chance of 1.7.2 this month ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by veins_vgf, Nov 20, 2013.

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    I know their bustin their ballz trying to get 1.7.2 up and running..

    but any chance the initial build version will be ready this month ?

    I just lost a ton of stuff. :-( (griefed)
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    You never really know, with how a project such as Bukkit is. As EvilSeph has said multiple times, there is no estimate on the time it will take for completion, as they constantly have to go back and fix things that they thought were correct, but really weren't. Due to this volatile nature of coding, we can only hope that they'll get it up soon :)
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    It's a surprise...... You never know when 1.7.2 might turn up tomorrow or pretty much next month. By golly, it can be released in an hour or so, but you never know. It can be tomorrow, or the day after that, the day after that, the day after that....

    But using Common Sense, since there is some problems they can't really fix I say maybe 2 weeks. or more.
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    you guys have been great with keeping everybody in the loop about the ETA of the update. Thx.

    Sounds like Mojang really switched things up with this update...coding wise. would be great if they worked more in tandem with you guys, or at-least gave you guys a heads-up about what was incoming....since Bukkit is the most popular plugin system install for minecraft.

    Makes me even wonder what Mojang's plans are for the terms of server hosting. Since it's still such a huge game...Will they forever let ordinary people / server admins host their games for online multiplayer use? Or will they eventually hire a big hosting company to takeover that aspect completely.
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    Just so you know everyone above this line ^^ is no staff and they can make no official statements about the eta.
    They prob. haven't seen the 1.7 code yet

    But as they said... you never know. It will prob. come out when you are sleeping or something like that :)
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    I'm gonna die if it's not released soon. This is stopping me from preforming updates to my server's games and stuff.
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    What do you want on your tombstone? ;)

    A lot of servers are waiting on this before they can get updates done; yours isn't alone in that. If waiting is literally going to kill you, then you may want to go home and rethink your life's priorities. Try chanting to yourself "everything is going to be okay" over and over. It helps...a little.
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    I think it will be out by Thanksgiving.
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    Well I heard it was somewhere between 0 and 100%. It's just a rumor though...
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    You just made my day.
    Thanks, random forum poster :D
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    Just be patient. :) We all are on our chairs waiting. Yes, it is big, and yes, it requires a lot of work. Meanwhile, try making a few posts here on Bukkit. :)
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    Posts about something other then the release of Bukkit fot 1.7.2 would be best :p
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    Relax, i've been waiting to but its a good time for server owners out there to take a rest from hosting and get to take a nice break for once. That's what I'm doing :D
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    I've been running a vanilla server since 1.7.2 came out. I miss bukkit terribly, as do my players. But life goes on, and we are learning to build stuff and do stuff without the bukkiet goodness we are used to. Sometimes we turn off our computers and go outside to play. You know, get some sunshine, tec.

    1.7.2 introduced a lot of significant changes to the code base, and it will take a lot of time to get bukkit up to speed. I'd be surprised if they had it done before the end of the year.
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    The odds are 50 - 50. Either it will happen or it won't.
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    What Bukkit and Mojang should REALLY do is to integrate Bukkit into the main game, so it'd be out at the same time as a new version comes out. Period.

    It's just absurd that it has been one month already, and not even an experimental build is out, when normally this is more or less time for a Recommended one to come out. And it's even more absurd having the vast majority of your online community stuck with 1.6.4. That's something it should have been done a LONG time ago.
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    why don't you try coding a Bukkit build after Mojang has changed over 200k lines of code and has also added code the Bukkit developers have never seen before, Then come back and complain.
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    That's precisely the reason why I posted that, to support merging both projects. No reason to be an overzealot here.
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    There are other servers out there, so it would be unfair to them.
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    This is the heart of the entire problem: the fact that Mojang and Bukkit can't get together and marry each other like they have always been destined to do. I'm almost thinking for the good of us all it's time to start some sort of movement to appeal to all parties to make this happen.
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    Well, sincerely I care a c*** about them. The strong ones win, the weak ones lose, face it. If they didn't managed to get the popularity of Bukkit, it's their problem. But you just can't sacrifice the vast majority of the community out of fear of "hurting" the feelings of a few people.

    Where can I sign up, good sir?
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    Bukkit is a server just like everybody else. It would be like a server list choosing a random server and advertising the hell out of it. It's just unfair to the rest of them. "The strong ones win, the weak ones lose" is also not true. Other server platforms offer the same plugin infastructure and sometimes add different features like connecting with other servers from a hub server. I'm all for Bukkit joining Mojang, but it is likely never going to happen.
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    Thanks for mixing things they don't have ANYTHING to do with. One thing is a software, and your personal choice in servers is another. You can change to any other server (there are sooo few out there..) when one is down, but you kinda adquire some responsability when the vast majority of the online community uses Bukkit/Spigot. All the eggs are already in one box, it's kinda stupid to worry about what you said right now.

    There's already at least one Bukkit plugin that does what you say, which kinda makes me wonder if you really have any idea (or not) of what you're talking about. And for Bukkit joining Mojang...I just said it'd be a very good movement, especially when pretty much everyone agrees that their version of the server software is crap.

    Bukkit integrates into MC. That way the vanilla server software gets a huge boost, in a part of the game where it's much much needed. Bukkit devs gets new, shiny jobs. The community gets no more delays between releases and online playing. And everybody pretty much wins.

    Unless I'm missing something, it's pretty much a no-brainer for me.
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    Tweet from EvilSeph: "We'll likely have an unsupported, unstable @CraftBukkit 1.7.2 dev build this week if nothing comes up: first dev build that simply compiles."

    What I say: FINALLY!
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    That's some progress, and I'm glad of hearing that. But I'm still worried about the devs saying there won't be Beta/Recommended builds, due to some kind of supposed Minecraft bug. I doubt my server admin will install an unsupported and unstable "alpha" version...
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