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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by logicallyy, Aug 2, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Good question

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: Character Cards

    What I want:
    Basically, I'd like a way for players to create and swap between "cards" which would include their characters details such as age, gender, affiliation, etc... (preferably customizable through config so whoever downloads it would be able to change what details are included?). I'd like it to change the player's nick depending on what card they are using, so if they swap from the card Billy to Brenda then their nick will change from Billy to Brenda as well.

    The cards would be displayed in the chat, something like this? (customizable colors in config to match server theme?)

    [Character/Card Name]
    Affiliation: <affiliation>
    Gender: <gender>
    Age: <age>

    For my server specifically, it would be best to have only staff able to create cards for players, but the players edit the details of their cards (other than name, staff would have to edit the name or something) and swap between them. This would be to prevent invalid name situations, so players can't nick themselves something insulting or abuse chat colors and formats.

    As far as I'm aware, a lot of people use mysql or something to handle plugins like this, but the only public one I've found refuses to work with bisect hosting. I've contacted the creator of the plugin, and they have yet to find a solution. I know this plugin is highly requested for servers like mine.

    Being able to set a limit for cards would be awesome. Hopefully you can set a limit in the config?

    Ideas for commands:
    /char (list commands)
    /char create <character name> -- (name can use color and format codes from essentials, like &6 and &o and whatnot. The character's name will be set as the cardname)
    /char create <ign> <character/cardname> -- (create a card for another player)
    /char <ign> -- (view list of created cards under that user, can be used with other players too)
    /char <ign> <cardname> -- (view details for a specific card, can be used to see other players cards too)
    /char edit <cardname> <age/gender/etc> <info> -- (so like "/char edit John gender Male" and it would set the chars gender to male, can only be used to edit your own cards)
    /char edit <ign> <cardname> <age/gender/etc> <info> -- (to edit other player's cards)
    /char delete <cardname> -- (delete your own card)
    /char delete <ign> <cardname> -- (delete other player's card)

    Ideas for permissions:
    chars.* -- (for admins)
    chars.edit -- (edit your own card)
    chars.edit.others -- (edit other players cards, also for admins)
    chars.create -- (create your own character cards)
    chars.create.others -- (create cards for other players, an admin thing.)
    chars.view -- (view your own cards)
    chars.view.others -- (view other player's cards)
    chars.delete -- (delete your own cards)
    chars.delete.others -- (delete other player's cards)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible! Preferably by August 14th.
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    Hi, what kindof cards do you mean? Do they have to do anything else then just displaying info and changing nicknames?
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    Nothing special, really! Just displaying info and changing nicks.
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