Changing Permissions with an in game object/block

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by phrstbrn, Jul 14, 2011.

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    I'm wondering if there is a plugin that can modify permissions when interacting with a block/sign/lever/button. My Google-foo is failing me today so I wonder if somebody has come across something like this already.

    The workflow I am trying to create would work something like this (as an example):

    1) Player encounters locked door (LWC group locked with group "opensecretdoor")
    2) Player solves a maze. At the end of maze, player interacts with some kind block/lever/sign/button
    3) Player is added to the permission group ("opensecretdoor")
    4) Player can now open the door

    Some constraints:

    1) The "permission changing" block needs to be specified as a block in a specific location (ie the block at coordinates x-y-z) It CANNOT be tied to a specific type of block (ie all glowstone puts you into the group "opensecretdoor").
    2) Punching a programmable sign is okay, however not ideal.
    3) The problem can't be solved by complex redstone circuitry. The example is just a basic example explaining what I'm trying to accomplish.

    If somebody can think of a better way of solving this problem, I'm open to ideas.
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    Good idea, +1. I would like to see plugin that do it.
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    CommandSigns + any permissions plugin @phrstbrn

    1) Configure CommandSigns

    2) player encounters locked door

    3) player solves maze, clicks sign

    4) CommandSigns magic, player in essence runs sudo add a subgroup to me.

    5) player can now open door.

    NOTE: I have no clue if subgroups work with LWC's locking system.

    Granted, it's signs right now.
    But it's easy to expand (a few code changes to add allowed blocks, if i ever get some free time from coursework i'll patch it and ask the author to pull the changes into it)
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