Solved Change gamemode for alle players including offline ones

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MrFancyPants, Feb 6, 2013.

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    How do i change gamemode for every player that has ever visited my server. Including those that are offline. I want solutions that you have experience with.
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    I use multiverse, and there is a setting for each world for what gamemode people will be in. Unless they have the permission to bypass it, they will be reset to whatever that world gamemode is when they log in next.

    I have just re-tested this to make sure it works as you want, and it does. Set myself as creative while an admin. Logged off and back and was still in creative (the admin rank has the bypass permission). THEN... logged off, demoted myself down to member status, logged in and I was automatically switched to survival mode again (which matches the world setting).

    If you don't use multiverse I am unsure what you can do, but I'm sure if you do a plugin search for "gamemode" there will be something in there that might work. I would recommend multiverse tho, even if you only use the 3 default worlds.
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    Never mind solved it using nbt explorer
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