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    Custom Chat for your Server
    Making Custom Chat Easy!
    Version - 2.1
    Download - [ZIP] (1185 / 1240)​
    BukkitDev Link - [HERE]​

    iOP is an easy to use, and simple to set up. It allows in game colored Prefix's and Suffix's.​
    Have Per-Player Custom Chat, or use Standard OP customization.​
    This is a fully custom chat plugin, that does NOT require a Permissions plugin.​
    Have full customization over your server's Chat! You can even add Message color.​

    • Customizable Name Color for all players.
    • Customizable Message Color for all players.
    • Customizable Prefixes and Suffixes With Colors!
    • Customizable Options Per Player!
    • No need to reload all plugins just use /iop
    • A online list with [Custom Set up]
    iOPv2.2 Coming within a week!:
    In game commands to add prefix'x/suffix's
    Group support, and adding players to groups from ingame
    Add more customization
    Automatically make iOP folder
    • Edit all the config in game!


    Only edit the config in NotePad++ or any other Yml editor. Use Spaces not [Tab's]
    Show Spoiler

    OP-NameColor: '&3'
    OP-MsgColor: '&e'
    OP-Prefix: '&2[&3Admin]'
    OP-Suffix: ''
    Player-NameColor: '&4'
    Player-MsgColor: '&4'
    Player-Prefix: ''
    Player-Suffix: ' &7(Guest)'
    Normal Chat: false
    Colored Online List: true
    prefix: '&1[IOP Dev.] '
    name: '&6'
    suffix: ''
    msg: '&2'
    prefix: 'Builder '
    suffix: 'the Builder'

    What that means is:
    Prefix- Before your name. Like [Admin]
    Suffix- After Name.
    msg- Your Chat color. Like " Mrchasez- Hello world!

    If it was set up like:

    prefix: '&0[&4Admin&0]
    suffix: ' '
    msg: '&9'

    It would look like (In game):
    [Admin] Mrchasez - Hellow World!

    Or This:

    prefix: '&1[IOP Dev.] '
    name: '&6'
    suffix: ''
    msg: '&2'

    Looks like this:


    Color Code :


    So all you have to do is put the code of the color you want in the config and Hey Presto!
    You can choose if you want chat to show like this <player> or like this Player:
    Set Normal Chat to true if you want the default <player>

    Prefixes and Suffixes:

    If you want to have a prefix or suffix in front of an ops name just put it in the OPs-Prefix or Player-Prefix field.
    If you want it to be colored put a color code wherever you want that color.
    For example:


    Would look like this in chat:



    Per Player Colors:

    This feature allows you to have different name colors per player. Bob can be blue and John could be Red and all other Ops can be purple.
    To do this in the config file add this underneath the other options

    prefix: '&f[&4Owner&f] '
    name: '&6'
    msg: '&e'


    Commands :

    /iop - Reloads iOP config only

    /online - List of online players (with customized chat)



    Open iOP_V2.1.zip
    Open iOP Folder
    Edit Config.yml to your liking, and save.
    Put iOP_V2.1.jar and iOP folder into your Plugins Directory
    Reload or Restart your server

    Change Log:

    • [*]
      [*]Released iOP v2.1
      [*]Removed lots of unused code
      [*]Updated to work with Bukkit build #1060
      [*]Edited Code for cleaner look

    This will be fully updated each Bukkit Build, and have regular updates.

    Thanks to


    For letting me me take this amazing plugin over!

    Please leave feed back! Have a suggestion or getting an error let me know here!
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    Hey, could you update to 1.0.0 R-1 please? it's a great plugin :3
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    We will, or though it should work without the need for any changes already. Just try it out and tell us if anything goes wrong. I'm going to test it out tomorrow.
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    Hey. How to colorize the players online list?(presing TAB) In other servers by pressing tab admin names are in red colour. With iOP i can colorize my own admin name? (if i can tell me how)
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    um, i just downloaded the plugin, and everything is working great. Good job! one thing though...how to specify a user? i tried to get my title to be CREATOR, but it is just the regular admin title. How can i fix this, and what did i do wrong? the config. is below. Thanks! =)

