Change the message you get when your banned?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by cartoongeorge95, Jul 31, 2011.

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    I would like a plugin, that simply changes the message when you are banned. There is one other plugin that does this but requires Permissions. I use Mcmyadmin group manager so need simple nodes. I would very much appreciate this plugin.
  2. What actuly do you mean?

    Do you whant it to be possible to change the message that comes up when you get banned?


    It you banned me, you dont whant it to just say to me that i am banned, but you whant to tell me i am a f*** jerk an d you dont whant to have me on the server?

    Becuase Essentials have that:)
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    Yes that is what i want, except refering to our forums rather than abusing :) I have essentials but cannot find anything in the config, please help

    Many thanks!
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    /ban [Player] [Message]
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    But that only shows if they are online at the time, which defeats the whole point of having the message, you'd be able to tell them?!?
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    MessageChanger does this exactly, go check it out. (and yes, it does work with builds 1000 and 1060 even though it hasn't been updated)

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