Change join message&spawn location?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by KaiHong, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Hello, I just started a server and have been testing it with friends and it seems they all spawn differently. There wouldn't really be a problem except that I made a spawn house to protect new players from mobs. Is there a way to change the location of new players joining the server?

    Also, I have a few plugins that display messages on startup. Can I change the order of the messages?

    I have Authorization and also have a MOTD, I'd rather players be able to see the authorization request than have the MOTD push the authorization off the chat panel :/

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    There are plugins that let you /setspawn so that users will spawn in the right place.
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    My plugin (see signature) lets you set the spawn location of you are OP. There are few others.
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    I've set spawn on my server and got a friend to join, but he spawned in another place close to where I set my spawn to be. I was using Permissions and Essentials, but I'll try your one out.

    Thank you for your replies and your plugin.

    Well, I've used your plugin, erased my friend's user file, but we still spawn in different locations after setting the spawn point with your plugin...

    Also, I still can't rotate the order of the join messages...
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    This is a feature of mnecraft, you spawn in the vicinity of the spawnpoint.
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    Oh, is there a way to make it spawn in one spot? :D

    Thank you.

    PS: Still can't change order of messages D:
    I'd like players who are inexperienced to not think that falling into the water repeatedly is lag.
    I had a friend who thought my server was laggy because he didn't read the message to register xD
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    At this time you cannot change the order in which the plugins are loaded (is this the problem with messages?).

    I think there was a request for a plugin to spawn in one spot, but don't know how it went in the end, try searching the forum.
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    Awww, ok.
    Thanks :D

    Found it!
    Spawn Control. Heard it wasn't able to work for some players, but I'll try it out anyways.
    Also heard MCEdit can do the same thing, so I'll try this too :D
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