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  1. iOP
    Custom Chat for your Server
    Making Custom Chat Easy!
    Version - 2.1
    Download - [ZIP] (1185 / 1240)​
    BukkitDev Link - [HERE]​

    iOP is an easy to use, and simple to set up. It allows in game colored Prefix's and Suffix's.​
    Have Per-Player Custom Chat, or use Standard OP customization.​
    This is a fully custom chat plugin, that does NOT require a Permissions plugin.​
    Have full customization over your server's Chat! You can even add Message color.​

    • Customizable Name Color for all players.
    • Customizable Message Color for all players.
    • Customizable Prefixes and Suffixes With Colors!
    • Customizable Options Per Player!
    • No need to reload all plugins just use /iop
    • A online list with [Custom Set up]
    iOPv2.2 Coming within a week!:
    In game commands to add prefix'x/suffix's
    Group support, and adding players to groups from ingame
    Add more customization
    Automatically make iOP folder
    • Edit all the config in game!


    Only edit the config in NotePad++ or any other Yml editor. Use Spaces not [Tab's]
    Show Spoiler

    OP-NameColor: '&3'
    OP-MsgColor: '&e'
    OP-Prefix: '&2[&3Admin]'
    OP-Suffix: ''
    Player-NameColor: '&4'
    Player-MsgColor: '&4'
    Player-Prefix: ''
    Player-Suffix: ' &7(Guest)'
    Normal Chat: false
    Colored Online List: true
    prefix: '&1[IOP Dev.] '
    name: '&6'
    suffix: ''
    msg: '&2'
    prefix: 'Builder '
    suffix: 'the Builder'

    What that means is:
    Prefix- Before your name. Like [Admin]
    Suffix- After Name.
    msg- Your Chat color. Like " Mrchasez- Hello world!

    If it was set up like:

    prefix: '&0[&4Admin&0]
    suffix: ' '
    msg: '&9'

    It would look like (In game):
    [Admin] Mrchasez - Hellow World!

    Or This:

    prefix: '&1[IOP Dev.] '
    name: '&6'
    suffix: ''
    msg: '&2'

    Looks like this:


    Color Code :


    So all you have to do is put the code of the color you want in the config and Hey Presto!
    You can choose if you want chat to show like this <player> or like this Player:
    Set Normal Chat to true if you want the default <player>

    Prefixes and Suffixes:

    If you want to have a prefix or suffix in front of an ops name just put it in the OPs-Prefix or Player-Prefix field.
    If you want it to be colored put a color code wherever you want that color.
    For example:


    Would look like this in chat:



    Per Player Colors:

    This feature allows you to have different name colors per player. Bob can be blue and John could be Red and all other Ops can be purple.
    To do this in the config file add this underneath the other options

    prefix: '&f[&4Owner&f] '
    name: '&6'
    msg: '&e'


    Commands :

    /iop - Reloads iOP config only

    /online - List of online players (with customized chat)



    Open iOP_V2.1.zip
    Open iOP Folder
    Edit Config.yml to your liking, and save.
    Put iOP_V2.1.jar and iOP folder into your Plugins Directory
    Reload or Restart your server

    Change Log:

    • [*]
      [*]Released iOP v2.1
      [*]Removed lots of unused code
      [*]Updated to work with Bukkit build #1060
      [*]Edited Code for cleaner look

    This will be fully updated each Bukkit Build, and have regular updates.

    Thanks to


    For letting me me take this amazing plugin over!

    Please leave feed back! Have a suggestion or getting an error let me know here!
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  2. Thanks a bunch for carrying this plugin on for me :D
  3. No problem, It has been real fun so far.
    I look forward to making it even better! :)
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    OMG AWESOME! It's much better than the old one :) I'm DEFINITELY downloading it!
  5. Thank you!
  6. Feed back would be greatly appreciated!
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    That's good but could you make it usable with API ? Like that others plugins can add a special prefix, life, xp, etc. ?

    That's something missing on your plugin and could be nice to implement otherwise... somebody else will make again and again another tchat plugin as you did for his needs. (If I remember good iChat do it already but not sure)

    What do you think about it ?
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    When i use it instead of making it colored it just does it like this:
    iOP Plugin Results (open)

    1Phlegmface445: 1Hello

    can you please fix this?
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    and what do you use with this? this is my folder:
    iOP_V2->iOP (open)

    confi (Autosaved)

    what do I edit?
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    IOP DOESNT WORK :( I just want it to work :( :(
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    Mrchasez this is my config can u see if its right?
    because it doesnt work for me
  12. Use this Config

    Everything is working on my test server like it should.
    Do you have any other Chat Plugins that my be interfering?

    Re-Download iOP_v2.1 Zip at the top of this page,
    Remove iOPv2.1.jar and the iOP folder from your server, Put the new iOP folder and iOPv2.1 Jar into your plugins directory. Open iOP folder and delete config.yml and replace it with the one i am giving you now.
    Reload/restart your server. Go in game.
    Everything should be working. It worked perfect for me, It seems as though you did something wrong, So just follow the steps i just said, and it should work.
  13. Dont touch anything but Config.yml

    After you edit it, Reload your server.
    Don't put the iOP_V2.1 Zip into your plugins directory, Open it, and put the jar and iOP folder inside of it, in your plugins directory.
  14. iOPv2.2 Coming out within a week, Will have Group Support.
    Also ingame commands to put a player in a group, and change all the config settings ingame.
  15. I found your error.
    For your name you left out a '
    You have
    Code (Text):
    1.     name: '&6
    3. It needs to be
    5.     name: '&6'
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    wait what do i put in my plugins directory?
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    is it like this?
    plugins directory (open)

    iOP (folder)

    is that right?
  18. Correct :)
    You just had a Config error :)
    you forgot a '
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    I added prefix to stuff and all working, but since <PlayerName> shows the name of the player typing the message, is there any variable that shows the name of the world?
    Thanks. -Omnee-
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    YAY thank u SO MUCH iOP finally works for me :) :) :) :) :) :)
  21. Hmm, That can be done :)
    Ill see about doing that for V2.2
    (its almost done)
    So it may be V2.3

    Updates should come pretty quick though.
    Ill be sure to look into this.
    Also, Have you updated to V2.1?
  22. haha, Thanks
    It was a simple error :)
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    hey im sort of new to the mods i know hoe to put a jar file into bukkit pretty simple drag and drop but th zip files you cant just drag and drop could sombody tell me how to do it
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    Im pretty sure so because i have downloaded the plugin about 3 or 4 days b4 :p
    thanks for thinking about it I hope it comes as soon as possible :D
  25. You dont put the zip in the plugins directory.
    Download a program like WinRar or Winzip.
    You then Open the zip file, Inside of it is the jar and iop Folder
    You put those in your plugins directory. (config.yml is in the iOP folder)
  26. Thanks :)
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    thanks massive help :)
  28. :)
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    mrchasez i love ur server
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