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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Sumure, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. » Plugin category: Fun, Misc, Tools
    » What I want:
    • I want when a player does the command (pt set <day/night/integer/reset>), the time only changes to that player quickly as if time ran fast. I leave a sample video.
    » Ideas for commands:
    • /pt set <day/night/integer/reset>
    » Ideas for permissions:
    • playertime.use
    » Version:
    • 1.10.2
    » When I'd like it by:
    • As soon as possible
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    When setting the player's time, do you want their clock to constantly be running or stay the same as the set time? For example (constant running), if I set someones time to day it will eventually turn into night time. If I set it to stay the same, the player's client clock will just stay as daytime.
  3. @iAmAJiu stay the same as the set time.
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    /pt set <day/night/integer/reset> : playertime.use
    (If you enter in an integer, it will set the player's time to the value given in ticks. For easier time understanding: Sunrise = 0; Morning = 6000; Night = 16000; etc just experiment)

    not rlly sure if this is what you wanted but give me feedback :)

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  5. @iAmAJiu Thanks for taking your time, but this isn't what I wanted. In other words, there are already many plugins like this one. What I mean is that the day changes, don't do it instantly. Like in the video. And again, thank you so much for taking the time to do this.
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    @iAmAJiu i believe he wants it to where the time change is not instant, but simply speeds up the time until it reaches the desired time very quickly. say it is 6000 and i want it to be 16000 i type /time set 16000 and it takes about 5 seconds to move the time from 6000 to 16000, intsead of instantly. this makes the sky rotate very quickly.
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  7. Yes! That is!
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    Oh so simply just changing player time a couple times until it reaches the desired time?
  9. @iAmAJiu
    Yes, check this:
    Do the command "/vt day 100" and you will see how fast change time day. I want this but the diference is that is only visible for player, and the time stay as night or day or integer.

    And of course it changes smoothly like the plugin I sent, not suddenly.
  10. bump bump bump
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    Changing the time for only one player is not possible without packets (as far as I know). But also IF you do this the light levels of that player will not match with those of the server. So for example mobs will still spawn while the player thinks it's day.
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  14. @Tabuu_
    I don't care if the mobs still spawning haha. By the way, happy holidays and happy new year.
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    I'll do it, sorry you had to wait such a long time for someone to get to this request.
  16. @Horsey Thank you very much, the important thing is that someone comes to help :)
  17. I just tried it but the thing is: Somehow the world (global) time is able to change smoothly but the player time isn't. I don't really get why...
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    I don't know if there's rules against making a request in someone else's thread but... I need this plugin as well.

    @JojowiLP Is this impossible?

    I could make due without the time change being player-specific, but I would need it to be command based rather than what VariableTime provides. For example, the command suggested by Sumure, /pt set <day/night/integer> , would use the current time and speed up to the specified time.

    EDIT: To clarify, time would move at normal pace unless the command is used, which would temporary accelerate time until it reached the desired time. Afterward time would return to moving at a normal pace.
  19. Im not a developer but i like this idea, as I see it, this is a plugin that on command it makes a timelapse for the player making a dramatic change of light.
    xample: /speedtime <time> <speed:null>
    <time> is the time that will be set
    <speed:null> this is to add how fast you want the time to move it takes 1-10 as seconds. If nothing is set it is 3 seconds by default.

    The challenge I see is to make individual players have their individual time, this would need to split server time with the client side time. Each client will render its own daylight cycle and will experience individual times. This would also be dificult to manage mob spawning, it would be useful in servers that have no wild mob spawnings, mob spawn always (day and night) or mob spawning by event. This can make this function have a more fluent intergration.

    This plugin can be used to make a dramatic change of lighting once players cross into set regions of the map, trigering an event client side that executes the /speedtime function with the specified settings, this settings can be saved in a config file.

    Hope I helped in something. This is my interpretation of this plugin. Cant wait to see what you guys think!
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    This is tagged as filled, however I can't seem to actually see the plugin anywhere in this thread, am I looking over something?
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    Same here, is there a download for this somewhere? I like to check out this plugin.
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    @madtomic @frej4189 There is no download link, I think it got filled by the Moderator or something.
    EDIT by Moderator: Nope, was the requester.
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