Inactive [CHAT/ADMIN] AdminPrivateChat v2.0 - Light weight admin/moderator only chat [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    Ammar Askar

    AdminPrivateChat - Light weight admin/moderator only chat:

    Version: v2.0
    A very simple, very lightweight plugin designed for admins/moderators/OPs to communicate with each
    other, privately. link
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    Umm... there are two other plugins named AdminChat. COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW.
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    Ammar Askar

    I did not see anything in there about not having bukkit in your main and I know one other RELEASED plugin that has bukkit as a main.

    Renamed D:
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    you should also update your plugin.yml if you have changed your name
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    Ammar Askar

    Done :)
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    Sorry if I came off as a jerk.
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    Whenever I try "/amsg Hey Guys, can you hear me?" it says "Usage: /amsg <message>"
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    Ammar Askar

    Oooops, fixed.
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    Did you update the download link? You should probably keep a change log.

    Thanks for updating. :) I love the plugin. I have one suggestion though. Would you be able to make the chat toggable? So basically you can do /amtoggle to keep yourself talking in it without the use of the command, and /amtoggle again to get off it. But keeping the separate /amsg in case you don't wish to toggle it?

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    this is great, ammar.

    deff adding it... soooo useful! thanks for a great plugin
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    Can you add possibility to add different channel :) ?
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    Love the plugin, works great on my server.

    try herochat ^.^

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    Please take my suggestion into consideration.
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    Ammar Askar

    Don't worry, its planned for the next version :)
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    Approved, but please look to the future: BukkitDev.
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    Ammar Askar

    I am well aware of BukkitDev, this topic was created a day before the release or at least the post about BukkitDev in the Plugin Submissions forum
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    i asume that this plugin does not work with 1000?

    - edit -
    for some reason this plugin does not work for me.
    i now use 1060 and i use the plugin ichat. (and essentials chat).

    is there anything known to interfere with your plugin by these plugins?
    or why could your plugin not work?

    i do /amsg testtestjadajada but nothing shows up in the chat.
    im an admin with * permission rights (rights to all commands) and moderators got your permission commands but even for them it does not work.

    any thoughts?
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    Maybe Essentials Chat is the problem, but ask @Ammar Askar anyways :3
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    Ammar Askar

    Hi, since you said you're using the * node, I'm wondering what permissions you're using. As my post says

    this plugin uses the built-in permissions system. So, either a permissions.yml or one of the new plugins can be used.

    So you would need something like BukkitPerms or PermissionsEX
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    im using permissions 2.7.2 that one not right for this plugin?
    and the * node means "acces to all commands" with permissions, im an admin on my own server, so i can do everything ofcourse :)
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    Ammar Askar

    I do know what that means and no, permissions 2.72 is not compatible.
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    Great Plugin, maybe u will add a Toggle in the future? To turn on/off adminchat so u dont have to write the /command everytime :)

    And, can u quick add 1 more command for chatting?
    /ac would be nice because /amsg is too long
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    Hey I hope you still update, Please, i like this plugin and my Mods and Admins use it.
    can you please add a mode/toggle perm?
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    hi, how to install plugins my server can not do it at all though, and please advise me of afriend I have to write / Op [and your name] and me it is not something that writes with bukkitetc. Please help if so write! THANK YOU FOR LIABLE
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    Please update :)
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    Ammar Askar

    Updated ^_^
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    Not working on my server and Dont know why !
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    Ammar Askar

    Please post your console logs. Which craftbukkit build are you using?
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    its ok fixed it Cause your using CAPS IN your nods:p im SOO sleepy :p night all

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