[Chat/Admin] Loginrank, simple password promote [1.2.5-R1]

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    <font color="#00ff00">LoginRank</font>
    by Omix22

    This plugin will allow you to choose a password that you can put on your website or whatever and then when the new players enter it properly, they will automatically be made whatever you set it up to make them.
    This is an example:

    *new player enters server, you tell him to visit website and read the rules and he will find a word that does not fit in.(Password is to example: stone)
    The Player come bake in your server and write in the Chat: /stone
    Now is the Player a (User, Player or what you want).

    <font color="#800000">Need PermissionsEX</font>

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    On a picture:

    <font color="#ff0000">Commands:</font>
    <font color="#00ff00">---Player:</font>
    <font color="#ff6600">/(your Password)</font>
    To make him to a better rank

    <font color="#ff6600">/password</font>
    give a instruction

    <font color="#00ff00">---Admin:</font>
    <font color="#ff6600">/hl</font>
    Send a brocast message with a Instruction

    - Configurable Messages
    - New Ideas
    - Join help message (auto)

    This is my first Plugin, if you found errors pls give my a feedback and help me.

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    Possible to add PermissionsBukkit support? I would like to use it :)
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    yes, i will try it
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    Please include a changelog and make the title [CHAT/ADMN]
    You can support all plugins by making it issue a command to rank the user up.
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    is there any permission what the group needs?
  6. please add essentials groupmanager support for this :) i really need a plugin like this and i cant find one for group manger that is 1.2.5

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