Change name above players head?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by danielmiles, Jan 13, 2013.

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    how does one go about doing this, been able to change the name in the playerlist and in chat but still stays the same above his head. To clearify all i want to do is make it so they do not have a name above their heads(including no gray box either). any ideas?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

  3. TagAPI is a good choice but remember...

    2. if(you != noob){
    3. TagAPI = Useful;
    4. }else{
    5. TagAPI = An impossible feat;
    6. }
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    Syntax error on line 6. Missing }! ;)
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    also the if brackets arent really necessary

    and line 5 i think you would be missing "s or underscores or any character to get that sentence together

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    ya tagAPI is perfect and ill probably end up using it, just wondering how does it work? does the name tag use packets if so how do people find/edit packets? As for my understanding a packet is just something that is sent between the client and the server correct?

    EDIT: Another problem has arisen.... See i tried to do event.setTag(null). This gave me an error saying it cannot be null.

    So i tried event.setTag(""). This made it so the tag was blank but i still see a small grey box above the head of the player.
    Any way at all to just cancel the nametag all together? did i maybe miss some sort of feature in TagAPI?
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    you would have to hide them for the tag to disappear
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    exactly, something how /hide makes the person disapear, but i want them to stay visible but without any tag at all abover their head. Does anybody know how hide works? can i just make it hide the tag?
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    not sure if that is even possible (afaik it is not)
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    hmm, well if anybody gets something to work, dont really care if its a ghetto glitched way it would be great and i would be super thankful

    edit: i know with Nodus it is possible to see name tags from further than usually or atleast alot clearer. Is it possible to make it so the range to see the tag is so small you have to literally be ontop of them to to see it? or make the tag like 100% transparent?
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    The on top tag is rendered client sided so you can make your own client and make it whatever size and style you want

    EDIT: Accept for the player name and i am not totaly sure...

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  12. lol :D Actually it's an excerpt from a block of code so technically it just a copy and paste error :D
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    Aww man, so nobody can really think of a way (if its possible) to only add tag? pretty much just want a player to run around without a tag, because its like a hide and seek game im making. And it's no good if you can just look for the name.

    Edit: got an easier idea, gonna start a new thread instead of lingering about on this one
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