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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by goodstuff20, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I wanted to know if it was possilble to change the color of a block or item when made a recipe - or a bit like the charmelion plugin.
  2. What cameleon plugin and what's that got to do with recipes ?

    Coloring items depends on the item... wool and dye get their color from their data/damage value and you can use a a predefined set of values (see minecraft wiki on Data Values), leather armor gets the color from metadata (LeatherArmorMeta) in a RGB format... firework charges can be colored by their metadata (FireworkEffectMeta) as well apart from other details like fade color, shape, etc.
  3. So can you change the color of a sword?
  4. No, you can only change colour of items that already support colour change.
  5. Oh ok - so armor does work?
  6. Leather armour, yes. Only Leather armour support colour change.#
    In the future it might be possible to do change colours of items but for now only items that support it (Wool, leather armour, fireworks) can be changed.

    The rest would need to be done using texture packs if/where possible.
  7. And what's the package for lether color in bukkit API?
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    goodstuff20 You can accualy code a color of a sword, but it wont show up because your client does not support it. There was a bug/glitch when wearing Jungle Leaves on your head your tool/item would show up green. I think they removed it in 1.4 but you can always try :)
  9. Thx
  10. Depending on glitches for functionability is unreliable, just color the stuff that supports colors, which I enumerated and which you obviously ignored.
  11. Sry
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