All of my plugins (even unreleased) and source of it can be found in this package: Public Releases/

    Note you can also use Java Decompiler in order to decompile .jar files.
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    Well your efforts were much appreciated, Infernus. It's a handy little plugin! Good luck.
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    Alrighty, who's gonna fork?
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    i request fork too
    1.3.1 is still working for me on bukkit #820

    i request feature that when i have toggled "/a on", then when i type "/a text" i will post my message in mainchat and not in adminchat channel ;)
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    Sweet! Can you confirm that it works on 860? You should start a thread.
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    Ya its works fine on 860

    but be care if u use dynmap.
    the chat is visible there.

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    Um... Bad time to say this has worked fine for me on 860, only known conflict is falsebook chat. Doesn't appear on Dynmap!
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    Tried it out with the current AdminChat (1.3.1) with the following results:
    1) With just us and them, with us set to the SimpleChat handler, things work properly (he cancels the chat messages, we respect that)
    2) With us, HeroChat, and them, we report messages sent by HeroChat - HeroChat is catching the messages and we watch HeroChat events, so we send the messages because HeroChat says they are messages. Problem is twofold - an order issue (same chat event can be seen, processed, and cancelled by either HeroChat or AdminChat - so just depends on who is first in the event listener order), and AdminChat isn't checking to see if the chat event is cancelled (which, when it is after HeroChat, causes both messages to go to the admin channel AND to the herochat default channel for the sender - which dynmap then processes).

    This is the official word on how to remove chat from showing in dynmap
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    @Infernus request update to fix that ;)
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    He wrote his own I think.

    So who is going to continue the code I'm posting the features from this to him to implement but its a waste someone having to remake all the code.

    We still use this version fine on latest version but theirs stuff we want to see added.
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    Inactive? (However seems to be working for me on CB1000)

    I'm going to download the source and see about taking this one up... I've been meaning to work on a plugin of my own just never find the time.

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