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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by James Rouse, Nov 16, 2011.

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    James Rouse

    i allready have a plugin that undoes fire,lava,tnt damage overtime however i don't have an effective method of policing breaking blocks by hand or with a pickaxe while myself or my moderators are not online. and it being a PvP server some amount of "griefing" must be acceptable so i have an intresting request.

    i would like a plugin that monitors and logs specific blocks (determined by a config file) and who placed them. i would like that plugin to allso monitor when a player OTHER THAN the player who orginaly placed that block breaks it and i would like it to optionally annouce that "randomguy1 broke a [Glass] block placed by Ascendency4" or optionally Charge that player a set amount of iconomy currency (configurable) for breaking another players property the plugin could be called "VandalismFines"

    alternatively, if the player lacks the currency to pay the fine it could result in a jail function or 20 minute ban from the server (Configurable)

    the goal of this plugin would be to allow active PvP server players to engage each other in house wrecking war-fare, but would prevent those who are new or do not contribute to the community from being a mindless wrecking ball.
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    Griefers aren't going to care about iConomy money, so it'd be kinda pointless.
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    James Rouse

    the key point is you start with like... 30 iconomy money and on my server a good farmer will make about 1,600 gold an hour if it cost 50 dollars a block, a greifer would need to farm for an hour to successfully destroy the first floor of someones house. which means he would need to "play" the game to "earn" the ability to harass others. no doubt most greifers would rather just join a server burn something down and move on. destruction of other peoples things is something i encourage, however only from people who contribute something themselves. it's a two way street
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    If that's the case, then I don't see why you're worrying about griefers. If I came to grief your server and found out I had to do all that, I'd leave instantly. Griefers are lazy as hell.
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    James Rouse

    that's exactly the reaction i would expect. however if you play on this server 4-5 hours a day for a few weeks rack up a reasonable size iconomy gold pile, and some little new guy starts building a wooden tower in the middle of your wheat field, no reason why you can't make him move and simply pay the fines ^_^

    it allso adds another dynamic to fraction wars where you must balance your budget to destroy your oppositions cactus machine with your budget for the ingame-shop to buy matierals to build your own cactus machine and proper defenses.
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    Oh so basically build on my stuff i can pay to fix it. Now i know how to grief on your server.
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    James Rouse

    not really ThatBox, i should have just probly used a different example, wheat is just a block i wouldnt expect to have a greifing cost as mobs-trample it and its renewable like sugarcane and cactus, of course the plugin would be configurable to any price and any item you want. for my server personally it wouldnt be.

    im allso leaning more to faction vs faction fortress siege style pvp rather than farmer vs guy locked in castle full of cactus anyways.
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    Im just a critic, not a dev.
    But would the plugin automatically charge them? or would a moderator have to look at all of the logs and manually do it.
    If the plugin were to automatically charge someone, you could be making somebody pay money because they broke a dirt block that someone else placed there a month ago. Or if someone greifed someones base by placing blocks all of it, the owner of the base would have to spend all of his money on getting rid of them.
    The idea is very flawed xD
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    Sorry if I misunderstood but heres what I'm getting:
    Certain blocks take money to break, so a griefer would have to play for a while to collect enough money to grief?
    If so, I think that could actually be a very practical idea.
    No griefer wants to spend time on a server their going to destroy, but at the same time its a sort of grief protection that does not interfear with regular players because they would have this kind of money easily.
    Is that about right?
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    Serriously just use Factions and people cant grief your safezone or claimed area easy cheesy

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