Change In-game Commands and how to add plug-ins

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Tombguy5, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Hey, I am having troubles with ingame commands (i got the basic with no plug-ins) and when i do add a plug-in there is no list for the commands for that plug-in when I use the /help command, all i get are the basic commands (stop, save-all, save-off) although i am a server owner, is it normal for me to have these commands in the /help list in-game?
    Now, when i do add plug-ins, i follow the plug-in installation guide, it doesn't work even though i did what the guide told me to do. Help!
    Yes, i am a noob, i am new to this sort of thing.
    I use CraftBukkit
    My computer is Windows XP
    Need more info? Tell me and ill try and add more.
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    ok here i hope i can explain this very good need mroe info just tell me in a post here like doing @ashour

    First thing is download the lastest RB and set up ur .bat which i can tell you alrdy did, run your server alot of stuff should pop up, make sure ur running this all in a folodor such as BUKKIT_SERVER than plugin foldor will pop up, most plugins will have permission's and some will not defult to op so you need permission's look it up on the search bar. download it and READ ALL ABOUT IT every letter on their forum and understand 100000000% how to work it, now go download a plugin. look up unlimited or click it in my sig (note this is a example plugin) download the jar put it in ur plugins foldor, after doing this run ur server, get the permission nodes and go to ur permission foldor and put the nodes, start stop edit unlimited config to ur likes done, repeate for all plugins :) if a error comes up show it here @ashour my error is this help :) ill help u everyone was onece u dont be mad :)
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