Changes in the "Plugin Developer" tag?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by halley, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Sorry if this is the wrong place, or a commonly-shot-down topic. I couldn't find threads on it, or the appropriate place to learn more about it.

    I've had two plugins approved (moved from submissions to releases) recently, but have not yet had the 'Plugin Developer' tag applied to this account. I don't know if the requirements for such tags has been met, or if the tags are no longer being added since everything is moving toward devBukkit. Maybe it's just a matter of confusion since the devBukkit id is 'hariedo' instead of 'halley'.

    Don't want to sound like I'm whining-- just wondered what the criteria are (or were).

    Dang, I knew that I'd find something as soon as I posted it. In the "Website" area, a thread also discusses this. Seems it's just a matter of some submissions being missed accidentally?

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    I'm just like you... I have 2 plugins approved on BukkitDev (1 moved to release, 1 on submission which has just start within 1 week ago) ... No 'Plugin Developer' tag also... but i'm fine with it :D I agreed with someone that said "Great plugin developer will be memorized by name, not tag." which is true

    PS. This have a couple of these topic on the forum already... but it's long time ago (or not?)...
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    Due to the move to BukkitDev, managing the Plugin Developers system has become cumbersome, difficult and largely impractical. As a result, the Plugin Developers system is being frozen until we can decide what would be the best direction to take it. There is a high chance that we'll be scrapping the system entirely, but that remains to be seen.
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    I think the best way is to link the BukkitDev account to the Forum one (Can already be done, it seems, but only by admins currently).
    Then, when a plugin gets approved, you promote the BukkitDev account (if it meets the requirements of course) and that instantly auto-promotes the Forum account aswell.

    Wouldn't that be the best?
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    I already thought about that, except connecting the forums and BukkitDev is tedious.
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    You mean.. Is difficult, or is boring? If normal users would be able of doing that, it would be awesome.
    *signs up for testing panel if going to exist*
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    Not accounts wise, I mean getting info out of BukkitDev is hard.
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    Oh. Well, I don't know anything about that, but if you ever need me to test something or to try something out, give me a PM/alert ;)
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    I would just let down that tag here on forums. Even if it would be good to know in some discussions and plugin requests to see who is a plugin developer.
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    I think it'd be far more useful if the dev's had some sort of link/notification as to what they've developed.

    Honestly, I see at least 10-15 people that have that purple tag and I have never heard of them, know what they've done or they even show they know how to develop. Not to say that in an offensive tone...but in my opinion, if you have the dev tag, there should be some sort of evidence/publicity for the work you've committed for the public. At the least I think all devs should have a signature with their plugins or something of that regard.
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    @Mukrakiish Rather than a link to individual plugins, a link to their DevBukkit profile is probably more appropriate, at least until the linking of forum and curse accounts is implemented.
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    Thanks all, for following up.

    It looks like a link to devBukkit profiles (under the avatar) is currently in testing amongst admins. We'll see how that goes.
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    Well right, I mean whatever format would work best. Just a link of some kind to their work.
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    They power their sites by IPB it seems so it is assumable they are using IP.Converge for integration, if they are this is actually very much possible (though deliciously hard to secure..) if at least you worked with it before.

    Otherwise perhaps assign a secret and unique key to every bukkitdev account, run a monthly cron to select and export all bukkitdev accounts currently working on a project to a new database using the key as primary key, then a name field and perhaps account Id field, you could put in this key on the forums as a custom field and itd weekly assign groups based on filled in keys. You could have bukkitdev generate basic links and info that can be accessed using the Id and included on this forum in whatever way you please.

    No clue how DevBukkit works from the back end or if you have access, It's 1:30am and I am on my iPad so please don't ban me if I am incorrect :p
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    Alot of devs do put links to there plugins in there sig's but not everyone.
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    Unless your moderators have permissions to edit only Plugin Developer user group?
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    If you mean add people to it, they already have that permission and have had for a long time. That doesn't reduce it's tediousness in any way past the point we're at already.
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    It wasn't until I saw a post by halley explaining (very well) to someone how to write something that I realised how much I like the purple tag - TNT blockers aside, it helps to know who is likely to have some knowledge/experience with bukkit.

    Edit: The post I was referring to.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    I've found the tag has little to do with experience, knowledge or familiarity with bukkit. It's not a very good correlation. Your mileage may vary.
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    Although the tag's original purpose was to serve as a marker for the more knowledgable members of the community, it was awarded far too easily and this purpose has now been lost, or at least diluted.

    YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
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    Yeah, the "TNT blockers aside" comment was a reference to that. I guess it's hard to mark a solid line to mark who knows their stuff and who doesn't, and even if you did, there would always be people upset they weren't on the other side.
    halley seems to know what they're doing though. :3
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    These days, the tag is just a little treat for the kids to feel cool about imho. I don't think anyone who is a "real" developer really gives a hell about something as incredibly superficial as a tag. Especially not if it has to be shared with kids who make scripts that most people write in workshops to learn what a code is.
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    Everyone has to start somewhere, and you're backwards... It's not the kids fault, the plugin developer tag is to motivate them to write plugins. This system inspires many new to Java and starts them off in something they want to do for the rest of their life., like me.

    Bukkit encourages to release plugins no matter how simple they are, as long as they're not stolen, they're valid. While I agree some plugins should not be released that do sometimes, and maybe the plugin submission system should be a little stricter, that's not for us to decide.
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    Haven't seen this linked here yet, so for all people with the purple dev tag, you can now get your account on bukkit forums linked to your account on bukkitDev by following instructions here:

    If you go for the selfassociation method, make sure to add the generated link to your bukkitDev signature, not your Bukkit forum signature.
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    It's for everyone, not just Plugin Devs.
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    But only plugin devs will be able to read the thread, because it's in the "Bukkit+" section, was what I meant. :)
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