    OP-NameColor: '&3'
    OP-MsgColor: '&e'
    OP-Prefix: '&2[&3Admin]'
    OP-Suffix: ''
    Player-NameColor: '&4'
    Player-MsgColor: '&4'
    Player-Prefix: '&d(REGULAR)'
    Player-Suffix: ''
    Normal Chat: true
    Colored Online List: true

    prefix: '&1[IOP Dev.] '
    name: '&6'

    suffix: ''

    msg: '&2'

    prefix: 'Builder '

    suffix: 'the Builder'
    prefix: '&6[Creator] '
    name: '&2 '
    suffix: '&1[Owner_X_Awesome] '
    msg: '&c '
    prefix: '&1[&6Head_Admin&1] '
    name: '&a '
    suffix: '&6[&1Co-Owner_X_AWESOME!&1] '
    msg: '&e '
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    Please add support for 1.1-R6+
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    Will you please update this to 1.2
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    Could you PLEASE update this to 1.2.3 ?
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    It's amazing to all the people that use this! But, I really don't have the time to update this. I'm really sorry, school this year is important, as well as other things.

    and... I still remember you Zeluboba.

    Sleaker had made a plugin kinda similar to this.
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    Well i hope you do find some time in your days to try to atleast get some of the code done for iOP to be able to get it a little closer to updating to 1.2.3. I really love this plugin and would like to continue to use it. I will be able to find another plugin like this i'm sure, but I will miss this one.
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    Dude I love IOP, I basically need it for my server, it's a beautiful thing, and I really would love if you could just give me the source code to allow one of my admins to update it for you, it would be out of complete respect to you, and when it is finished, i would be able to give the plugin back to you to upload. I really think this plugin enhances our server's chat seven fold. Until I hear back from you. RIP having a beautiful chat :'( [​IMG]
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    Mine's a little different as it only takes prefix/suffix/colors from Info/Chat APIs and applies them to /who and the Tab List. it doesn't do full chat name coloring. iChat/mChatSuite/HeroChat would be the way to go for those.
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    Ok... (Because of all the replies) Since I've got a little free time over the next week, I'll do one more update - then it should be able to last for everyone that is using it until the next modding api that Mojang are working on comes out.

    Give me a week, I'll hopefully have something out by then. I'll then put up the source on github for others to use.

    It should work on both 1.1 and 1.2.
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    OMG!! Thank you so much!!!
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    will tottaly use thisssss! :D This will replace my old iChat plugin on my serverr..... thanksssssss! (CAKE)
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    Wow, I LOVE this plugin! It's easy to use and good! You can customize name colors for normal user and... yeah, it's just awesome. Anyways, when I updated my minecraft to 1.2.3. I got really sad because I couldn't use it anymore :(
    PLEASE update this plugin!
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    This plugin will be updated. I've just finished updating HeroSpawn, So this will be next.
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    You just made my day :D
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    Please post here when you're done :p
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    I will :)
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    Will this be the last update?
    That's it, I'm not updating my server anymore!

    Sigh, I'll have to use buggy permission after this :(

    EDIT: no, I'm not actually. I'll just stop with the custom chat. NO FREAKING PLUGIN is like this :'(
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    The funny thing is I got this plugin to do awesome things not only for ops, but for all players, just check my post on page 4, I basically got each player a specific title, it was a bit hard to do, but I picked up on the chat editing and now, it's a bit of a thing to hook each player into the server and make them feel special, for example, some players might really want their title to be "Rainbow Dash" in rainbow colors, or "Sonic the Hedgehog" blue, and It's been fun to use in chat. For the past week or so we've been 1.2, literally everyone has asked me when the plugin's coming back, and I've been checking this forum for it about 5-6 times a day lol
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    yeah, I check it like 10000 times a day aswell :p
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    The only free time I have to update this is this weekend :'(. There should be something out then :).
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    oh, that's cool!
    Fits perfect :p
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    Could you possibly add support for changing Titles in game? That would OWN. I also plan on promoting the plugin on youtube
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    It's sunday 7 o'clock!
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    Sorry to disappoint, but it's Monday 7 o'clock where I am... I've started - but I'm not finished yet.
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    New date?

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